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OPI Mariah Carey Spring 2013 Collection Swatches Part 1

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

I want to start off by apologizing for my disappearing act this month – My husband and I have been extra consumed by work and life lately so it has been really tough to find extra time for nail polish. So much so that I went nearly a week with completely naked nails!! I did, however, spend all day last Sunday swatching so I have a ton of polish to show you and regularly scheduled posting should resume this week barring any other major life distractions.

In this post, I have the first half of the OPI Mariah Carey Collection. Really, this collection of 8 polishes is actually two collections – 4 liquid sand polishes and 4 regular polishes. The 4 regular polishes seem thematically disjointed. One gammy-pink, one metallic glassy flecky, a pink hex & holo glitter, and one vampy plum -  these colors don’t really seem related to each other or like they belong together. Also, they don’t seem very Mariah Carey to me. Now, I say that with a grain of salt. While I don’t dislike Mariah Carey, I can’t say that I’m her fan. I mean, like everyone my age, I awkwardly slow danced to her music at middle school dance parties and I certainly have belted out “My All” in the shower once or twice. But, other than that, I don’t really know much about her as an artist nor her sense of style and aesthetic. I assume that my lack of knowledge about Mariah is also why the color names are totally over my head. What is Anti-Bleak? Like… not bleak? Sprung… As in sprung someone out of jail? Are these song titles? Am I just too old to get the pop-culture references here? In any case, the two stand out shades for me were Pink Yet Lavender and Anti-Bleak but overall this set was a little underwhelming. I have high hopes for the Liquid Sand shades though and those will be posted soon, I’m almost done with the swatches.

OPI Anti-Bleak

OPI Anti-Bleak, a gorgeous, luxurious vampy plum creme, is probably my favorite from this set. It’s very flattering to my skin-tone - I got a lot of compliments when I wore this one. The application was perfect at two coats, but this three. It’s almost a dead-on dupe for OPI Casino Royale. I went to visit my MIL recently, I was wearing Anti-Bleak and she was wearing Casino Royale. We both had to do a double take, we thought we might be wearing the same color! (My MIL & SILs love nail polish too, I swear it’s like I was meant to marry into their family. lol.) Upon closer inspection, AB is a smidge more purple toned than CR. CR has redder tones. I bought nearly the whole Skyfall collection so I do plan to post those soon!

OPI A Butterfly Moment

OPI A Butterfly Moment is a dusty muted grandma pink with copper shimmer. Not exactly frosty, but it does have a slight speckled effect that reminds me a little of OPI You’re A Doll. The shimmer is slightly iridescent but not noticeably. The application was chalky and took about three coats to even it out. I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I wore it as an NOTD since it was work appropriate but it never wowed me. It just wasn’t particularly flattering on its own.

OPI Pink Yet Lavender

OPI Pink Yet Lavender is a glitter top coat consisting of medium pink hex glitter and small silvery holographic glitter. This swatch is one coat of PYL over A Butterfly Moment and Anti-Bleak. I said before, ABM on its own was not very impressive but I LOVED it topped with PYL. I so wish I had blinged it out when I wore it. PYL and ABM were definitely meant for each other.

OPI Sprung

And, finally, OPI Sprung a fuchsia, coppery, gold glass flecky in a reddish copper base. Sprung is in the same vein as OPI Warm & Fozzie and Nicole by OPI Just Bust A Mauve (swatches of both coming soon). Application was good - this is three coats. I like the metallic glass fleck trend and I hope to see it expand into other colors like blue and green soon.

What do you think? Did you pick up any of these colors?


Disclaimer: This collection was provided for review by OPI’s PR.


Dog Shaming: How I Got a New Mani Lamp

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

My mani set up is pretty simple - a table and a lamp. I use a tiny recycled wooden portable table covered with a glass cutting board. I used to just use the wooden surface but nail polish, thinner, and acetone spilled overtime has caused a lot of damage. When I saw a glass cutting board at Target, I thought it would be the perfect solution to the table’s damaged, scratchy surface. The lamp was given to me by my Mom. It was a pretty expensive desk touch lamp that she bought for me at Costco. She meant for me to use it in college, for studying and such. When I started doing my nails, I took it off my desk and put it on my little table. It was great light-wise, using a bright four prong bulb. But it was heavy, clunky and difficult to maneuver.

So, there I was with my mani set up, sitting on the couch, in front of the television. And Roy, our beloved, very clumsy Welsh corgi, was sitting under the table. He needs constant pets and becomes very distressed when he isn’t being actively loved. Since I was doing my nails, I was not paying attention to Roy. He started whining, as if to say, “give me pets now please.” We’re still not quite sure what happened next, but in our attempt to reconstruct the events that followed we determined that Roy, noticing that I had been unmoved by his whines for affection, decided to take matters into his own hands. We think he was trying to get onto my lap. Roy jumped, hitting his head underneath the table, catapulting it, and everything on it, over. He immediately ran away in fear and hid under the bed.

Edited Roy and Lamp

I tried to take one of those dog shaming photos but the marker I used wasn’t dark enough lol.

Needless to say, the light bulb shattered into a million pieces. The day this happened, I was trying to get some swatching done and it made me really frustrated. I started stomping around the house angrily, complaining about Roy’s love-me-now tyranny. Both dogs and my husband felt my wrath. After I took an anger nap and was able to behave rationally again, I decided to go out and try to buy a new bulb. But the fall damaged the actual lamp as well and the new bulb we bought didn’t work. It was a comedy of errors because my husband, convinced that the lamp still worked, kept trying to jimmy the bulb until it, too, shattered all over. Finally, we gave up and went out again, this time to buy a new lamp.


I bought this lamp at Staples for $37.99. I’m pretty happy with it so far – it uses the same 4 prong bulb as the old lamp so I get the same amount of lighting. It’s very light and doesn’t take up much space so it’s great for my small mani table. It’s also easy to adjust and move unlike my old lamp. The new one has been knocked over by Roy a few times already, since it’s lighter than the old one, it falls without breaking. In the end, I guess it’s okay that Roy’s clumsy need for constant love resulted in the death of my old lamp because I ended up with a better one. (But I think I would have liked to have saved the $40 bucks.)

Do your pets ever interfere with your polishing? : P