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Two Shades From Nicole By OPI Fall 2012 Target Exclusive Collection

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

A month with no posts?! Worst. Blogger. Ever. I’m so sorry, everyone. The past month has been hectic! My husband and I had our first anniversary. He started a new job. I sat second-chair on a first degree murder trial and I wrote briefs like woah. So rest assured, my abandonment was not for frivolous reasons, although I did cheat on you guys and nail polish with Star Trek: The Next Generation… I just can’t stop watching. Curse you, Netflix, curse you.

I’m late to the party on this Nicole by OPI collection which was exclusive to Target and came out last fall. I only have two colors from the collection here, but you can see the whole thing on The PolishAholic. Both these colors are in the same family as OPI Warm & Fozzie and OPI Sprung from the Mariah Carey Collection.

Nicole By OPI - For Gold Times Sake

Nicole by OPI For Gold Times Sake is probably my favorite example of this finish so far. It’s very tough to describe – it has a gold tinted base color with irregularly sized, very reflective micro-glitter flecks in copper, gold, amethyst and blue. The color builds with each coat, this is 4 coats. The overall look is a dirty-tarnished antique gold. It’s hard to photograph partly because it’s so reflective that it acts almost like a mirror which darkens the color in the photo. My camera just doesn’t do it justice.

Nicole by OPI - For Gold Times Sake Side

I tried to take a shot from a different angle to see if I could capture the color without the reflection of me and my camera. You can see the specks of color more in this photo but it still does the polish no justice.

Nicole by OPI - Just Busta Mauve

Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve. While For Gold Times Sake was my favorite, the nail polish collecting community went ga-ga for Just Busta Mauve when it was released. It’s not really what I would call mauve. Which leads me to the conclusion that the word mauve is included in the name more as a play on the word “move” than it is an honest description of the shade. To my eye, the color is made up of various sizes of micro-glitter flecks in teal, fuchsia, and copper. The base color is tinted but I can’t discern the color, it’s best described as murky… I guess? Like FGTS, it’s buildable to opacity – this is 4 coats.

As I’ve said before, I really like the metallic glass fleck trend… but I’m really, really, really hoping to see more variation in the available colors soon. As for these polishes, although they were released last year they are still readily available. I can’t attest to brick and mortar availability but Target online has both  For Gold Times

What do you think about these micro-glitter metallics? Love it or leave it?


 Disclaimer: These polishes were sent for review by Target’s PR representative.