Reminder – Zoya Haiku Giveaway Deadline, Today at Midnight!

Sorry for the lack of posting last week! I was pretty sick and had to take some time off of work. I pretty much slept for 72 hours straight. I feel a lot better now, so posting will resume as soon as I get caught up at work. (I have a huge deadline on Tuesday, so I probably won’t be able to post until Wednesday at the earliest). I have a ton of swatches backed up just waiting to be posted – I just wanted to reassure everyone that I’m not disappearing again! : D I will also be responding to all your comments – I promise!

We’ve gotten some really great entries for the Zoya Haiku Giveaway – I want to remind everyone that today is the last day of the contest. If you plan to enter, have your Haiku’s in before Midnight! : )


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