Some Swatches from Sephora by OPI Indian Summer 2012

This is another strange collection like the Essie Yogaga collection. There’s been some coverage online, but most sites (like mine) only have a few colors from the collection. And it seems that at least some of the colors belonging to this collection are possibly re-promotes from another collection, Bohemian Brights. As far as I can tell from the Sephora website, there are six shades in this collection – four are shown here – the other two are What Aura You Gonna Where and It’s Totally Karma. Some sites are treating other shades as belonging to this collection too, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ll try to get some clarification on this.

These photos are all swatches and not NOTDs – I try my best to wear the colors I review but none of these are even mildly work apropos, not even a little. And since I can really only wear one ridic color per week during the weekend, I haven’t had a chance to wear these yet. There were some potential dupes in my stash for two of these colors – I will post comparisons soon but for now I’ve included links to other fab blogs for your viewing pleasure.

Sephora by OPI Paisley Attention to Me! is a bright, vibrant tangerine creamy crelly. It’s way brighter on the nail than in the bottle, shockingly so. This swatch is 3 coats. It applied well but the consistency was a bit strange, almost water-like. I didn’t quite get the name so I googled “paisley,” apparently it’s originally a Persian fabric pattern, made popular along with some Indian fabric patterns during the 1800s by the East Indian Trading Company. *shrugs* Learn something new every day? If I can get my hands of Cirque Neko (sadly sold out), Cirque Debris, or some other awesome black glitter, I might attempt a Halloween jelly sandwich with this one. As far as dupes, it’s tough to tell from bottle shade alone because of PATM’s crelly texture. Bottle-wise China Glaze Style Wars looks very similar but maybe a smidgen deeper. The other similar color in my stash is an older pre-2009 OPI that… HAS NO LABEL – OOOOH HOHOHOTHE HORROR!!!!!

I took it to the nail board, sadly we weren’t able to come to a consensus. I believe it’s OPI Atomic Orange. It’s definitely not Tangerine Scene or Osaka to me Orange – I have those and they both still have labels. : ( In any case, I’ll post comparison swatches soon (which will be totally not helpful to anyone since I have no idea what color this is, haha).

Sephora by OPI I’m So Sari is really complex. The base color is turquoise, the shimmer is very dense glass fleck, and the whole thing is topped off with small hexagonal holographic glitter. The glass fleck shimmer gives it a textured and somewhat foiled finish. It’s not a jelly, but the consistency is sheer-ish during application. Even so, application was issue-free. This polish was fine at 3 coats, but I was going for glitter-bomb-ultra-bling so the swatch is 4 coats. This polish eats top coat – this is two coats of Gelous and one coat of Seche. Overall, this one is pretty unique, the concept seems similar to Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream. Clearly, not dupes in anyway but maybe a suitable lemming place-holder.

Sephora by OPI Henna-Thing is Possible is a deep fuchsia with purple flash microshimmer that gives it a somewhat frosty finish that Sephora calls “metallic.” The application was excellent. This shade looks so familiar to me but I couldn’t find anything exactly like it in my stash. Even so, I feel like I’ve seen it before. In terms of base shade, the closest polishes in my stash were Zoya Tama, Zoya Anaka, and the coveted China Glaze It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere. Obviously IFOS has that bluish glow and glass fleckies that make it so special – but the base shade is pretty close.

Annnnd my favorite one from this collection, Sephora by OPI Seriously, It’s a Naan-Issue, a deep, gorgeous, dark purple. This is as dark as purple can get and still be purple. This was great at 2 coats, but I did 3 per usu. I’m pretty impressed with this color – I had no dupes for it. It was a shade between Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas and China Glaze VIII. When I say I’m mostly indifferent to purple, I mean purple shimmers… purple creme, however, gets me every time. Love it.

I do apologize for not having the whole collection to show you. I’ll probably skip buying What Are You Gonna Wear, but the lime-y-ness of It’s Totally Karma is calling my name. What do you think? Pick it up or leave it be?

Sooo… any idea what my mystery old OPI might be?


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by Sephora’s PR.


11 Responses to “Some Swatches from Sephora by OPI Indian Summer 2012”

  1. Sandi Says:

    I hear Cat Stevens ‘So Very Young’ playing in the background and I feel OLD, lol. Paisley was a very popular ‘hippie’ thing in the 60′s days of psychedelic stuff. It came before tie dye and has recently been popping up here and there making a comeback.

  2. Pam Says:

    OMG, I totally need I’m So Sari! I’m a teal-a-holic! :). Beautiful swatches!

  3. Chaosophia Says:

    The purple Naan-issue looks perfect. So glossy!

  4. Crystal Says:

    the mystery orange could be atomic orange or on the same paige,but I put my money on atomic orange. On the same paige is more red.

  5. Rie Says:

    Oh wow, Paisley Attention to Me! is my kind of color!

  6. beachgal Says:

    Atomic Orange is probably what it is. The finish is what probably is the teller and one needs to have bottle in hands to see that. It looks like it’s a crelly which made me think of the TX collection and Y’all Come Back, Ya Hear? – But I think the latter one is not as bright as this one is and you would know it from the sorbet finish if it was that one…Color wise, it’s about the same as spring 2012 with Holland collection of Roll In the Hague – which on the hand looks super bright but not as bright in the bottle as this one mystery one is photographing – plus you were sure it’s pre 2009. I have 2 black label vintage OPIs that don’t have labels anymore and they both are driving me nuts. One I wore a ton and used it on so any mom’s of the bride I should know what it is. It’s around the vintage of all those Island shades but none of the ones I have looked up match it. The other is a traditional med pink cream with that old amazing cream formula that was so great. I pulled out my Atomic Orange and it sure looks close to your photo.

  7. Rach Says:

    I wonder if that orange is Brights Power, which is one of my favorite oranges and is REALLY close to Atomic Orange in the bottle!

  8. Ana Says:

    I’m so Sari is beautiful, but I wanted to comment on your Lacquer Lexicon first and foremost.

    It’s brilliant!

    Binge, No-Buy, The Nail Board Eye, Stash “usually hidden from loved ones”…
    La la la la la, I can’t hear the truth over how overgrown my stash is :D !

  9. Rebecca Russell Says:

    I am absolutely loving that purple! I’ve been so broke lately that I haven’t even allowed myself to go into Sephora; too depressing. But these colors are really pretty.

  10. Steph Says:

    Sandi – Don’t feel old!! I knew what Paisley was – I just didn’t know how it related to India! : )

    Pam – lol! I figured people would go nuts for that one, that’s why I posted it even though it’s not my usual beat.

    Chaos – It is!! (But, full disclosure, lol that glossiness is probably from Seche.)

    Rach – It might be Orange Brights – to be honest this is bugging me so much I might just buy all the possible candidates to just make a final determination.

    Ana – LOL I’m so glad someone has actually read that!! : )

    Rebecca – Ugh, I totally feel you. I’m not on a low buy right now but those are the worst.

    Crystal – Definitely not Paige because that came out in 2009 but after I stopped blogging – I think def AO.

    Rie – It’s GORG!!! You would love it!

    BG – Do you have pics of them? About 1/3 of my collection is black label – I might be able to help you ID it.

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