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Probably the Most Amazing Nail Polish on Earth: Nfu Oh – 51

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Every once in a while I find a polish, so incredible, so… magical, that it rekindles my love affair with this hobby. Nfu Oh 51 is just such a color.

Behold, probably the most amazing nail polish on Earth:



I’m not even sure how to begin describing this color. It’s in the same family of colors as Clarins 230. Actually, 51 has been helping quench 230 lemmings for a while now, it’s probably the closest thing you can easily purchase on the market right now. It’s by no means a dupe, not even close (51 is a deeper purple than 230 and has multichromatic flakies which 230 does not), but it will definitely help the pains of a bad lemming.


This swatch is 4 coats, but I could have gotten away with 3. 51 has a reddish purple jelly-like base color, but the polish flashes dark purple, blue, green and magic, yes, magic. It’s like an explosion of color, literally. The shimmer is mostly fiery but in some angles it flashes green or a gorgeous blue sheen. This image is a little off in terms of the base color, it’s more reddish purple, sort of like a tyrian purple. You can see the multichrome flakies in action below.


I’m fairly new to Nfu Oh, but so far I’m impressed. Their color range is nothing short of outstanding. They have every color under the sun in creme (which means the world to me since I’m not a fan of shimmers) and tons of high intensity holographics. My love for their bottle design is seriously unparalleled. I just cannot imagine a cooler bottle design than a corset top ball gown shape.

Right now Nfu Oh is only available from one source: Fear not, the seller is flexible, reliable, and friendly.