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Charcoal Gray Comparisons

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

CND Black Platinum and Zoya Freja are pretty close but not the same. Black Platinum is slightly more frosty and metallic. Freja has a slightly more bluish tinge. CND Hyde in the Dark has the best coverage of the bunch, it two coats where all the others (except for Dying Love) looked best with three. It’s my favorite from this bunch. Color Club After Hours gave me some cuticle drag issues. That didn’t happen to me before when I swatched this color so I’m going to blame my haste in painting. Finally, Misa Dying Love is the darkest from this set, close too black. It also had great coverage at two coats.


Disclosure: After Hours and Dying Love were sent to me for review by their respective companies.


Vampy Goodness, Sort Of: Color Club Fast Woman

Monday, October 13th, 2008

I *love* Color Club Fast Woman. Normally, I’d classify this color as a straight up vampy but it’s actually a really deep brilliant red. I suppose the distinction is irrelevant because this color is obviously well within the vampy realm. Colors like this can only be described as disgustingly gorgeous, period. For this mani, I used one coat of Color Club Stuck on You, 3 coats of Fast Woman, 1 coat of Seche Vite. It applied well, no complaints. Fast Woman is from the Color Club In the Fast Lane Collection which also includes another great vampy, Color Club Killer Curves. I plan to swatch the entire collection soon, so stay tuned.


Disclosure: The Fast Lane collection, which contained Fast Woman, was sent to me for review by Color Club.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month Kick Off: Color Club Colors for the Cure

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s not just about finding a cure. It’s about informing women about the disease, the facts, and early detection. And, of course, it’s about buying a bunch of pink stuff. The trick is finding companies that donate either all or a large portion of the proceeds of the sale of the pink stuff to breast cancer research or breast cancer related charities. Nail Polish companies are actually pretty generous, so fear not. If you want to see some of the nail related promotional products released for Breast Awareness Cancer Month check out this article on the Nails Magazine site. (I *love* that blinged-out crystal nail file.) I’ll be covering as many BCA promotional polishes as I can get my hands on so stayed tuned. First up is Color Club Colors for the Cure mini set.

Color Club is donating 100% of the proceeds of the sale of the Colors for the Cure mini set. These colors aren’t new so they’re also all available in full size as well but I say, get the minis and do a small good deed for mankind.

Color Club Bashful is a very light baby pink with extremely subtle shimmer. The shimmer is so subtle that it is effectively a creme. It’s a really delicate color but it’s a PITA to apply. I had to whip out the big guns, Barielle Camo. That helped but I still needed 4 coats.

Color Club Translucent is a translucent (duh) pink that would be excellent for french manis or for people who are looking for polishes that are ‘your nails but better’. It’s similar to Essie Pink Glove Service. The application here was excellent. This swatch is 4 coats because I wanted to see if I could get the pink to build. It does build a little bit. With all that said, I am absolutely ashamed to show you guys this swatch. My naked nails were not meant to see the light of day. They are *so* yellow. : ( Boo.

Color Club Angels N Pink is a creme barbie pink, very cute. This swatch is 3 coats.

Color Club In Bloom is a darker barbie pink. It’s a true pink, no bluish undertones. This shade, like Bashful, has ultra subtle shimmer that really isn’t noticeable (undetectable shimmer?… love it). In Bloom is my current NOTD. I used 1 coat of Color Club Stuck on You, 3 coats of In Bloom, and 1 coat of Seche Vite.


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by Color Club.


First Ever Polish Addict Giveaway – Win Color Club Musique Collection!

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Thanks to the wonderful people over at Color Club the Polish Addict is hosting its very first giveaway, ever!

Fill out the entry form for a chance to win the entire Color Club Musique Collection including the 3 liquid lipstick shades. The winner will be chosen on September 23rd (which just happens to be my birthday : P). You can check out my swatches of the Musique Collection here.

This contest is actually the first part of a sort of two-part ordeal. My initial idea was to host a contest for the best franken made from Color Club polish but I realized that a lot people don’t have access to Color Club or have never tried the brand, so I decided to start off with a straight-up giveaway first. On the 23rd, I’ll launch the Color Club Frankenpolish Contest. The best Dr. Frankenpolish will win the Glitter Vixen Collection!

Anyone excited? I am! : )


Disclosure: Prize courtesy of Color Club.


Fall Blitzkrieg: Color Club Musique Collection Swatches

Friday, August 8th, 2008

I know that everyone has been dying to see the new Fall Color Clubs, here they finally are for your viewing pleasure. All and all, Musique is a solid collection. I was expecting some of these to be metallic but they’re actually just really shimmery. Even though these look highly pigmented in the bottle, they actually apply thinly. If you typically do thin coats like I do, these colors are going to be three coaters. However, I don’t think it would be difficult to get opacity in 2 coats if you typically like working with thicker coats.

Color Club Feel the Beat is a burnt orange shimmer. I’d almost say that it’s borderline metallic. ‘Feel the Beat’ is an appropriate name, I’m not really sure why but this color really reminds me of Miami (my home, sweet, home) and Gloria Stefan.

Color Club Slow Jam is a reddish brown with golden shimmer. It’s a redder version of OPI Espresso Your Style. Slow Jam is one of those rare brown shades that actually flatter my skin tone… now, if only I could find a creme brown that did the same. *sigh*

Color Club Groove Thang is dark purple shimmer – oh man, I. love. it. It is definitely the stand out from this collection. I expected to love it even more than I do because Groove Thang is actually a beetle duochrome in the bottle, unfortunately, I couldn’t get the beetle effect to show up on the nail. I’m not giving up though. I merely swatched Groove Thang. It’s possible that as a full mani, completely dry, in non-direct sunlight, I’ll get the beetle effect that I love so much and promptly die from happiness soon thereafter. Since I know this is going to come up, in my opinion, Groove Thang is not dupish to China Glaze Midnight Ride, which has violet shimmer as opposed to dark purple shimmer. I’ll do comparisons soon.

Here’s Groove Thang again, you can almost see the color change, almost.

As usual, my camera is perpetually deficient when photographing purples. Color Club Electronica is more purple than it looks in this swatch. Electronica, with fuchsia flecks and blurple shimmer, seems like a tamer version of OPI Ink. The main difference seems to be amount of glittery shimmer, Ink apparently has chunkier more abundant bling. I sound like a broken record but I’ll do comparisons soon.

Color Club After Hours is a medium charcoal gray with multi-toned silver, red, and green shimmer. The shimmer is very similar to the shimmer in CND Hyde in the Dark but After Hours is darker and has less silver throughout. After Hour is less dark and more shimmery than Misa Dying Love. Comparisons of all these will be up soon. After Hours is a great addition to my nail-breakage-in-mourning collection.

Last but not least, Color Club Velvet Rope, a magenta red with gold shimmer. I, surprisingly, liked this color on myself, which is rare for me as I am not a fan of shimmery reds. I can’t really give you guys much guidance in the way of dupes and comparisons because I really don’t own many shimmery reds. Sooorrrryyy.


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by Color Club.


Color Club Glitter Vixen Collection Swatches

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

The Fall Blitzkrieg continues, this time with Color Club’s Glitter Vixen Collection. I was already pretty excited for this collection when I saw the promo pictures, but in person, they’re even more impressive. All 7 of these are made up of multi-sized glitter suspended in clear polish. Some of the Glitter Vixens appear to be slightly tinted but I think that’s a result of the glitter shedding pigmentation, it’s not intentional pigmentation in the color design. Most glitter polishes apply sparsely – these are the complete opposite of sparse. The multi-sized chunky glitter creates a base on which to build opacity. Believe it or not, all these swatches are 2, albeit somewhat thick, coats. Basically, Glitter Vixen gives you full coverage ultra bling. The formula is a bit thick, but they are fairly easy to apply. These swatches are taken in indoor lighting (my new home-made light box oooh hoo hoo) with no top coat. Like all glitter polishes, these were a pain in the butt to remove – I used Remove+ and felt.

Color Club Object of Envy is emerald green. I want to see this next to China Glaze’s upcoming Emerald. I hope they aren’t dupes – I love green and I love glitter so this is the culmination of all my favorite polish attributes.

I know what everyone is thinking, Art of Seduction is China Glaze Ruby Pumps or Milani Garnet Gems. I say no, only because both the Milani and China Glaze are fine-ish glitter suspended in red tinted polish. The Glitter Vixens are chunkier glitter in clear polish. Most people don’t have the need to own both, for nail board addicts, I think these are sufficiently different to justify owning both.

Color Club Sultry reminds me of a denser version of the hard-to-find OPI Glim-merry Gold which I recently admired at a dusty but did not purchase, now I’m glad I didn’t. Sultry is also similar to Misa Disco Queen, which has slightly darker more yellow-gold finer glitter and applies a bit more sparsely.

Color Club Sex Symbol is foil-y multi-sized silver glitter. I’m curious to see how this one stacks up next to the mysterious China Glaze Tinsel that we all have yet to see. All my favorite brands seem to have jumped onto the bling wagon, I’m loving every minute of it.

Color Club Magic Attraction is my favorite from this collection. Chunky holographic glitter? Um…. please, sir, can I have some more? I don’t have anything else quite like it. I suppose the closest thing would be China Glaze Let’s Do it in 3-D but the difference in glitter size creates a completely different holographic effect. Let’s Do it in 3-D is a traditional holographic with the full spectrum of color collectively flashing on the nail, while Magic Attraction has the full spectrum twinkling individually through the flecks of glitter.

My camera refused to photograph Color Club Tru Passion (below) and Sexy Siren (above) accurately. The image of Sexy Siren looks suspiciously like China Glaze Blue Sparrow but they are not similar at all. Sexy Siren is more of a turquoise blue with a touch of green.

Color Club Tru Passion is my second favorite. It’s not a mid-range purple as shown above, it’s more of amethyst or violet. Sorry for the inaccuracy, I’m still working out my photography kinks.


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by Color Club.