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Glory Be: Glitter Gal Lizard Belly

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

The humor isn’t lost on me that I return with grand promises to review work appropriate polishes only to have my second post be a holographic dark green. But it’s the weekend and a color like this has been a major wishlist polish since time began. In my effort to catch up with the nail polish world – I’ve been reading a lot of MUA and a lot of other excellent nail blogs. (Thanks so much everyone for cluing me into so many great sites – I’ll be updating my blogroll really soon!).  I first saw this polish on The PolishAholic. I did a double-take: a DARK GREEN HOLO WHAT? WHAT!? WHAT!?! – then I squealed a little bit and immediately bought a bottle. I’m so glad I did, this polish is amazing.

I feel like the nail polish gods lured me back into blogging just so this color could make its way into my mailbox. Man, it’s beautiful. This NOTD is 3 coats of Lizard Belly, but it would have been perfect at 2 coats. Base coat is Sally Hansen Nail Quencher and top coat is Seche Vite. The color is a deep blackened green that leans slightly bluish-green (teal?), although it is ‘almost black’ it is visibly green. The very fine grain holo creates a refined prismatic effect and adds depth to the color - Lizard Belly is gorgeous but it’s definitely not as blingy as other holos.

 I took this shot with flash to show the holographic effect, but again these photos just don’t do this polish any justice. In person, the holo effect is more defined, it flashes a full rainbow but it’s fairly subdued even in the brightest sunlight. In the shade or indoors, it looks nearly black with sparse tiny glittery sparkles (like a mini-universe on my nail). I didn’t have any major application issues – although the polish was a tad on the thickish side. However, it was not thick enough to cause problems.  I seriously love this color – I think it has won a spot on the top twenty (yes, I’m going to keep doing the list even though it will be a little dated now).

My only beef is that I accidentally bought a teeny-tiny bottle… womp-womp. This photo is Lizard Belly next to OPI Here Today … Aragon Tomorrow to show the difference in size.  In my excitement to buy the color, I didn’t even notice I was buying the mini especially because it was a tad on the expensive side (I think I paid around $15). To my chagrin, Glitter Gal does sell these in the regular 15 mL size on their website *Sigh* now I’m trying to fight the urge to buy 8 more of the minis or at least one full size backup bottle.