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Mega-Lemming Fulfilled: Clarins 209 Ocean Bleu Abysse

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Nail polish is one hell of drug. I’ve been lemming Clarins 209 Ocean Bleu Abysse since time began. I had just about given up hope when someone (who I am now forever indebted too) alerted me to this weird nail polish e-tailer. I say it’s weird because the site carried several discontinued Clarins colors for half price – absolutely shocking. This site also had Dior Liquorice in stock. That definitely raised some red flags because Liquorice was supposed to be a Nordstrom exclusive. But I figured, whatever, I’ll take the gamble. I’m glad I did – I mean, sure, my bottle of Liquorice has the serial number shaved off with a dremmel but it’s all good. Now I own the coveted Clarins 209 *and* I got to stick it to the man. As a side not, The Nailphile is planning to post a comparison soon as well and according to her, Sparitual Solitude is dead on for Clarins 209.

For those of you who want Clarins 209 but don’t have access to it you can try L.A. Girl Flare Bedazzle which is still readily available online.

It’s not an exact dupe but definitely good enough. 209 is darker and more pigmented. In fact, I’d say that 209 is borderline too thick especially when compared to Bedazzle that needed 3 coats to reach opacity and bottle color. Bedazzle can also potentially cause a good bit of cuticle drag so it’s going to require a longer wait period between coats. Finally, 209 dries glossy and Bedazzle dries matte like a neon. Of course, I think it’s worth it to own both. ; )


Blue Comparison Swatches (OPI – Dating a Royal Mod Brights Collection)

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

It’s no surprise that OPI is late to the party yet again. Blues were the thing last season, but for those of us who don’t care about strictly following seasonal trends, OPI Dating a Royal from the new Mod Brights Collection is pretty amazing.

Originally, I was going to compare all of these colors but once I got the bottles together it was pretty clear that the only real contenders for comparison were Lippmann Collection – Rehab and Rescue Beauty Lounge – Dead Calm. China Glaze – Shower Together (twin of China Glaze – Aqua Baby), L.A. Girl Flare – Twinkling, and OPI Just Groovy don’t look anything like Dating a Royal, or each other for that matter. There was some concern arising on the nail board that all these colors might be too similar to justify owning all of them, but as you can see from the bottle picture, that’s not the case.

2 Coats Rescue Beauty Lounge – Dead Clam, 3 Coats OPI – Dating a Royal, and a whopping 4 coats for Lippmann Collection – Rehab

I apologize for the quality of this image. For some reason I just could not get these colors to photograph well. This was the clearest image of the bunch, but even with the lack of focus, this image is an accurate depiction of what these colors look like in person. The online teaser images of Dating a Royal made it seem like it would be more dupish to the aqua blues. As it turns out, it’s a much darker blue, but not as dark as the blues that were popular last season. Its comparative lightness makes it more relevant to the trends of this spring and summer but since it’s not technically a light blue it will be wearable in the fall. I’ll give everyone the skinny on the application and wear when I do the full swatches.

If there are any colors you guys want compared drop me an email or comment with your request. : )

In other news, I am now a member of Yeay! Alltop condenses the best blogs on the net by category so you can read about your favorite topics all in one place. Their beauty section is pretty comprehensive, you guys should check them out if you haven’t already.