Rescue Beauty Lounge Emoting Me Collection 2013 Part 2

And now for the second set of colors from the Rescue Beauty Lounge Emoting Me Collection (Nearly two weeks later!! Sorry!!!)

Rescue Beauty Lounge Thank You

Rescue Beauty Lounge Thank You is a very light, muted nude toned pink with very subtle fuchsia shimmer. The shimmer creates a somewhat frosty effect. This color is very delicate with a hint of glimmer, perfect for conservative work places. The application, like some of the other colors in this collection was a bit on the thick side. This swatch is 3 coats.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Become One

Rescue Beauty Lounge Become One is a leafy yellow toned green creme. It is my absolute favorite color from this collection. This color fills me with feelings of happiness and nostalgia. It reminds me of childhood, of beautiful colorful leaves, of crayons, of Luigi! This photo is a little bit inaccurate, it’s a little more yellow-toned in real life. The application was good, very smooth but it did get thicker with each coat. It’s definitely a stainer though, so double-up on base-coat.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Pause

Rescue Beauty Lounge Pause is a very pigmented, vibrant mid-toned violet with subtle purple and blue shimmer. I feel like I can’t fully appreciate this color because of my purple-hatred. As far as application, like the others, it is also a bit thick. This is 3 coats.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Smile

Rescue Beauty Lounge Smile is a gorgeous, vivid mango pink with subtle fine gold shimmer. This one was not thick like the others and applied very well. This is 3 coats. I want to say I’m usually not moved by colors like this but who am I kidding? I’m such a sucker for these red/pink/coral/orange chameleons even though I hardly ever wear them.

 Bah. I’ve been going through an abnormally excessive amount of stress lately. So much so that I’ve been getting physically sick as a result. In an effort to take the edge off, I’ve taken up a few new hobbies. While I love nail polish collecting, it isn’t as relaxing as it used to be… probably because I still feel like I’m catching up. I’ve been trying out vegetable gardening for the first time, quite successfully might I add. *toot my own horn* I’m really enjoying it so far because it’s something that I get to do with DH and it’s just about the coolest thing ever to watch plants grow. Not to be a total cheese-ball but it’s pretty fulfilling. I’ve also taken up an old hobby, compulsively checking out and hoarding library books (obvi with good intentions of actually reading them) haha. I’m also trying to do my nails with more frequency. In the long, long ago when I had all the time in the world, I did my nails every day. Every. Day. Crazy, I know. Now I’m lucky if I get to do them more than twice a week. Although I do love my new unwinding techniques, nothing beats a shiny, glossy new mani in a great color.

Do you guys have any hobbies other than nail polish? How do you relax and unwind?


Disclaimer: This collection was sent to me for review by Rescue Beauty Lounge.


7 Responses to “Rescue Beauty Lounge Emoting Me Collection 2013 Part 2”

  1. Rach Says:

    Nice to see you back, but I’m sorry you’re so stressed out. :( I like these polishes and I actually purchased Smile and Pause, but after seeing them in person, I don’t know that I should have spent $20 on them. As for hobbies … I like to Netflix TV shows, read, knit, and I’m trying to teach myself how to cook. I’m also considering dusting off my guitar and learning how to play the six chords I know properly. :-P

  2. Michelle Says:

    Love the colors of the polish! Glad you find growing veggies relaxing, since I do not have a green thumb, gardening tends to stress me out. I de-stress by walking in nature with my 2 German Shepherds. They keep me grounded.

  3. christi Says:

    the colors are beautiful but I have to ask are they really worth $20? I never finish an $8 of OPI so I can’t justify the cost of RBL though I love the colors I see on your blog.

    For hobbies, I cook, run, workout, take photos, dabble in gardening, scrapbook, make cards, read a ton….

  4. Alicia Says:

    I’m sorry you’re stressed. But it’s awesome you’re starting other things too.
    For my hobbies, nails are a favorite :). I like to write, but sometimes it’s hard to. Reading books, or fanfiction. I reeeally like crafting. Right now I’m making paper beads and magazine bowls. My art teacher is awesome and as long as I wrote down what I do, he gives me extra credit for everything, including my nails. If all else fails, I sit and I watch endless hours of Glee, Doctor Who, Criminal Minds or Flashpoint.

  5. Anna Says:

    Love the swatches, thanks for sharing!

    Hobbies? I love reading mostly. Used to love cooking, but that one helped me gain some extra weight that won’t yet budge, so I’m kinda out of love with it now.
    Crochet is fun, but my arthritis doesn’t like it. (Love to crochet while I watch tv.)

    Wouldn’t life be great if you could really adore hobbies that were healthy and good for you? I know my doctor would be thrilled if I’d love exercise, but I just can’t work up any enthusiasm for it. At least we’re eating healthy. :)

  6. Neen Says:

    Hey love the colours, quick question does doubling up on base coat really help with staining? I two new awesome colours from nails inc a v dark purplish blue and a v dark turquoise both are right up there in my faves but when I take them off the stain my nails, cuticles and fingers around them, have u got any tips to help?
    Neen x

  7. Steph Says:

    Rach – I feel a lot better now! Gardening has been really helping, not to sound like a total cheese ball lol. I’m also a netflix addict but I think that was contributing a bit to me not feeling so well – I’m trying to cut that out. As for Pause and Smile, if I were plunking down the cold hard cash I probably would have skipped these two. I’m not a huge fan of purple. And Smile, while it is definitely a beautiful color, is essentially in the red family and, as a rule, I try not to spend big bucks on reds. But I’m guessing since you picked up these two that you don’t have the same issues with those two families of colors. Have you worn them yet though? That might make you change your mind about them. Smile is undeniably gorgeous on the nail and I think we have similar coloring.

    Michelle – I love walking in nature too!! Florida has some amazing trails and nature preserves! And I also love German Shepherds – both our dogs are teeny tiny, but Shepherds are the most loyal protective dogs ever. If we ever get a big dog, it will definitely be a sheppy.

    christi – I think it depends on the individual. I’ve dropped a lot of money over the years on RBL and other comparably priced high end brands like Lippmann, Chanel and Dior. Since I have to be careful about how I spend my money I tend to either buy the things that I think are unique or polishes from the color families that I love. So for example, if one of those more expensive brands releases a color that is truly unique, I will get it. Conversely, if they release a color in a family I love, think anything green or blue, I will get it even if it is not unique. I do think RBLs have very good wear, but that wouldn’t be a reason to spend the extra dollars – but it definitely is worth it if you love the color. From this collection, without question I would have purchased Become One and Turn it Around. And possibly also Forgiveness, if I really wanted to treat myself with a splurge. The others, I think I would have hounded loved ones to get them for me as gifts, haha. (Which is a wonderful way to accumulate high end polishes because it’s a great gift that isn’t too expensive in the grand scheme of great gifts – just do like I do and drop hints like whoa.

    Alicia – Your art teach sounds awesome! What’s Flashpoint? I’ve never heard of it (and I watch *a lot* of tv lol).

    Anna – : P I really wish I could love exercising too. Haha. What sorts of books do you like to read? I’ve been reading some great stuff lately and I’m always looking for recommendations.

    Neen – It does help a little but it won’t prevent it completely. Your best bet is to use a product called Bubble White available at Sally’s. When I remove a polish that has caused a lot of staining – it’s been miraculous. It also really helps to remove yellowing. I use it whenever I notice yellowing or color staining and my nails look great right now. I’m planning to post a review soon so keep an eye out.

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