Random Cremes From Essie & My Newest Obsession

Recently, I discovered the glory that is audiobooks from the library. I can download them on my iPhone and listen while I get ready in the morning, garden, do my nails, cook, clean, drive, walk the dogs, and pretty much any normally quiet daily activity.  As a result of all this “reading” that I can now do, I’ve been expanding my book choices into the unprecedented. As an unreasonable book snob, I vowed never to read anything that could be considered YA. But after several friends convinced me to give The Hunger Games a try and the possibility of listening instead of reading, I decided,  ”meh I guess I can listen to it – what’s the big deal?”

Well, the big deal is that it totally triggered my fandom like whoa. I. am. obsessed. The angst, the cheesy love triangle, the dystopian future, the battle against an oppressive government, the action and actually competent, badass female lead. Yes, YES!! I can’t believe my book snobbery would have kept me from checking this series out sooner. I listened to all three books in 3 days and then walked around in a daze afterwards, depressed that the series was over and missing the characters. I cannot wait for the Catching Fire movie to come out in November (and I really hope that they take the time in the movie to represent the nail art that Katniss wears throughout the books.) I’m slowly collecting the China Glaze Capitol Colors Collection as an extension of my fandom too. *squee*

In any case, I present you with some random Essie swatches. These are some colors that had been on my lemming list for a while and they did not disappoint.

Essie Case Study

Essie Case Study is a taupe-ish dark clay brown, with a touch of green, it’s sort of a chameleon. Definitely work appropriate with a twist – I wore this one to my first homicide trial. This is 3 coats but it would have been fine at 2 coats.

Essie Glamour Purse

Essie Glamour Purse is a mushroomy muted brown leaning taupe. GP had excellent application, another 3 coater that would have been fine at 2. In addition to being work apropos, it was very flattering to my skintone.

Essie Going Incognito

*cat calls* Essie Going Incognito. Gorgeous, just a freaking unbelievably gorgeous deep dark blue toned emerald green. I would classify this one as more of a crelly than a creme – the application is somewhat thin because it’s buildable. The shine is eye-popping. I LOVE this one and it’s a contender for the top twenty, possibly even to knock-out a different green.

Essie Lilacism

Essie Lilacism is a delicate lilac creme. I suppose I will stop calling lilac one of my white whales because at this point I’ve encountered a few that I consider flattering, including Lilacism. I started lemming it after I saw it on a friend from work. While I loved the color, I was disappointed with the application. It’s a PITA, very thick while also thin causing it to apply unevenly. It required 4 coats to even out on the surface of the nail. Despite the application woes, it did wear well. With Seche Vite and Sally Nail Quencher I got a full 5 days of wear with no chips and minimal tip wear.

Essie Plumberry

And finally, Essie Plumberry. This color could not be more aptly named because it is without-a-doubt a plum toned berry creme. My photo, sadly, does not capture this color very well. In real life it’s a little deeper, darker and moodier. The photo captures more of the berry tone and not as much of the plum. Wonderful application – 3 coats but would have been good at 2. While I don’t usually wear colors like this often, I lemminged it after seeing swatches on another blog. I can see why berry, like red and pink, tends to be more popular. My love for more unique colors aside, this sure is pretty and it does flatter my skin-tone (and probably would flatter most).

Did you lemming any of these colors too? And now that I’m taking a foray into YA, any other books I should check out?


Disclaimer: These colors were sent to me for review by Beauty Stop Online. BSO is a new-to-me e-tailer that carries several of the biggie brands. Essie retails on their site for $5.99 a pop. 



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  1. Lizzard Says:

    I highly recommend the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and read by Davina Porter. Not YA lit, and you may well have read the books. But Ms. Porter’s narration adds an incredible dimension to this series. Which incidentally, will be coming to Starz next fall as a TV series…

  2. Angie Says:

    I just can’t do Hunger Games….just can’t. Along with Twilight. Nope! BUT I do find there are lots of YA novels I’ve enjoyed. But I’m more into the fantasy YA novels.

    Is it possible that anything DOESN’T look good on you? These all look lovely on you. I REALLY like Plumberry.

  3. Jennifer A. Says:

    Thanks for the lovely swatches!

    If you’re looking for more good YA, try the Graceling series by Kristin Cashore and His Dark Materials series by Phillip Pullman (fantasy) or Melina Marchetta (contemporary). I love audiobooks – I got into them when I was doing data entry at night by myself for the blood bank. And Angie, I can’t believe you would equate Twilight and The Hunger Games – they’re seriously not even on the same playing field in terms of characterization, writing, and plotting!

  4. Leeshas Lacquer Says:

    OOO you should definitely check out The Mortal Instrument series. The first book is city of bones and there’s also a prequel to the series which is the Clockwork series. It may be a hit/miss type thing though because while I loved it, my friend hated it. The movies coming out soon as well for the City of Bones!
    Ohh YA books, my secret addiction!

  5. June Says:

    Essie had fallen into ill-favor in my stash because of application fails with some of my recent purchases, but I NEED that Going Incognito!!

  6. santi Says:

    hi! i just (re-)discovered your blog. and i just have to say that your nails are amazing! so beautiful. and by browsing through your older posts i noticed that you also used to have beautiful long nails. that was when it came to my head that i used to follow your blog until your hiatus. so i just rediscovered your blog. :)

    honestly your nails are adorable and since they look so perfect long or short i can’t even decide which length i like better on you. are you keeping them short now for a certain reason or were you just sick of having long nails?

    btw. i also noticed that your (almost) bare nails look amazing. no noticeable stains or ridges or anything like that. just perfect. really makes me jealous. i’m talking ’bout a post of lancome sassiness back in 2009. can’t repeat it often enough. i really envy you! if i had your nails i’d wear shear pinks more often. :D

    before i forget to mention it, just one point which may improve the quality and usability of your posts. it’d be really great if one could browse through a gallery of photos of one post. so that one doesn’t have to enlarge every single one of them by a clicking them separately. and i think you should upload larger shots. bet most of your readers have a fast connection and would enjoy watching larger photo-versions all the beautiful polishes on your perfect nails!

    thanks for blogging again! i sure will follow your blog again from now on. and since i love opi i hope to read some opi-reviews from you in the future. looking forward for that! and don’t dare to go on a hiatus again now that i’ve rediscovered your blog… :D

  7. Grace Says:

    I have all of these polishes and I love them as much as you do (although Case Study wasn’t nearly as flattering on my skin tone as it is on yours). If you can only find one Capital Colors polish, make it Fast Track (with Smoke and Ashes a close second). It’s a perfect edgy neutral, and the contrasting shimmer makes it really unique. I thought it might be a dupe for Ingrid at first, but it’s totally different. The shimmer is much more noticeable and the base color is lighter.

    Re: YA – I am a *huge* book snob, but I made an exception for Hunger Games and I’m glad I did. I really enjoyed the series. After I finished it, I pick up the Divergent series, which I was also pretty impressed with (the third book is due out this fall). I feel like there’s a difference between well written fiction that happens to center around a teenage girl protagonist and… you know, Twilight. I’m back to my historical biographies and non-fiction now, but it was nice to have some lighter summer reading material.

  8. Shelby Says:

    I am also s book snob and I plowed through The Hunger Games in less than a week (I had to work and sleep sometime). I was disappointed with the China Glaze Capitol Colors–I wanted more color! But I have some and the ones I have a I love.
    I would also highly recommend Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. I read the books and couldn’t put those down either!

  9. Ocelot1 Says:

    I love hose Essie neutrals and that green. Some of my faves. I love me a good, chic, interesting neutral or nude polish…I’m not a “book snob” and will read anything lol. I LOVE the Hunger Games too!!! Really liked the Capitol color collex too

  10. Anna Says:

    Heh, heh, heh. Resistance is futile.

    Divergent and ‘Ready Player One’ are both good too.
    A friend of mine works in a library and is always clueing me in to the stuff she thinks I’ll like.
    Recently read Daniel O’Malley’s ‘The Rook’ and found it quite an absorbing read, but I’m looking forward to the sequel to find out more.

  11. Sandi Says:

    Pullman and the Mortal Instrument/Clockwork series (same author) are both good. I like Tamora Pierce as well. Strong female characters, always a draw for me. And if you lean at all towards, Urban Fantasy (NOT Paranormal Romance, at least not the ones I read, ick, ptui), I have a list as long as your arm. The DH just built me a 6′x5′ oak bookcase, shallow, just for my paperbacks (it’s an addiction). I really like the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne as well. I love an action book that can also make me laugh. These do.

  12. Heather Says:

    I LOVE Essie Plumberry! It’s such a rich, all-seasons kind of color. :)

    As far as book snobbery goes, I’ve found that a lot of YA/JF is actually better-written than much of the contemporary adult books I’ve read recently. I agree with the other commenters that you’ll probably like Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” series, though I didn’t care for them; you may also like the Bartimaeus Trilogy and the Ender’s Game books (particularly the parallel Shadow series). Megan Whalen Turner’s “The Thief” is underappreciated but quite good, although the second and third in the series are more complex (and better, imho) than the first. Welcome to the literary dark side. ;)

  13. Carol H. Says:

    Going Incognito & Lilacism have been on my lemming list for a while now, but there are no more Essie distributors in my area anymore. Must resort to online shopping, it seems :D

  14. Beckie Says:

    love love love the mushroomey brown shade I wear alot of browns so this shade gets me excited :)By the way I loved twilight and hunger games, Im a sucker for fantasy romance :)

  15. Cheryl Says:

    I’m a total audio book addict, too! And ahhh, Hunger Games, I wish I could read it for the first again. LOL! And great polishes – I love Going Incognito. Very pretty. :)

  16. Steph Says:

    Lizz – Outlander has been recommended to me by a few peeps so that’s definitely on my to-read list. I didn’t know it was going to be a series!! Even better, I’ve been reading Game of Thrones, I love doing side by side book to movie/tv comparisons.

    Angie – I’m totally with you on Twilight (although I think I’ll give it a try eventually just out of curiosity) but not THG, it really is in a league of its own in terms of awesomeness. It’s off the charts. And thank you for the compliment lol!

    Jen – I’ve gotten a lot of recs for Graceling, the presmise sounds amazing. I’m on the wait list at the library for it. : )

    Leeshas – LOL!! Secret addiction!! I’m just lucky that the library where I live really facilitates this for me or else I’d have to spend a ton of money on this stuff.

    June – What colors? Honestly, since Essie isn’t as cost-effectively available online as it used to be I’ve been feeling the same way. But there are a few colors that I’ve been drooling over, I might avoid them if they have terrible application woes though.

    Santi – I’d love to have my long nails back but I don’t have as much time to dedicate to my nails as I used to when I was still in school (manis 2 to 3 times a week instead of everyday like I used to do). Unfortunately, it’s a lot tougher now to have them long and since I work in a professional field, it’s probably best to keep them relatively short. I’ll definitely look into a gallery, my site’s a little weird because of some update issues I had so I have been able to make a lot of changes (for example, I would love to have embedded comments) no amount of tinkering seems to fix it. And thanks for sticking with me! : )

    Grace – I think I was able to snag both of those on sale at Sally’s. *rubs hands together evilly* I feel you about the YA – I’ve sort of been dragged into reading the not so great stuff to feel the void left by THG. I really haven’t found anything even remotely comparable. Divergent is sort of almost there, as is VA/Bloodlines, but still not close.

    Shelby – Another vote for Outlander, I need to get on this series, stat!

    Ocelot – Looks like we have the same taste in polish and in books, no surprise there lol.

    Anna – LOL!!! Ready Player One, I’ve heard really good things, it’s definitely on the list. Tell me more about The Rook.

    Sandi – Ooooooooooh tell me more about this urban fantasy business – I’m intrigued.

    Heather – I’m really looking forward to reading Ender’s Game – I’ve heard it’s awesome. Hahahah @ literary dark side. Dark side, indeed.

    Carol – Those are relatively new, are you having trouble finding them online?

    Beckie – You NEED to check out Vampire Academy! Need, need, need!

    Cheryl – THAT’S EXACTLY HOW I FEEL!! I wish I could unread it so I could read it and be blown away again. lol.

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