Drum Roll Please… The Winner of the Cult Giveaway is….

Well, $&%#. When I set out to pick the winner for the Cult Nails Internet Meme Giveaway, I expected to pick about 4 honorable mentions, and 1 winner. But I, honestly, chuckled at all of entries, and about ten or so either spoke to my soul or made me seriously laugh out loud. Consequently, I ended up with a million honorable mentions and a complete dilemma as to the winner. This was really tough, it was down to three favorite memes. I really wish I had multiple prizes to give away. Read on to see who won!

Before I get drawn and quartered by Lynnderella fans, let me just say: I wasn’t around from the dramz and I am totally not passing judgment on the polishes, etc. There are even a few I might pick up eventually. Still though, this seriously made me crack up. Thanks to Anna for the entry.

BAHAHAHAHA. This is the story of my life. Seriously. I think I chose so many of these nail polish = poverty memes, because they hit so close to home. I can’t help but to laugh/cry at them. Both of these were entered by Amy.

 Along the same lines, and still so true. I’m sure I’ll really love all my decades-old nail polish while I’m  mooching off my children during retirement. Entered by Jess!

*tears!!* I missed out on the 2,000 recent Butter London sales (see meme # 2) but this one made me laugh because I know a ton of people had this problem. Entered by Mollie!

Aaaa hahahaha : D I wasn’t around when this happened and, boy, am I glad… because I would have been hella-angry/rampage-y. You can read about the whole fiasco on Mara’s blog. Thanks to Hannah for the entry!

This is likely the #1 nail polish related sin!! It’s a crime against humanity and causes facepalms left and right. Don’t it! Entered by Jessi.

Okay and now we get down to the nitty-gritty. The next set of entries were the ones that gave me a really hard time. All of these were absolutely hilarious, you ALL deserve a prize.

This first entry was also by Jessi, oh how she slayed me:

This happens me to me every. single. time. I do my nails, without fail. How sad am I? haha. Loved this meme.


*dies laughing* I swear this happens to me constantly. I blow all my money at the beginning of the month, declare a no-buy, then inevitably a sale will happen at the end of the month. Which then causes me to a.) incur debt and my husband’s ire, or b.) pump my fists into the sky, asking why, oh why. This meme was entered by fellow blogger The Polish Well.

And, finally, the winner is:

*cries* Both of these were entered by Krystan - these were my two favorites but all her entries were awesome. Hey Girl, quit your day job because you are a comedic genius. I picked this set to win, not only because I love me some Ryan Gosling but also because I secretly wish my husband would say this sort of stuff (instead of, “hey, um, there’s nail polish covering every surface in the livingroom – can we, maybe, put some of it away?”)

Yeay! I hope you all had as much fun as I did – and I’m glad that the internet is now flooded with hilarious nail polish memes. *evil laugh – my plan is now complete* And a final special thanks to Maria and Cult Nails for this awesome giveaway!


And a brief blog-status update: I feel a lot better and I’m almost caught up at work. I spent all day yesterday swatching and I have a ton of awesome polishes to post coming up. It took me all night to get this post done so I haven’t had a chance to respond to emails or comments, but I will tomorrow! Thanks for your patience. : )


17 Responses to “Drum Roll Please… The Winner of the Cult Giveaway is….”

  1. Duffi Says:

    these are soooo funny! A great chuckle at the end of a so-so day. {{{hugs}}} just because….

  2. Angie Says:

    My favorite has to be the “I want to pain my nails, but I just painted my nails” one. Story. of. my. life! People don’t believe me when I say I enjoy the process of polishing my nails!

  3. Hannah S Says:

    Hahaha they are all so funny! Thanks for the great contest!

  4. Anna Says:

    hahahahahah OMG these are absolute gems! Thanks for the honorable mention <3

  5. Alisha Says:

    I loved these!! Agreed that Ryan Gosling takes the win. My heart melted. “Hey girl, how about I give you a pedi and organize these polish piles all around the house.” I didn’t realize it was a fantasy until now!

  6. Mara Says:

    This was the best contest ever! I laughed so much and even my husband when he saw “I want to paint my nails” one haha
    And very big thanks for the mention! Can you believe that post has no pictures and is my most visited post ever?? How sad haha i think i have to swatch some of the dupes and post them in honor of this meme!!

  7. Elizabeth Says:

    I just laughed so hard–these are awesome! Congrats, Krystan!

  8. Emi at Project Swatch Says:

    These are all amazing! I love them so much :)

  9. Aly MaiSenzaSmalto Says:

    OMG I understand you having such a hard time picking winners!! The povery memes are funny but sadly true (I tried to fix a monthly budget at the beginning of this year but after a couple of months I realize I couldn’t manage to respect it). And LOL to the remover one, too!!

  10. Cindi Says:

    These are too funny! And sadly, so me. What polish addiction?

  11. Charlotte Says:

    Ha! These all made me actually laugh out loud. The things we nail polish lovers do…
    Congrats to the winner! And thanks for the laughs (:

  12. Kristal Says:

    These are all so fantastic! Makes a blah morning better to look through them. :) It was so much fun to try to make a meme, and then to see what everyone else was doing created some really bright spots in my days! Congrats Krystan!

  13. Deborah Says:

    Such fun entries! And congrats to the winner :).

  14. Julie Vernie Says:

    Hilarious!! Congrats!!!

  15. Ulmiel Says:

    Brilliant! I really laughed, fantastic job, girls! :D

  16. Steph Says:

    Duffi – <3 *hugs back*

    Angie – Bahaha. Ditto.

    Hannah – : ) I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    Anna – : )!

    Alisha – LOL!!! If only! Right?

    Mara – Dooo eeet! Please link me if you ever do!

    Elizabeth – : D

    Emi – Woo hoo!

    Aly – The poverty situation is really bad for me too, but I’ve been better lately. Thank goodness.

    Cindi – HAHAHA

    Charlotte – Me too! That’s basically how I chose the winners – anything that made me burst out laughing made the cut then I went from there.

    Kristal – That’s so great – I’m really happy that these brightened your day a bit.

    Deborah – : )

    Julie – <3

    Ulmiel – : D

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