Some More Belated Cult Nails Swatches

I meant to post these during all the Cultober festivities, but the last two weeks at work have been hellish. The upside is that I was so distracted by work that I managed to go nearly two full weeks without buying anything (woo hoo for small victories); the down side is that I neglected the blog big time. I also nervously picked at my nails the whole time such that they are now injured, little nubbins. The nubbins were also accompanied by peeling, oh the horrible peeling. My nails are in such bad shape, they have never been like this before. I can’t figure out whether the peeling is a result of my nervous picking (both from using my nails to pick and from the damage to the nail bed caused by peeling off nail polish) or whether it’s the new base coat I’ve been using, Nail Tek Foundation III. To combat these issues, I picked up some Biotin today. The next couple of weeks will be stressful too, but they shouldn’t be as bad as the last two. I’m making a conscious effort to stop picking. Hopefully, we’ll see some improvement too.

In any case, the polishes in this post were my biggest Cult lemmings. And, oh boy, they are every bit as amazing as I hoped they would be. All four polishes were worn as manis. I was very impressed with the quality, good consistency, perfect application and wear. The bottle style is standard and sturdy. I liked the brush style too. These retail for $10.00 on the Cult Nails website. All in all, I’m pretty impressed with this brand.

Cult Nails Awakening… LOVE IT. I first saw this color on twitter, instant lemming. Subsequently, I went into a panic when Maria tweeted that this color was being discontinued and that supplies were running low. I’m so glad I was able to get my hands on this before it was gone. (Hopefully, Maria will bring it back some day). Awakening is a very deep, dark muted teal that leans toward blue as opposed to green.  I would say this is a crelly, definitely more creme than jelly. This is 3 coats, excellent application. I wore this one to work. Not exactly work appropriate but I thought it was subtle enough that it wouldn’t offend anyone. The wear was outstanding: 5 days, no chips.

Cult Nails Vicious, another beauty, is a dark, red-leaning plum creme. The color is very well pigmented, great formula and application. Perfectly opaque at two coats. I used Vicious as the base for an evolving mani that I will post soon.

Cult Nails I Got Distracted is fine holographic glitter and small green hexagonal glitter suspended in a blackened green base. This was another twitter-initiated lemming and it’s pretty amazing. Totally not work appropriate but I wore it to work anyway because I’m a sneaky-sneak. My husband said it was okay because even though it’s blingtastic-like-whoa, the darkness of the base makes it as subtle as something this blingy can be. This mani was 3 coats, but it was good at 2. IGD is a top coat eater for sure, I used 3 coats of Gelous and 1 coat of Seche Vite.

Cult Nails Living Water is blue and green micro glitter suspended in a dark blue jelly base. I love colors like this, dark and sparkly without being ‘in your face.’ It dries a bit matte so I used a coat of Gelous under Wicked Fast. People are constantly raving about Wicked Fast – the jury is still out for me but my initial impressions were good. It was ultra glossy and it dried very quickly to the touch.

Here’s a side shot to exhibit the gorgeous glitter. Finally, like the others, the application and wear was awesome.

I’m really looking forward to picking up some polishes by Cult. Do you have any Cult favorites that I need to own?


Disclaimer: These were sent for review by Cult Nails.


9 Responses to “Some More Belated Cult Nails Swatches”

  1. MFS Says:

    I too have a problem with nervous picking and peeling! Besides the biotin, can you please share what you do to help these problems? For me, excesively over moisturizing helps with the picking. Problem is as soon as I think my nands are perfectly moisturized and I stop doing it as regularly, I will then end up picking subconsciously. What base coat do you recommend that is best for peeling but also staying power?

  2. Jess Says:

    I’m sooo sad that I missed out on Awakening; it sold out before I had the chance to buy! It’s so gorgeous! Another good dark Cult Nails colour is Time Traveller. My Kind of Cool Aid and Tulum are both really pretty neutrals, although Tulum might be gone now.

    I switched from CND Stickey to Nail Tek Foundation II because of peeling (Canadian winters are crazy harsh on nails!) and it’s worked well for me. I know everyone talks about Wicked Fast but I’ve also had pretty good results with the base coat, Get It On!:) I also try to keep my free edge smooth using a fine grit file and buffer.

  3. Michelle S Says:

    I’m a picker to (nervous pickers unite!) and subsequently have thin nails, worse than they are to begin with! I’m using Dr Lewins treatment at the moment but I don’t know if its doing much for my $22 (on special too).
    My favorite from Cult is Manipulative. You may even be able to wear it to work?! Cult polishes are my favorite indie for sure!

  4. Club Nail Polish Says:

    Have to recommend more base coat options for our Club Nail Polish members. Especially the nervous pickers. Sounds common.

  5. Gabrielle Says:

    I had the same peeling problem when I started using Foundation III. My nails were more stiff and brittle than anything so I thought that would be a better choice than II. After a few weeks using III, basically every nail was peeling at the tip! I switched to II now and things are much better. I love it as a treatment, but my polish tends to starts peeling off in sheets (with me helping it along..) after about a day. The polish sheet thing also happened to me with CND Stickey.

    Cult Living Water is so gorgeous even in low lighting. I’m such a magpie!

  6. Deborah Says:

    Love all of these on you!

  7. Susan Says:

    I love all of these colors on you too! I’d want Vicious the most for myself.

    I’m a mostly-ex-nervous picker too. It used to be really bad, I mostly overcame it, but still do it in times of extreme stress. I try to keep busy with something in my hands all the time — typing, knitting or cross stitching when I watch TV, etc.

    Do you think your polish remover might be affecting your nails? Mine are much stronger since I started using Zoya’s Remove+ instead of cheap drugstore brand remover. Good luck!

  8. 10th Story Nails Says:

    Nail Tek really did a bad number on me when I was sporting natural nails. Tons of peeling and breaks! Switch to Nailtiques! So much better.

  9. Steph Says:

    MFS – Well, to be honest, I’ve always had a little bit of peeling but never like this. For just natural peeling, I really think the best thing is moisturizer. When I’m diligent about moisturizing, I’ve noticed I get fewer peelies. But these are like apocalyptic peelies, nothing has helped.

    Jess – Oooooh… *adds to list* I might have to try NTFII but I’m starting to think my nails just weren’t meant for treatments.

    Michelle – Bah, well let me know how that’s working for you. And I’ll definitely check out Manipulative.

    Gabrielle – Sigh. I just need to get a different base coat. I just have no idea what to try next. Damn Sally Hansen discontinuing my HG.

    Deborah – Thank you! : )

    Susan – No, I used Remove+ and it’s very gentle. I stopped picking for about a week now and I’m still getting out of control peeling so I do think it’s Nail Tek.

    10th – Ugh. To be honest, I’ve always had a pretty strict anti-strengthener policy. This is the first time I’ve used one consistently because it was supposed to be great for yellowing but still has good wear. I think I just need to find a normal base coat that helps with both those things.

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