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Misa Living On The Fast Lane Spring 2009 Collection

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Overall, this has been an excellent season for nail polish. Even so, of all the Spring collections I’ve been able to get my hands on so far, Misa Living on the Fast Lane is by far my favorite. First and foremost, a collection of all cremes – you guys know how I feel about cremes. Sorry shimmer lovers; creme is forever king on The Polish Addict. Second, although I wouldn’t necessarily call most of these colors unique, as I have some dupish colors in my stash already, I truly, truly love the entire collection. I actually really wanted to wear all these colors as opposed to just swatching or wearing them for the sake of posting. Finally, all the colors were well pigmented and applied exquisitely. Misa is stepping up the game as far as quality goes, that’s for sure.


Misa On the Edge is a very stunning dark royal blue. It’s much darker than Essie Mesmerize, and very similar to OPI Dating a Royal but slightly deeper, darker, and more opaque. My picture is not accurate in terms of the depth and darkness of the blue. It’s definitely a darker blue in person. This is 3 coats, but it looked good with 2 coats.


Misa Dirty Sexy Money is a grayed out aqua… perhaps turquoise? It has the honor of being called my absolute favorite color of the season. I simply do not have the words to describe how much I love this color. Unique, edgy, yet chic. And I think it really suits my skin-tone. It’s perfect in 2 coats. This one is definitely taking a spot in next year’s top 20. (I promise, I will finish this year’s top 20!!)


Misa Push Upon It is a marooned raspberry. It’s a very elegant, sexy shade, with perfect application in two coats. It’s a tad lighter than OPI Miami Beet which I have yet to swatch. Push Upon It is actually pretty similar to Zoya Moxie.


Misa Right Here Now, No More Later is a bright sky blue. Applied well at two coats but this swatch is 3. I haven’t done a side by side swatch but in the bottle, the color is practically identical to Zoya Yummy and OPI Just Groovy. The one difference is that both Yummy and Just Groovy have finicky applications while RHN,NML applied very well.


Misa Speed of Life is a bright tangerine orange. Like all the others it applied well, this is 3 coats. This color was actually pretty surprising. I was expecting a bright but dusty light orange because of the way the color looks in the bottle but it’s actually a very bright orange-y orange… if that makes sense.


Misa Stop Rewinding, Just Fast Forward is a bright mango-y red. Again, great application, this is 3 coats but it looked good at 2 coats. Like Speed of Life, this color looked dusty to me in the bottle but it’s pretty bright on the nail.



Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by Misa.


The Mad Konad Skills Elude Me Once More

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009


I am overwhelmed with sorrow whenever I see The Nailphile’s KOTDs. I die a little inside because I know that no matter how hard I try, Konad will always hates me. In this pitiful state I’ve learned to love, and see beauty in, my failed attempts… it’s not an ugly konad failure, no I say, it’s um… art deco. The accident pictured above is just such an example, the stamp is not supposed to look like that, but in this case I actually like the final product. This konadicure is Misa Dirty Sexy Money (one of my favorite new colors for Spring 2009) and China Glaze VIII used with Konad plate 65. VIII is a gorgeous deep purple creme, however, the formula is too thin so it’s not really suitable for Konad. The result is similar to a linoleum stamp print. The look works with this particular pattern, perhaps not with others. I actually don’t own very many Konad special polishes. I don’t know why but I just can’t bring myself to buy them without first exhausting my stash for a normal polish that works well with Konad. I haven’t found a good purple Konad polish substitute so I think I’m finally going to give in and get their purple polishes using The Nailphile’s WowSoCool 20% code. Unless you guys have any suggestions for me?

I haven’t gotten a chance to reply to recent comments yet but I will soon, I promise.


Disclosure: Dirty, Sexy, Money was sent to me for review by Misa.


I’m Not Done with the Greens Yet: Misa Green with Envy

Thursday, January 29th, 2009


To celebrate my new found color choice freedom, I pulled out one of the loudest polishes in my collection, Misa Green with Envy. This is a bright (and I mean BRIGHT) lime green. It’s extremely different, I don’t own anything else quite like it. I didn’t have any application issues (it actually applied really well) but it seriously took like 5 hours to get this manicure done. Every time I finished, I would dent one finger – it happened 6 different times! I used 3 coats of color and 1 coat of Misa BACKbone as the base and 1 coat of Seche Vite as the top coat. If I’m ever feeling particularly adventurous I might try to do a half-moon mani using Green with Envy and OPI Don’t Know… Beets Me.

If you haven’t taken advantage of the exclusive Misa offer I posted about before, tomorrow (Friday the 30th) is the very last day to get a free polish and order polishes at a discount. I recommend calling them (1- 888-733-6472), instead of using email, if you decide to place a last minute order.


Disclosure: I’m not sure – it’s possible that Green with Envy was sent to me for review by Misa.


Amazing Exclusive Offer From Misa

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

misa(Sounding like an infomercial in 5…4…3…2…) Misa is offering you guys a really great deal. 1 free polish of your choice, you only have to pay a flat rate $3.00 shipping and handling fee. If you want to pick up more bottles while you’re at it, Misa will give them to you for $1.50 a pop at a maximum of 12 polishes. Meaning if you decide to order 12 polishes, their total price is $23.50 because the 1st bottle is free + 11 bottles x 1.50 + $7.00 for shipping. If you decide to order less than 12 shipping will be somewhere between $3.00 and $7.00. The offer is good until January. All you have to do is call them at 1- 888-733-6472 or email them at, tell them what colors you want, and mention that you saw this offer on The Polish Addict (or since she’s also participating in this offer.) You can check out all my Misa swatches here. If anyone does end up taken advantage of this offer, I’d love to hear about what colors you’ve decided to order!


Charcoal Gray Comparisons

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

CND Black Platinum and Zoya Freja are pretty close but not the same. Black Platinum is slightly more frosty and metallic. Freja has a slightly more bluish tinge. CND Hyde in the Dark has the best coverage of the bunch, it two coats where all the others (except for Dying Love) looked best with three. It’s my favorite from this bunch. Color Club After Hours gave me some cuticle drag issues. That didn’t happen to me before when I swatched this color so I’m going to blame my haste in painting. Finally, Misa Dying Love is the darkest from this set, close too black. It also had great coverage at two coats.


Disclosure: After Hours and Dying Love were sent to me for review by their respective companies.


Super Underrated: Misa Runway Collection Swatches

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Misa Runway Collection was released several seasons ago but its awesomeness goes mostly unappreciated. I love collections that have themes that relate the colors to each other in some way. Runway is composed of chic dusty shades, very reminiscent of haute couture, that look as though they were meant to be together. Despite being an older collection, it’s surprisingly relevant as far as this fall’s newest trends. It’s almost as if Misa had some insight into the future with this one. All these colors have excellent application (except where noted.)

Misa Runway Diva is a dusty rose. Excellent application, this is two coats. Love it.

Misa Fashionista is a dusty purplish mauve. Again, excellent application, this is two coats. *Love it.*

Misa High Waist Hue is a dusty pink. It’s actually a pinker version of OPI Ticke My France-y, which I passionately love. It also has really subtle, practically nonexistent blue shimmer. I only noticed it under my photography lighting. This is 3 coats but the application was good.

Misa Moody Model is a milk chocolate creme. Ah, this is that elusive and rare wearable brown. 2 coats. And again, great application.

Misa Passion 4 Fashion is a dark chocolate creme. Everyone has been wondering how this stacks up against Lippmann Maneater. Lippmann is a much darker ‘almost black’. Passion 4 Fashion is as dark as chocolate can get without looking ‘almost black’. This is 2 coats, also great application.

Misa Hot Couture is a dusty honey mustard creme. I wore this one was a mani earlier this week. I really *really* wanted to love this one because it’s so unique and chic looking in the bottle. Sadly, it didn’t flatter my skin tone at all. Maybe when I get a tan again? I’m sort of a pasty yellow color right now. : P This is 2 coats. My bottle was a little on the thick side so I used 3 drops of thinner and it was fine.


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by Misa.