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A New Outlook on Life & Maybelline Color Show Sequins Silver Gleam

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

If you’ve spent any time on my site at all lately it has probably occurred to you that I’m prone to feeling overwhelmed by life. Sometimes I just seem to crumple under pressure, feeling like even the most seemingly benign tasks are insurmountable. What’s strange is that I’ve never been that way before – this is something new to me and it started a few years ago, about year after I passed the bar. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what in my life changed such that I constantly feel that way. I’m still not really what is causing it but I finally decided to try to do something about it.

First, I sat down and identified a few things that seem to contribute it. I think was spending too much time watching television, particularly netflix. Don’t get me wrong, I love TV and still do but I was watching it to a depressing excess. So for the past month, I’ve spent the excess time I would have spent watching an entire season of any given TV show in one sitting, reading great books and gardening. That was a good first step.

I then moved into phase two and three – home and work. My husband and I are messy people. When he moved in, we never really unpacked and I’m a bit of a pack rat. You know the type, I can’t throw away a magazine because I might need to re-read it some day! This extra frying pan? What? I know we have 3 just like it but I can’t get rid of it – what if we need it in the future!!?? If one were to rate my organizational skills, words like “poor”, “needs improvement” and “deficient” would come to mind. It finally started to get to me so I decided about two weeks ago – this is it, spring cleaning time. After working really diligently for about 10 days, the house is SPOTLESS. No more piles of magazines, closets, drawers, cabinets, all cleaned out. I gave away about 6 bags of clothing and 4 boxes of stuff. The result has been astonishing. We have found that now that there is less clutter, it’s been really easy to maintain the organization. We actually put things away now since everything has its own place. It’s honestly amazing. You don’t think about it much until the mess is gone but it’s a lot harder to leave a cup out or neglect to fold the clean laundry when these things are not sitting next to 15 bottles of nail polish, a pile of sweaters, a couple of magazines and a cluster of dog toys.

And, finally, work. The spring cleaning coincided with a particularly busy week at work. In the past 2 weeks I’ve had roughly 5 briefs due. I’ve gotten them all done, with minimal fuss. It was like I had a moment of clarity. This too was amazing. I love my job but I always feel like I’m playing catch up. If I had had the same number of briefs due a couple of months ago, I certainly would have had to work several late nights. I would have stressed myself out to the point of getting ill. But ever since we started putting everything in order, I’ve been so much more efficient – like in the zone – the legal arguments have just been flowing out of my brain in a constant stream.

I think what I’m getting at is… cleaning your house is like a magical elixir. It’s the fountain of youth, people! I feel really great and I’m going to stick to it. So… to celebrate this new lease on life, I thought I would drop some bling on everyone. I’m a little late to the party on this one, but it’s worthy of posting anyway.

Maybelline Color Show Silver Gleam


Maybelline Color Show Sequins Silver Gleam is a gorgeous buildable glitter. It’s silver micro glitter, small hex glitter and medium silver and holo glitter suspended in a clear-ish base. This is three generous coats – plus two coats of Gelous and one of Seche. You probably could get away with less top coat but I’m pretty particular about the smoothness of my glitter polishes. I’ve read a few reviews that complain about the formula on these – I didn’t notice an issue per se (well, not more than what would be typically expected with a glitter that can build to opacity) but it’s definitely not going to be a creme-like-smooth application process. In any case, this polish is a show stopper for sure. The collection was limited edition, sadly, but they’re still available online for reasonable prices. You can see a few more shades from this collection on Imperfectly Painted.  Ugh, after seeing her beautiful swatches I feel like the one that I really need is Cocktail Dress. Ebay, here I come.


Disclaimer: This polish was sent to me for review by Maybelline’s PR representative. 


A Few Polishes From Pretty Serious Cosmetics

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Pretty Serious Cosmetics is the beauty brainchild of long time friend and fellow nail blogger Kaz, of Pretty Random. I still remember reading on Facebook while I was on hiatus that Kaz was launching her own brand of cosmetics. She’s living the dream with pretty amazing results. Overall, I’m very impressed with the quality of these polishes as well as the gorgeous, vivid colors. Application was perfect with most of these. PSC polishes retail for 9.95 AUD, which right now equals roughly 10.40 USD. Also, a 10% discount is available if you purchase full collection sets. Although Pretty Serious is based in Australia, they do ship to the US and a few other countries.  I have several PSC lemmings to fulfill and, hopefully, I’ll be able to do a mini-haul soon. Of course, I’ll (slowly) post my spoils for you all. Until then though, here are a few pretties for your consideration:

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Morning Java – so, so complex. I’m not even sure how to begin to describe this color. The base is a sort-of milk chocolate-y brown, booming with gold shimmer and fine glitter. It sparkles gold, copper, and a hint of green. The application was awesome, perfect at 2 coats.

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Dream Delight is multisize irregularly shaped silver glitter suspended in a grey tinted transparent base. If you look closely, you’ll also see some very sparse holo glitter and hex glitter. The hexes are very sparse, in this whole swatch I only spotted one. The glitter is completely opaque at two coats, very cool. I used two coats of Gelous to smooth-out the surface.

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Nightopia is bluish green with fine shimmer and a tiny touch of gold shimmer. Wooweee. This color reminds me of Bloom Bianca and Rimmel Mania (both of which are hiding somewhere in my stash!!!). Rimmel Mania is from my original nail polish stash, circa 1999-2002! I do hope I find these soon and I will post comparisons when I do. For now, you can check out Polish Insomniac’s comparison of the two shades.

Without being able to look at my bottles and from looking at swatches online, I believe Nightopia might be a bit deeper than Mania and Bianca. Either way, Nightopia might be a lemming quencher as Mania is long discontinued and Bloom polishes retail for 19.95 AUD (Whoa… were they that expensive 3 years ago? I have so many of them in my collection but I can’t imagine I would have bought so many at that price). Application was easy, this is 3 coats.

And, finally, last but definitely not least – the ridiculously beautiful BSOD (Blue Screen of Death):

Pretty Serious Cosmetics BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)… HOLY $#!+. This photo does this color no justice, no justice at all. No matter how I set up the lighting, I just couldn’t capture the true beauty of this color – suffice it to say that this photo is sadly inaccurate. It does not even begin to capture to the gorgeousness of this color, not even a little. It is so much more than a night sky polish - it’s really in a league of its own. It was absolutely breath-taking, I couldn’t stop staring at it the entire time I wore it. And that’s not to mention the compliments – this one is definitely a show stopper. Even my beloved Essie Starry Starry Nights pales in comparison. In fact, I think BSOD may either bump SSN from the top 20 or take a spot of its own. That is how much I truly LOVE this color.

Okay, let me stop gushing and start describing. BSOD looks like fine blue glitter suspended in blue jelly, and, boy, does it glow. To me, it looked less like the night sky and more like a blue version of the green scrolling text from The Matrix. This mani was 4 coats. BSOD dries non-glossy, so I used 1 coat of Gelous under 1 coat of Seche Vite.

My only criticism of this other-worldly color is that the application was not as great as the other polishes. It was a bit thick, not horrible, but my bottle could definitely benefit from a few drops of thinner. The wear was pretty impressive – 4 days, no chips or tip wear.

Have you tried Pretty Serious? If so, any other colors I need to pick up when I haul?


Disclaimer: These polishes were sent to me for review by Pretty Serious Cosmetics.


The Sun Also Rises: OPI – DS Coronation

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

If you follow my blog, you know how important today is to me. So, in good polish addict form, I had to choose a color that reflected my feelings about this historic day. Darren Garnick recent asked me if I was doing anything special with my nails for the inauguration. My initial reaction was, hell yes. I wanted to do something ridiculously flashy, like yellow, to represent my happiness and my hope for a brighter future. Instead, I decided to go something flashy, yet subtle. I figured OPI Designer Series Coronation (the name is fitting in a silly way) would be the perfect color.


Coronation was recently released with the new Designer Series colors (all of which you can see on Scrangie’s blog). I was pretty surprised to find that Coronation applies like a glitter top coat. Essentially, this polish is extremely dense multi-sized holographic glitter suspended in clear polish. With just one coat you get an effect similar to other dense glitter top coats. I put it over Zoya Trixie, it looked nothing short of amazing.

coronationThe holographic effect isn’t the uniform oil slick effect found in previous Designer Series colors. Instead, it’s like an amalgamation of multi-sized glitter each flashing brilliantly and individually. The shape of the glitter is irregular, each one like flecks or erratically cut chucks. I see as many as 3 different sized pieces of glitter. When applied with multiple coats (3 is what I did for the picture above) the very small pieces of glitter come together to build opacity. The image to the left was taken with flash and shows Coronation’s holographic glimmer. In the sunlight you get a slightly more uniform holographic reflection but it’s not high intensity, meaning the holo isn’t as colorized or rainbow-y as other holographic polishes.


Post-Birthday Post: OPI Birthday Babe

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Thanks to everyone for the kind birthday wishes.

I, of course, wore OPI Birthday Babe for the big day – rather the really uneventful day. The boyfriend and I had tickets to the worst production of Hamlet ever. This Hamlet was even more emo than Shakespeare intended the character to be. The actor wore his hair in the quintessential emo style (parted, slightly over the eyes) and skinny pants. His rendering of Hamlet involved a lot of screaming.  It was basically a lame attempted Baz Luhrmann rip-off. We had to leave at the intermission. There definitely was something rotten in the State of Denmark.

Enough about me, let me tell you about the polish. OPI Birthday Babe, a light silver with a frosty finish from the 25th Happy Anniversary Collection, was sadly disappointing. It’s not sheer but it’s pretty thin so I needed 3 thick-ish coats to get rid of VPL. No doubt, it’s a gorgeous color but it was fairly hard to apply. As expected of a frosty finish, the brush strokes were abundant. Even worse, it showed all the imperfections on my nail bed. Next year, I’ll probably have to wear it over Barielle Nail Camouflage to resolve the imperfect magnification issue. Yes, despite the fact that it didn’t ‘wow’ me, I’m going to continue wearing it on my birthday every year until my bottle runs dry. I’m stubborn about my polish names, can you tell?

I only wore this color for 2 or so days. The day after my birthday, I had an extremely important job interview. Consequently, I trimmed my nails to the nubs, removed the flashy color, and dawned the ultra chic professional OPI Tickle My France-y. Little did I know, my interviewers had a fine appreciation for cool nail polish and long nails. The ultra conservativeness was completely unnecessary. I was under the impression that half my collection would be on the bench next year after I start my legal career, so it makes me absolutely ecstatic to know that successful female prosecutors can have fabulous nails if they so desire.


Bling Incognito: Misa Sugar Sugar Collection Swatches

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Misa contacted me after I posted a negative review of Misa Indescribable. They said that they would do their best to rework the formula to create better, less streaky application. I was really impressed that they reached out to me as a dissatisfied customer. Indescribable was the first Misa polish I tried, since then I’ve had much better results with their polish but it’s still pretty great that they were concerned. Kudos to Misa for the excellent customer service.

Sorry guys this post isn’t for the new collection. I know, how horrible of a tease am I? I’ll have swatches of Poisoned Passion up this weekend, until then, get your fix by checking out Scrangie’s and Masa’s swatches and comparisons.

Sugar Sugar is Misa’s previous Spring/Summer collection. It is composed of 3 base colors and 3 ‘toppings’. It’s my personal opinion that these polishes were meant to be worn mixed and matched, layered over each other. The name Sugar Sugar is very fitting, all the colors in this collection look powdery and sheer on the nail. But you’ll find, like I did, that this seemingly princess-y collection has a darker, cooler side. All these polishes applied exceptionally well, no application issues at all.

First, the base colors:

Misa Sugar Daddy is my favorite from this collection. Gorgeous. I’ve been loving whites lately and this one has very fine silvery microshimmer that sets it apart from the other whites in my stash. It’s opaque but still somewhat translucent at 3 coats. I feel that Misa Confection Section was meant to be the topping for Sugar Daddy.

Misa Lolli Jolly is a soft sheer pink with microshimmer. Lolli Jolly is dupish to OPI Princesses Rule and Sinful Glass Pink. It’s still very sheer even at 3 coats. Misa Candy Girl compliments Lolli Jolly.

Misa Honeybunch is the silvery white version of Lolli Jolly. This swatch is also 3 coats. In the image Honeybunch seems to fade from very opaque on my index finger to very sheer on my pinkie finger. That is the result of shading. Interestingly, Honeybunch looks more sheer in the shade and more opaque in full on sunlight. Finally, I think the teal in Misa Sweet Pleasure compliments the silver in Honeybunch.

Here are the three base colors side-by-side. They may look similar but each one has it’s own charm. I actually did try to capture images of all these polishes layered over each other. I just couldn’t get the subtle shimmer to show up accurately with my camera. Suffice it to say that the combinations are really pretty, especially using Candy Girl and Sweet Pleasures together over Lolli Jolly as a base.

Now for the ‘toppings’:

Misa Confection Section is a chunky multi-toned glitter polish. You can use this one over any polish in this collection (well really over any polish, period) but I think it’s especially suited to be layered over Sugar Daddy.

Misa Candy Girl is a pink jelly base with suspended blurple microshimmer. Ultra sheer, it’s gorgeous layered over Lolli Jolly. It’s my second favorite from this collection, you’ll see why below.

Misa Sweet Pleasure is teal toned microshimmer suspended in nude jelly polish. This is 3 coats in the sunlight. Even in the full on midday Sun this polish is very subtle and tame. It’s beautiful, I don’t say that very often about sheers.

Now for the really exciting stuff – the ‘toppings’ over black:

Sugar Sugar is rocking the major undercover bling.

Candy Girl is blue to purple duochrome! DUOCHROME! *dies* Confection Section becomes green toned over black, very ‘the truth is out there-ish’ so I think this will be my mani for the X-Files opening this weekend. Sweet Pleasures over black looks a bit like Zoya Kotori but more blinged out.


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by Misa.


Alternatives to Chanel Kaleidoscope

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Like I said before, I usually don’t buy Chanel nail polish *but* Chanel Kaleidoscope was so beautiful and unique, I just had to have it. The minute I saw a swatch of it taken by MUA’s Mrs_Brightside, I called Nordstrom and put a bottle on hold. That was incredibly out of character for me but it was totally and completely worth it. Even though I can honestly say that I love Kaleidoscope, I want to show you guys some possible alternatives to it. With the economy the way that it is right now, a luxury item like a 20 dollar bottle of nail polish, is probably not the most prudent way to spend money. Of course, some colors are must-have, recession or not, but if you can settle from something less extravagant, why not do so? (I’m a hypocrite, I know.)

First, here she is (are bottles of nail polish female? hmm) in all her glory:

*Heavy Sigh* In the sunlight, Kaleidoscope shimmers with ultra bling. Indoors and in the shade, it’s more of a subtle mirrored greenish platinum color. It’s beautiful but I have no idea why it’s called Kaleidoscope, neither does Scrangie. If the other shade is Gold Fiction, why not call this one Platinum Drama.

Essie Steel-ing the Scene is the closest thing to Kaleidoscope in my stash. These are actually fairly close color siblings. The main difference is that Kaleidoscope has the greenish tone and a lot more shimmer. However, if you really want to follow this trend but don’t want to blow the cash, Essie Steel-ing the Scene is a great alternative.

Here is Kaleidoscope and Steel-ing the Scene side by side. Despite several attempts, I couldn’t get the image to show the differences between these colors. I blame the inferior camera. While these colors are very close they really don’t look as similar in real life as they look in the image. Steel-ing the Scene has a smoother finish, less bling, less shimmer and is less mirrored.

Adorée Rockport Gray doesn’t have a mirrored finish. It’s a pseudo-metallic light silverish gray with some mossy shimmer throughout. Rockport Gray is not a dupe but it’s a pretty good alternative, especially for people who don’t want to go full out metallic. This is my NOTD right now, it’s subtle enough that I was able to get away with it at work. The application and wear is excellent.

I first lemminged Milani Key Lime Shine when I saw it on FiveZero. The polish doesn’t show the brush strokes, the lines on the surface are actually my nail ridges. If I did this as an actual mani, which I will soon, I would use Camo as a base to eliminate that issue. Key Lime Shine is a highly mirrored metallic light lime green. This is the only one of the colors exhibited here that is available at drug stores, although it is rumored to be hard-to-find.


Disclosure: Adoree Rockport Gray was sent to me for review by Esther’s Nail Center.