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The Polish Addict: Wedding Edition!!

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

My husband and I got engaged last year. So, obviously, the most important decision I made after that was deciding what to do with my nails for the wedding (totally not kidding). This was an arduous process – the stash was thoroughly examined, scrutinized, and analyzed. When I first set out to plan my wedding mani, I wanted to do something different. Soft shades are obvious, I wanted something more unique. I stumbled upon Oscar De La Renta’s Spring 2013 Bridal Collection and fell in love with this concept.

(Photo Credit: Society Bride)

A subtle, light watery blue mani accented with opal-like blue toned jewelry. I wouldn’t have to do much searching as there were a few options in my stash that could mimic that look, China Glaze Moody Blue and Rescue Beauty Lounge Bikini Bottom immediately came to mind. Unfortunately, and probably not surprisingly, my Mom was less than thrilled with my blue nails idea.  So, in the end, to minimize stress, I decided to compromise and go with more typical wedding fare. Some of you are going to be disappointed, haha, that I decided to do a standard french, using Essie Mademoiselle and Essie Marshmallow. But I did spice it up a bit with two coats of Orly Twilight.

Orly Twilight is a gorgeous sheer layering polish – it consists of very fine iridescent silver toned shimmer suspended in somewhat cloudy clear polish. Mostly, I’ve seen Twilight layered over darker shades, but it’s very pretty over lighter shades. In my case, it added the perfect amount of glam to my potentially boring standard french. I did consider a holographic topcoat – but after several swatching attempts, I thought it look a little too ‘young’ for the style I was trying to achieve. I, sadly, did go to a salon to have my nails done. It’s been years since I’ve entered a nail salon for anything other than a mini dusty hunt. Ultimately, I regretted it a little – the nail tech did a good job, but I’m pretty particular about my nails and I think I would have been happier doing them on my own.

(Yes! I do have thumbs!) None of the wedding photos of my nails show the beautiful shimmer of Orly Twilight, so I’ll have to post a swatch in the future. Although, I would say that this photo is a pretty accurate depiction of the overall look – Twilight is really subtle over Mademoiselle so my nails weren’t blinging all over the place.

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “how was this a compromise, you totally sold out!”  Well, I hope my sellout status is mitigated by my pedicure. I decided to do Rescue Beauty Lounge Bikini Bottom both as a pedi and as my “something blue.” Originally, to mimic the Oscar De La Renta nails, I was planning to layer Bikini Bottom over a jelly light color like OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu or OPI Barre My Soul. That layering combination would have created a more watery, cloudy, more subtle light blue. On my toes, I didn’t think I needed to be more subtle so it’s just 3 coats of unadulterated Bikini Bottom. I think the light blue nails with the ivory shoes made a really chic combination. And, finally, the dress:

This is us! Our wedding was a really small dinner party in the middle of hot, hot, hot July (yes! we’re very newly wed!), so I decided on a short dress. My wonderful Mother-in-Law pretty much did all the planning and decorating – she’s so amazing! My dress is Sasha from the Little White Dress Collection by Amsale. The shoes are Nina in the style Neva. My Mom, a very talented seasmstress, altered it extensively and added a panel of lace to the skirt. The whole wedding was DIY for the most part, my Mom and M0m-in-Law even made my bouquet by hand! I was so happy with how everything turned out! It was a really happy day for us and we’ve been silly-happy ever since. : )

What about you all – what nail polish did you wear to your wedding?



Disclosure: Bikini Bottom was sent to me for review by Rescue Beauty Lounge.


Taaaa Daaaaa, I Present Rescue Beauty Lounge – Orbis Non Sufficit

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

As many of you already know, recently Ji Baek of Rescue Beauty Lounge gave me, Scrangie and Michelle from ALU the unique opportunity to create our own shade of nail polish for her collection. I’ve gotten dozens of emails from you guys concerning my color which has been inadvertently shrouded in mystery. I’m so sorry, I wasn’t able to post it sooner. I didn’t mean to keep everyone waiting. I’m still studying for the Bar exam so, sadly, I won’t be able to give this color the gushing attention I want to give it, at least not for another two weeks.

So, without further ado here it is… Orbis Non Sufficit:


I don’t think it’s shocking to anyone that I chose a shade of green. (My love for dark greens is an illness.) When Ji first approached me with the possibility of creating my dream color, my first reaction was – flail – AHHHH…. ZULU. This was during the dark long long ago when I didn’t own it yet and I was still lemming it something fierce. But, it dawned on me that it would be silly to waste this chance by ripping off a color already in existence (no matter how badly I want to stick it to NARS and ebay scalpers) and instead I should use this opportunity to create something that was more reflective of me.

If you’ve spent any time on my site at all, you know that I love dark, moody, mushroomy colors. I wanted to go with something edgy – I had three shades in mind. A muted shade of combat green, a mountbatten pink or a jelly black with black glitter a la China Glaze Ruby Pumps. Jelly black with black glitter is the holy grail – apparently, it’s an impossibility because black glitter has to be so pigmented that it sinks to the bottom of the bottle creating a gooey mess that cannot be applied properly. (I was pretty sad to hear that especially because I already had a name picked out for it, “Quoth the Raven.” I had to throw back to my boy Edgar if I was going with something black.) Mountbatten pink, while freaking awesome, was too run-of-the-mill and I felt like most people would want to punch me in the face for choosing a purply-pink no matter how bad ass.

Obviously, green was my only option.

I’m really pleased with the end product. Orbis Non Sufficit is a dark moody grayed-out combat green creme. Like all Rescue Beauty Lounge cremes, it applied like a dream, perfectly pigmented. It’s a one coater but the swatch pictured is two. As for the name, it’s the Bond family motto. Translation: The World is Insufficient (or rather, The World is Not Enough.) I know, cheesy, but what can I say? I love the cheese like I love the green.

With all that said, I miss you guys!!! I have been reading your emails but I’ve only been responding to the ones that are time sensitive. I promise – in two weeks – you’ll have me back in full force and every single email and comment will get a reply. I’ve been doing my nails all summer (I didn’t give it up to help maintain my sanity) so while I haven’t been swatching, I do have tons of new images, not to mention that I’ll be posting the three million collections that have come out since I’ve been gone. Stick with me! : )



Disclosure: Although this might be obvious… lol… this color was sent to me for review by Rescue Beauty Lounge.


Ji Baek is My Personal Hero: Rescue Beauty Lounge Spring 2009

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Ji Baek has out done herself yet again. For the past few seasons, Rescue Beauty Lounge has consistently pushed the boundaries by releasing innovative unique collections that have well exceeded my expectations; Spring 2009 is no exception. I have just one word: GLITTER. Because glitter is typically (and erroneously) associated with a younger age group, Ji set out to create a glittery polish that is more accessible to ‘adults’. While I don’t really agree that glitter is age exclusive, I think she accomplished what she set out to do. These polishes are ultra bling, very glimmer-y, but at the same time wearable and not gaudy.

Also, I really appreciate companies that step outside of their image. I associate RBL with chic edgy cremes. I never, ever, ever expected to see a set of chunky glitters donning the Rescue Beauty name. Ji took a risk, an awesomely blingy gorgeous risk, and I, for one, am very pleased.

These polishes consist of very dense multi-sized, multi-shaped brilliant glitter suspended in clear polish. You’ll see extremely tiny flecks of glitter (which help to build opacity and provide depth to bling) along with regular-sized glitter, both round and square shaped. I think these polishes are too dense to be used as a glitter top coat unless a thick coat of glitter is the look you’re trying to achieve.

All these swatches are 3 coats of polish and 2 coats of top coat.


Locavore is gold, teal, and amethyst glitter. The main complaint about these  is that the glitter is too chunky, causing a rough finish. It’s definitely not smooth, but I found that one coat of regular topcoat, topped with one coat of Seche Vite gets rid of the bumpiness satisfactorily.


The light refraction from the glitter created so much bling that my camera had a hard time focusing. Here’s an indirect shot that’s more true to color.


*drool* This is a super close up shot. Absolutely gorgeous.


Frugalista is composed of silver and amethyst glitter. I wore this one as a manicure. It’s sort of like an optical illusion, the shades of the glitter combine to create a platinum flash. This one is definitely a show stopper.

rescue-beauty-lounge-frugalista-side-view1Here’s an indirect side view for more accuracy.


And again, a close up shot. I usually don’t do ultra close ups but I’m trying to display the different sizes and shapes of the glitter.


And finally Look Rich, Be Cheap is gold and purple glitter (slightly deeper than the amethyst shade found in the other two polishes.) Lovacore and Look Rich, Be Cheap really remind me Mardi Gras.


Speaking of which, as a Florida Gator, if I had any kind of school spirit what-so-ever, I would not love this polish as much as I do because gold and purple are LSU colors. haha.


Close up shot for full bling appreciation.

In my humble opinion, this was a really successful foray into the world of bling. I really hope it’s not a one time thing for Ji.


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by Rescue Beauty Lounge.


White with Gold Shimmer is Love: Rescue Beauty Lounge Moxie

Friday, March 13th, 2009


There are a million whites with gold shimmer (just to name a few: Essie Amalfi, Essie Tennis Corset, OPI She’s Golden, OPI Oh So Glam!, Icing’s Goddess, and Orly Meringue). And I love every single one. To me each one is unique in its own way. Rescue Beauty Lounge Moxie is no exception. It’s an off-white with iridescent gold shimmer that occasionally flashes a very subtle goldish-green. The amount of gold shimmer in relation to the off-white is somewhere between that of Essie Amalfi (which is almost completely gold with very little white) and the OPIs from the Beyond Chic Collection (that have a more subtle gold shimmer). When Moxie isn’t glimmering gold, the combination of the white and the gold together creates a sort of white platinum shade, very chic. This color is transitionally work appropriate, meaning no one at the office is going to bat an eye at it but it’s in no way boring.


Moxie’s formula is thin. I needed 4 coats to get full coverage. The first time I wore this color, several months ago, I had a lot of trouble with the application. We’re talking some major issues with bubbling, so bad, that I didn’t take a picture that time. As you can see from the image this time, I didn’t have that problem, so what changed? There are a lot of things that can contribute to bubbling. The usual culprits are drafts (like an overhead ceiling fan), oil on the nail bed (which can be avoided by wiping with a nail prep or vinegar) and applying coats of color too thickly. I think my problem last time might have been my own application shortcomings. The first time I wore this color I was still applying very thick coats of color. Even with very think coats, I do still get bubbling sometimes with some polishes but a coat of Seche Vite usually takes care of it. Seriously, it just makes bubbles disappear. (If you have yet to experience the miracle that is Seche Vite – go buy it now). The other factor that may have contributed to my more successful application this time is Rescue Beauty Lounge’s ridge filling base coat which I used for this manicure but not the previous one.


Disclosure: The Rescuse Beauty Lounge Ridge Filler was sent to me for review by Rescue Beauty Lounge, but I believe I purchased Moxie.


Fall Blitzkrieg: Rescue Beauty Lounge Fall Collection

Monday, September 15th, 2008

I think I’m just going to stop raving about Rescue Beauty Lounge because I’m starting to sound like a broken record. These colors are just so disgustingly gorgeous – it’s almost overwhelming. I’m starting to suspect that the nail polish gods have bestowed Ji Baek with the logos. This collection is so perfect, I practically started speaking in tongues when the FedEx guy dropped it off. [1. Actually - funny story: FedEx emailed me saying they dropped my package off at 2:33pm so you can imagine the emotional roller coaster I was on when I arrived home at 3:30pm to find that my package missing in action. I flipped my shit, for real. Was it stolen!? Delivered to the wrong house!? I started pounding on neighbor's doors. I accused my boyfriend and roommates of hiding it to screw with me (which they've actually done before). Then yelled at them for not watching the door vigilantly enough for my package. I called FedEx and berated them for about 30 minutes. Accused the roomies and boyfriend again. I was really ready to just sit down and drown in tears because this collection was sold out. I wouldn't be able to get replacements until late September/October. Right as I'm about to end it all the FedEx guy waltzes up to my door with my package that apparently was never actually delivered at all. I spent the good portion of the afternoon apologizing for my psychotic episode but I did it while wearing Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal so it was all worth it.] So now I’m spreading the gospel to you guys – *cue the trumpets* – behold:

Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal is tough to describe. Is it blue, is it green? It does look green in some lights, blue in others. It’s not really teal… is it? I’m not sure. I just know that it’s drop dead gorgeous. As always great application – almost complete coverage in one coat.

I’m wearing Rescue Beauty Lounge Bruise right now. Like Teal, it’s tough to pin down in one color category. It’s a purple-y muted maroon-ish brown. Those colors don’t even seem like they are part of the same spectrum but Bruise looks like all three at same time. On short nails and in non-conservative offices, I’d say this one is work appropriate. Also, great application.

Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War is the controversial color from this collection. People either absolutely LOVE it or absolutely HATE this olive green, there doesn’t seem to be an in between. I’m sure this won’t be shocking to anyone but I’m in the ‘f-r-e-a-k-i-n-g love it’ camp. Plus, the tiny little dirty tree hugging hippie inside me loves the name.

So does this collection have anyone else speaking Glossolalia, or is it just me?



Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by Rescue Beauty Lounge.


Back by Popular Demand: Work Appropriate Polishes – Rescue Beauty Lounge Edition

Friday, August 29th, 2008

I’m so happy that you guys actually enjoy these work appropriate posts. The work appropriate theme is going to comprise a huge portion of a my posts for a while since I mostly write about the colors I’m currently wearing. : )

In any case, close to 1/4 of my collection are ‘work appropriate’ colors. You’d be surprised at how much variation there are in the classic professional looking colors. Nudes, taupes, pinks, and soft shades don’t have to be boring. I’m going to start a series of articles showcasing 3 of my favorite work appropriate colors from all my favorite brands. First up, Rescue Beauty Lounge.

I’m sure that no one will be shocked that Scrangie was the source of my lemmings for the following 3 colors.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Om is a strangely calming color, making the name very appropriate. Even so, it’s probably the most ‘serious’ muted pink in my collection. This swatch is 3 coats of Om, 1 coat of Seche Vite.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge is my stick-it-to-the-man color (Ohh hoo hoo I’m sitting in your meeting wearing a color called Grunge, ha!). It’s a serious business appropriate color but at the same time it’s very moody and edgy. This color came out a while ago but it fits perfectly into the current mushroomy grayed-out color trend.  Grunge looks creme 99.9% of the time but it actually has a whitish shimmer throughout. The shimmer is not highly light refractive which is why no one will ever see it. The danger of Grunge (and all similar mushroomy grayed-out colors like it) is that it may be a tough color to pull of successfully. Mushroomies seem to not flatter very pale skin tones and are seemingly more suitable to skin tones like my own. This swatch is 3 coats, 1 coat of Seche Vite.

Finally, Rescue Beauty Lounge Opaque Nude. Scrangie’s swatch (linked above) is a more accurate depiction of Opaque Nude’s bottle color. My swatch is darker due to lighting and my skin tone which brings out the ‘nudeness’ of this color. In my opinion, Opaque Nude is border-line business appropriate, perfectly okay for a less conservative office. I say this only because it might be too obvious. I feel like business appropriate colors have to be subtle, pretty but not necessarily noticeable and for most people this color will be very noticeable.


Disclosure: I’m not 100% sure how I ended up with these colors but I believe I purhcased Grunge. I think Om and Opaque Nude were sent to me for review at my request by Rescue Beauty Lounge.