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Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Usually, when I post an NOTD, I give you guys the run down on the color, the application, the wear, and other miscellaneous information regarding the color, brand, whatever. Today, I’m not going to do that. Sephora by OPI Metro Chic is a great color, it’s unique, it applies well, blah blah. We all know that already from the countless blog posts, magazine articles, and consumer raves about this color.

What I want to strongly express to you guys in this post is that this color has NOT been discontinued yet. If you wait, you might not even have to wait very long, you *WILL* be able to buy it from I’m not a fan of but buying this color from them for the normal retail price is infinitely better than buying from the scum of the earth, dirty rotten scoundrel, shyster of an ebay seller who is trying to get a whopping $55 for this color! For that matter, don’t buy Metro Chic from any of the other ebay sellers who are selling these for windfall, albeit more reasonable, profits. What’s happening here is a perfect example of what I was complaining about before. Colors like Zulu, at least at this point, are being sold by people who picked up bottles and rather sell them for mad cash instead of keep them. Metro Chic, on the other hand, gets sold out almost immediately when it gets stocked on Sephora. I guarantee you that is happening, not because everyone wants this color so badly that hundreds of girls stalk sephora everyday, but because ebay scalpers, responding to the hype this color has gotten, stalk sephora everyday, buy up the colors, then flip them on ebay for windfall profits. This isn’t the pull of supply and demand, folks, it’s purely artificially increased demand.

This will only stop (or at least occur less frequently) if we, as consumers, force it to stop by refusing to encourage this behavior with our purchases.  If you want it bad enough to spend a cent above retail for this color just check sephora everyday. Metro Chic has come back into stock since I got mine last month at least 3 times and it usually doesn’t sell out for at least 2 or 3 days. If you need instant gratification stay on top of the sales associates at your local sephora – or join a nail polish community whose members do custom purchases. I have countless hard to find polishes that were especially purchased for me in other states, even other countries, in order to avoid the nail polish black market. And keep in mind, this color is not discontinued yet. OPI and Sephora could very possibly still make the decision to make this color part of the core line which is something that I would personally love to see and strongly encourage them to do.

We need to send a message that gouging is not okay and the best way to do that is to take a stand with this color and leave these ebay sellers holding their 20+ unscalpable bottles of Metro Chic.