Zoya Designer NYFW 2012 Collection Toni and Natty Haiku Giveaway

Yeay!! The very first giveaway of the relaunch!

The winner of this contest will win two polishes from the Zoya Designer NYFW 2012 Collection, Toni and Natty. I do plan on having swatches of this collection up sometime before the end of the contest.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to write a haiku about Zoya nail polish. It can be anything Zoya related. For example, a favorite Zoya color, product, collection, something you wish they would release or do – if you’ve never tried Zoya it can even be about wanting to try their brand. Anything goes, so long as it’s Zoya related and it meets the definition of a haiku. Here’s a nifty wikipedia article detailing the ins and outs Haiku writing.

To enter, please post your haiku in the comments section of this post along with an email address where I can reach you in case you win.

There’s no limit to the number of haikus that you can submit, so you are permitted to enter more than once. I just ask that you enter one haiku per comment. All entries must be in by Midnight on Sunday, September 16, 2012.

My favorite haiku wins! Keep in mind, I love everything clever, funny or creative. (If by some off-chance someone can craft a deep, meaningful haiku – that will probably win, hahahaha.)

This contest is a little silly, I know – but I hope we can have fun doing it! : ) I look forward to reading your entries!

Thanks to the Verve 360 hair salons in Pittsburgh for providing the prize!

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to mention that this contest is only for the contiguous US. I’m so sorry to everyone in Alaska, Hawaii, and overseas. I’ll make it up to you all somehow.


52 Responses to “Zoya Designer NYFW 2012 Collection Toni and Natty Haiku Giveaway”

  1. laura Says:

    behold a Zoya,
    most beautiful lacquer
    to paint on thine tips

    hanson414 at gmail dot com

  2. laura Says:

    this is a hilarious contest! since i am couch-bound feeding mah bebeh i figured i’d play lol

  3. aaminahs mom Says:

    Zoya ~A devine lacquer, For women who like to enchant her nails

  4. Rach Says:

    My name is Rachel.
    It’s NOT Richelle or Racquel.
    Where’s my damn polish?!

  5. eRiN Says:

    Zoya Erin, my
    Nail polish namesake, so pale
    And, for me, too dull!

  6. Michelle Says:

    Slowly the drop falls
    The brush spreading the color.
    Tao glides, glistens grey.

  7. Stacy Says:

    Zoya rules my world.
    Especially the “Stacy”
    Get it? Its my name!


  8. Ali Says:

    Shimmering Ivanka,
    bright beautiful green,
    my favorite!

  9. Charlotte Says:

    Haikus are hard, but
    Painting Zoya on my nails
    Is not hard at all.

    Super fun idea for a giveaway, btw (:

  10. PJ Says:

    Zoya announcement
    The anticipation builds
    A new Collection!

  11. Sonya Says:

    Cremes, shimmers, glitters,
    The selection is endless.
    Zoya makes the best.

  12. Fitzy Says:

    Bottles all lined up
    A rainbow of ladies’ names
    This is our Zoya

  13. Dream Mom Says:

    Zoya perfection,
    Like fire on glistening sand,
    Make Isla my fav.

  14. Fitzy Says:

    Many Zoya names
    All of them so feminine
    Why not “male” polish?


    (for the record, I prefer Zoya names the way they are)

  15. Dream Mom Says:

    Threw diamonds in grass,
    To make my lawn sparkle bright,
    And I got “Irene”.

  16. Fitzy Says:

    Toni was her name
    Transgender was the journey
    He left her behind

    In case this is confusing, it’s about the idea of changing gender and recreating identity… Having to leave one’s “old self” behind and such. And of course it’s supposed to reference Zoya’s female names, specifically “Toni,” because that name has a certain significance for me.

    I’m having fun with this! Great contest. :)

  17. Dream Mom Says:

    Move over ladies!
    The new girls are in New York:
    Toni and Natty.

  18. Dream Mom Says:

    Ten perfect ovals.
    I wish there were a nail God.
    Her name is Zoya.

  19. Fitzy Says:

    Who cares if Zoya
    By any other name, would
    Smell sweet? It’s polish!

  20. Dream Mom Says:

    Zoya, my lover,
    I want you forever. Signed,
    The Polish Addict.

  21. Dani Says:

    I suck at haikus
    But I love Zoya so much

  22. mon Says:

    Zoya Monica
    Why so creamy and purple?
    Opposite of me :(

  23. mon Says:

    Oh, Zoya Krystal
    Blue, bright, and shimmery, my
    I bought a backup

  24. Dionne Says:

    My dear sweet Zoya
    Oh how you make me cheat on
    OPI. For schwag.

  25. Kim Says:

    Manicure mayhem
    A chip disgraces a nail
    Zoya saves the day

  26. Berkley Girl Says:

    Mystery within
    Rare Fei Fei’s journey begins
    Blue envelopes me

  27. Kristen Says:

    A weekend of fun
    Started with words on a box:
    From Art of Beauty

    (great contest idea!)

  28. April Elliott Gevedon Says:

    Toni and Natty too..
    why must you elude me
    just through a haiku?!

  29. Amy S Says:

    so many weird names
    is it too much to ask for
    polish named Amy?

  30. Reesagirl Says:

    Smooth velvety hues
    Beauty awakens my eyes
    Zoya I love

  31. Nicole Says:

    Zoya, red and blue.
    Never have I used thee once
    Brand virginity.

  32. Maria Says:

    Zoya oh Zoya
    So many to choose, I can’t.
    So, Toni, Natty?

  33. Katy M Says:

    Lacquers that glisten
    In bottles so far away
    I hope I win these.

  34. Katy M Says:

    Fashion week is gone.
    I’m not sure I’ll be okay-
    I loved all the nails.

  35. Katy M Says:

    Toni is “oxblood”
    And Natty is a “slate blue”;
    Two fashion colors.

  36. Jess Says:

    “Zoya” the colors
    They fill me with dreams of;
    Nails and swatches, YES!

  37. moi Says:

    How do I love you?
    Zoya, let’s color the ways
    with Toni, Natty.

  38. Jess Says:

    My 2nd line was supposed to say,” Can they fill you with dreams of”

  39. Jess Says:

    Zoya you’re

  40. Jess Says:

    To paraphrase here:
    Toni, Natty, Minka too
    Zoya, I love you.

  41. livelovelaquer Says:

    Zoya, color fiend
    You can practically taste
    Rainbow perfection

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    [...] gotten some really great entries for the Zoya Haiku Giveaway – I want to remind everyone that today is the last day of the contest. If you plan to enter, [...]

  43. Robin Says:

    Dark, vampy color
    The perfect fall complement
    Which Zoya to use?

  44. Robin Says:

    Soft, muted shimmer
    A taupe for all occasions
    Seasonless Pasha.

  45. Bubblewrapper Says:

    I wish we were allowed to vote for our favorites because the entry where the last line is “refrigerator” is hysterical.

    One hour chips galore.
    Body chemistry clashes.
    Me? Zoya envy.

  46. Steph Says:

    You guys can tell me which ones you love! I laughed at that one too!

  47. Michelle Says:

    The Refrigerator one reminds me of this tshirt :-) http://www.threadless.com/product/623/Haikus_Are_Easy_But_Sometimes

  48. Adria Says:

    Zoya is nice but
    hates easy quick dry top coats
    Shrinkage no bueno

    Hope this one’s in time! ^_^

  49. Sandi Says:

    Zoya ‘metallics’
    Sweet torture free removal
    Glitter I can love.

  50. Sandi Says:

    Forgot to submit two hours ago. What a dingbat.

  51. Jennifer Says:

    Zoya lover oh;
    pumpkin please release

  52. Jess Says:

    Who won? Refrigerator haiku???

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