Zoya Smoke Collection Fall 2011: Like Old Times

This is my first collection review as of the relaunch! I chose to begin with the Zoya Smoke collection for three reasons: first, this collection pretty much encompasses everything I love about nail polish – very rich, creme, smokey, unique, moody colors presented together thematically. Second, I consider many of the colors in this collection to be consistent with the new theme: work appropriate with an edge. Finally, if you follow Zoya on  Facebook or Twitter (and if you don’t you really, really should) you know that their Account Holder Buy One Get One Free Sale ends tomorrow one minute before midnight, so I figured this post would be timely for anyone still on the fence about making an order.

This collection might be old news for some, but when I decided to start blogging again this collection really popped out to me after scouring Scrangie’s blog for new lemmings. It was released in Fall of 2011 as one half of the Smoke and Mirrors Collection (I’ll be swatching Mirrors soon). I really love the theme here – the concept of smoke, which evokes images of smoldering color and sultriness, was really well executed. Zoya has seriously stepped up their game while I’ve been away, so hats off to them. Part of the reason, it took all week to get these swatches together for this post is that I wore three of the six colors in this collection as NOTDs. The whole collection is worth owning for anyone into moody cremes.

Zoya Petra was my first NOTD from this collection – I LOVED IT. It’s a dark smokey purple creme. The color in the bottle looks more murky and mushroom-y than the color appears once it’s on the nail – which is significantly darker. This mani was 3 coats. Application was average, not the best but not the worst. On the work-apropos scale – I would say this shade is appropriate for all except the most conservative environments. It’s purple, but it’s not “in your face” – it’s very chic and demure. I know colors like this have been very popular in my absence and since my collection is still frozen in time, I didn’t really have anything comparable in my stash – the closest thing was Sephora by OPI Metro Chic but Petra is much more purple.

Zoya Jana, in the same vein as Petra, is a dusty, moody purple tinged putty taupe creme – this color is chic personified. It even elicited compliments from my husband who very rarely comments on polish. Like Petra, Jana was worn as a NOTD. I got really excellent wear out of it – I think it was over 5 days with no chips using Sally Hansen Nail Quencher as a base-cost and Seche Vite as a top-coat.  Also, like Petra, this one dries significantly darker on the nail than it looks in the bottle. Application was great, almost full coverage with one coat. However, the very pigmented formula was not forgiving of nail surface imperfections with less than 3 coats. On the work-apropos scale – in my opinion this one is safe anywhere. The closest color in my collection was Sephora by OPI Call Your Mother, but CYM is much more purple and less muted.

Zoya Anja, another NOTD, is a deep burgundy creme. Vampy goodness all around – I never, ever get tired of vampies. I didn’t spot any exact dupes in my vampy drawer but I don’t own Rescue Beauty Lounge Drifter which Temptalia believes is a very close dupe. This is 2 coats, perfect application. I filed my nails really short, partly to wear this color. I do believe it’s work appropriate on short nails. I’m certainly not telling anyone how to wear their nails, but short is my personal nail length preference for vampies and almost blacks. I often see women around the courthouse wearing darker shades, but always on short nails - accordingly, I believe that’s the social convention for professionals. So, for the time being, I’m labeling this one conditionally work-apropos.

Holy $&$($&^@&*##@#(#&. Zoya Codie – the best way I can describe this is green toned liquid smoke with a creme finish. Definitely in line with the collection theme, smoke. It’s an almost black, but it’s beautiful. Like Petra and Jana, it’s darker on the nail than in the bottle. I wasn’t brave enough to wear this one to work. Sadly, this beauty is probably not work safe for any environment that is even remotely conservative. I’m definitely planning to whip it out on a weekend, when the swatching schedule permits. This swatch is three coats. The formula was a little watery so you have to be careful of pooling during application. Codie is my favorite from this collection.

Zoya Cynthia, my second favorite from this collection, is a smokey teal toned dark navy, almost black. It’s very difficult to see (and my camera totally failed to capture it), but this color has a beautiful ultra fine shimmer that is effectively invisible but gives the polish depth. (It’s shimmer for shimmer-haters like me. Haha.) This swatch is 3 coats, the first coat was very watery. Again, probably not the best choice for most office environments.

And, finally, Zoya Dree, a muted, dusty drab olive green creme. Coverage would have been good at 2 coats, but this swatch is 3 coats. Application on this one was perfect. Like the others in this collection, this one also dried slightly darker on the nail. The first obvious possible dupe would be Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War – but it doesn’t seem close. NMW seems much darker, although it’s tough to judge based on bottle shade alone since Dree appears slightly darker on the nail. I will post comparison pics soon. This one, again, is probably not office appropriate.

In case anyone is looking for more Zoya swatches for the BOGO Sale – check out my Zoya Category for your lemming creation needs. : D Are you planning to get, or have you gotten, anything from the sale? I know some girls hauled big time!

In other news, should you stumble upon the nail art article in the September issue of Allure and you might recognize nails belonging to a certain someone. :  ) You can see the post that that photo came from here: Cover Girl Crackle Lacquer.


Disclosure: This collection was provided for review by Zoya.


13 Responses to “Zoya Smoke Collection Fall 2011: Like Old Times”

  1. Gotham Polish Says:

    Even though it’s an “old” collection, I love seeing them again and again! It’s a nice break from seeing post after post around the blogging world of the same current colors ;)

  2. Cathy Says:

    I really like Jana from this collection. I too like seeing the older collections. We never get the latest releases of colours here in Australia anyway, we are at least a season behind, plus it usually means you can get the older polishes a bit cheaper out here. Beautiful swatches as always. Thank you.

  3. Michelle Says:

    I should have gotten dree! I ended up getting oc cooler, Venus, Rica, Lulu, fei fei and Tao.

  4. SchaChia "Chia" Murphy Says:

    Beautiful swatches!! Like old times, and yes I did use your Zoya category when choosing some Zoyas to purchase, as I always do, you have one of the most comprehensive older Zoyas swatch compilations around. I got Maya, Malia, Rihana, Jo, Yummy, Monica ( to go with my picks from the fall- I forgot to order it :) ), and one that is escaping me at the moment- I’ve been studying so my brain is mush- will have to get more of this collection my next haul though, tee hee :)

  5. Chaosophia Says:

    This is one awesome collection! I grabbed four out of them, and this is the first time I can actually see anything that even resembles of being green in Codie. My bottle looks brown, and it comes out this rich and lovely brown on my nails too. Almost black.

    It’s so sad that Zoya does not ship internationally with that BOGO thing!

  6. beachgal Says:

    I have some all time favs from this collection. I like to see shots of polishes that are not this seasons. Makes me know others also like to shop their own collection. But with Zoya all these are still available for purchase. I like some of these way more than the Zoya fall 2012′s. Petra is one of my top all time fav vampy purples that does not look black on me. Jana is really good for me too. Code – not so much. Turned too black looking on me with something from the red/green in it that made my skin look like I was sick.

  7. ashley Says:

    loved this collection. i have codie and maybe a few others. i can’t wait for the new fall stuff to arrive cause i ordered from the zoya back to school bogo. LOVE your blog, it is amazing!

  8. Steph Says:

    GP – : ) I’m glad – I hope to stay relevant so I do plan to review current collections but I have a ton of older stuff I want to put up too.

    Cathy – Thank you!

    Michelle – Dree’s pretty great! But the ones you got are good choices too!

    Chia – YEAY!! : ) I’m so glad my swatches were useful to you.

    Chaosophia – You know, it does look a bit brown, definitely almost black.

    beachgal – Ah yea, Codie might be more flattering to girls with warmer skintones. But I def agree that this is an excellent collections. All the colors are really great.

    ashley – Thank you! : )

  9. Fitzy Says:

    Wow. Codie is just amazing! I can’t get over that smokey green…

  10. Susana B. Says:

    I love your swatches! I have Petra and Jana from this collection, and they’re lovely. Oh, and Jana is a very close dupe to China Glaze Below Deck (Jana is a bit more brown and BD more purple).

  11. Deborah Says:

    I am so glad to see you posting again <333 love your swatches, will be on the look out for these!

  12. Steph Says:

    Fitzy – It’s GORG!! I would really love a color like it that was slightly less almost black.

    Susana B. – I really need Below Deck!!

    Deb – <3 Thank you! It’s great to be back!

  13. Steph Says:

    Michelle – LOL about NJ. I recently purchased LaaF and I have to say, if I had known about that polish when I got married – totally would have worn that. Good eye!! Those are my nails. : )

    Krista – Mmmm… cremes – Koala Bear-y is one of my favorite polishes ever.

    Jess – Thanks!! Your wedding mani sounds badass. : D

    Anastasia – Thank you so much both for the compliments and for sticking with me. I do have a band but it’s nearly invisible! I felt the same way about my ring, and it’s got a square setting the juts out – any band would have to be squared off to fit. I couldn’t find anything, anywhere. I went to a local jeweler to just buy a white gold band – thinking I would just wear it awkwardly pressed into my engagement ring. He, however, was a miracle worker and actually came up with a really cool solution. He shaved off the top of the band and created a little tab that hooks into my engagement ring. So the ring sits on top of the band. He didn’t even charge me to do that – we just paid for the band.

    Nageldraken – OMG I LOVE YOUR WEDDING MANI!!!!

    Kia – Thanks so much! : )

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