Essie Yogaga Collection Fall 2012 Swatches

Back in September I reviewed Essie Yogaga and noted that there weren’t very many swatches of the Yogaga collection online. Sure, it’s not the most exciting Essie collection to date, but the lack of coverage still seemed odd. My theory is that a lot of bloggers passed on this collection because it didn’t seem Earth-shattering. Well, on the surface that is true – nothing here is likely blow your mind. Even so, this collection is like a sleeper cell - the seemingly run-of-the-mill colors are all surprisingly flattering and a few are definitely worth owning. (Yes, yes, I know a collection of all crèmes appeals to me, more so than to everyone else). In any case, here are the swatches albeit a bit late.

Essie Boxer Shorts is a light muted periwinkle creme. This photo isn’t accurate – in real life the shade is much less vibrant. These blue/purple shades are just impossible to photograph accurately. The application was good, this is 3 coats. I liked this color more than I expected to – it complimented my skintone nicely.

Essie Spinning Again is a dark brick red crème – also very flattering. The application was smooth like butter. This is 3 coats. I wore Spinning Again during the work week. I think most reds will fly at all but the most conservative offices but Spinning Again, being a red terracota-like shade, is particularly work safe.

Essie Pilates Hottie is a mushroomy lilac. If you’ve read through my archives, then you probably know that lilac is one of my white whales – I *love* lilacs but they all look HORRENDOUS on me. Pilates Hottie, which leans pink, did not look terrible… dare I say, it even looked good. The application however, left something to be desired. The formula was chalky which caused the polish to apply unevenly. I smoothed everything out with a thick slathering of Seche Vite. I’ve found that a self-leveling quick drying top coat like Seche will fix most polishes with problematic application.

Essie Marathin is medium dusky, grayed-out rose-pink. I believe this is what is often referred to as a “grandma” color - still though, it’s professional and flattering. While I get, and appreciate, the gym motif of this collection, but my inner-feminist is not a fan of the name. It would have been much cooler to name this classic shade Marathon instead of Marathin. The formula was a bit thick and it took 3 coats to even everything out.

Essie Gym Dandy is a grey-toned putty with a touch of brown and army green. From this set of colors, I was most excited about Gym Dandy, love it. This color is ”professional, but edgy” personified. It’s slightly darker on the nail than in the bottle. Applied well, would have been good at 2 coats but this is 3 coats.

And finally – this one you’ve already seen but to keep the collection together, I’m reposting the photo.

Essie Yogaga is definitely my favorite from this set. You can read my original post here. Last time I posted Yogaga, people wondered how it stacked up against OPI Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh and Chanel Frenzy. I still don’t have DYEAVG (Sorry! I’m working backwards so I’m still picking up La Collecion De Espana!) but Frenzy is slightly darker and much more pink toned – not dupish at all.

I’m behind the game since Essie’s Winter collection is already out – my friend recently wore Essie Beyond Cozy and it was ridiculously gorgeous. I hope to have swatches up soon.

So what’s the verdict? Love it, hate it? Is an all crème finish collection the kiss of death?


Disclaimer: This collection was sent for review by Essie’s PR representative.


8 Responses to “Essie Yogaga Collection Fall 2012 Swatches”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I have to admit I passed on all of these but your photos make me regret that. Yogaga is particularly lovely.

  2. Mara Says:

    I loved Boxer Shorts! I didn’t get but it looks really nice…. I would love to see how it compares to China Glaze Secret Periwinkle (which I have in my untried corner)

  3. Rach Says:

    I love cremes, so I didn’t think this collection was boring at all (if anything, it was the collection with Bikini So Teeny that bored me). I have Boxer Shorts, Pilates Hottie and Yogaga, but you just solidified my lemming for Gym Dandy!

  4. Angie Says:

    Your swatches are loooovvvvely! I have to admit to passing on this collection since I don’t need all the creme’s out there….that’s how I am with shimmer. If I have a creme that is similar, I usually pass on it, but a shimmer, and it’s all downhill from there!

  5. Jess Says:

    I agree about “Marathin”…that name really turns me off!

  6. Grace Says:

    I love creme polishes. I think this collection just came out of nowhere. We expect Spring, Resort, Wedding, Summer, Fall, and Holiday from Essie, and this past year or two they’ve come out with WAY more – the chrome collection, the one that came out around February with No More Film and Armed and Ready, the neons, the new Effects top coats, and now the “Rep-style” or whatever they’re calling the magnetic ones. I think people just weren’t expecting this one.

    I got Pilates Hottie and Boxer Shorts. I couldn’t find Yogaga or Gym Dandy anywhere, and I eventually decided I wasn’t meant to have them :) It’s not like I’m running short on taupes or greiges, and I felt like it might be a bit tough to justify the purchase, especially since Yogaga seems really close to Playa del Platinum, which I already have (plus back up).

  7. Anna Says:

    I love Spinning Again, I really do wish I’d picked up some more from this collection, but it does seem to have vanished from my area.

  8. Steph Says:

    Lisa – Muahaha my evil plan is complete! : P

    Mara – I have that somewhere in my collex – I want to say that from my recollection they are not similar.

    Rach – Wooo hooo for crèmes!

    Angie – I am exactly that way except with crèmes lol.

    Jess – Right? Marathons are fun and empowering – I would have gone with that instead.

    Grace – I have a huge lemming for Play Del Platinum. And I agree about the collections. I feel so overwhelmed sometimes.

    Anna – I think I’ve seen them at CVS but my local friends who saw this post have also had trouble locating these at brick and mortars.

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