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Meh: Dior Liquorice

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

A few months ago, Dior Liquorice was *the* ‘it’ color. I fell victim to its charms after seeing a few pictures of it on other girls. It wasn’t exactly disappointing but I think this color was, sadly, the catalyst of my antipurpleitis. So, despite the fact that the color is a great tyrian purple (reddish plummy mega shimmer) and it wore like iron (three whole days, not one visible sign of wear), I just wasn’t wowed by it. Maybe it’s because the color is way more impressive before it dries? After it dried, even with a healthy slathering of Seche, it seemed a little duller.

Liquorice was supposedly a Nordstrom’s exclusive. Seeing as how I didn’t get mine from Nordies and the serial numbers were filed off the bottle, gangland firearms style – I think it’s safe to assume that the people who sold it to me were of the unscrupulous sort. (Picture a man in a trench coat meeting me in some dark alley. He opens the left side of his jacket pointing to several tiny pockets, each containing a bottle of some high end limited edition exclusive nail polish. He says, “Psst girl, whatchu neeeeeed”?) Ultimately, I think Liquorice is a keeper but I probably won’t be running to it very often.