The Polish Addict: Wedding Edition!!

My husband and I got engaged last year. So, obviously, the most important decision I made after that was deciding what to do with my nails for the wedding (totally not kidding). This was an arduous process – the stash was thoroughly examined, scrutinized, and analyzed. When I first set out to plan my wedding mani, I wanted to do something different. Soft shades are obvious, I wanted something more unique. I stumbled upon Oscar De La Renta’s Spring 2013 Bridal Collection and fell in love with this concept.

(Photo Credit: Society Bride)

A subtle, light watery blue mani accented with opal-like blue toned jewelry. I wouldn’t have to do much searching as there were a few options in my stash that could mimic that look, China Glaze Moody Blue and Rescue Beauty Lounge Bikini Bottom immediately came to mind. Unfortunately, and probably not surprisingly, my Mom was less than thrilled with my blue nails idea.  So, in the end, to minimize stress, I decided to compromise and go with more typical wedding fare. Some of you are going to be disappointed, haha, that I decided to do a standard french, using Essie Mademoiselle and Essie Marshmallow. But I did spice it up a bit with two coats of Orly Twilight.

Orly Twilight is a gorgeous sheer layering polish – it consists of very fine iridescent silver toned shimmer suspended in somewhat cloudy clear polish. Mostly, I’ve seen Twilight layered over darker shades, but it’s very pretty over lighter shades. In my case, it added the perfect amount of glam to my potentially boring standard french. I did consider a holographic topcoat – but after several swatching attempts, I thought it look a little too ‘young’ for the style I was trying to achieve. I, sadly, did go to a salon to have my nails done. It’s been years since I’ve entered a nail salon for anything other than a mini dusty hunt. Ultimately, I regretted it a little – the nail tech did a good job, but I’m pretty particular about my nails and I think I would have been happier doing them on my own.

(Yes! I do have thumbs!) None of the wedding photos of my nails show the beautiful shimmer of Orly Twilight, so I’ll have to post a swatch in the future. Although, I would say that this photo is a pretty accurate depiction of the overall look – Twilight is really subtle over Mademoiselle so my nails weren’t blinging all over the place.

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “how was this a compromise, you totally sold out!”  Well, I hope my sellout status is mitigated by my pedicure. I decided to do Rescue Beauty Lounge Bikini Bottom both as a pedi and as my “something blue.” Originally, to mimic the Oscar De La Renta nails, I was planning to layer Bikini Bottom over a jelly light color like OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu or OPI Barre My Soul. That layering combination would have created a more watery, cloudy, more subtle light blue. On my toes, I didn’t think I needed to be more subtle so it’s just 3 coats of unadulterated Bikini Bottom. I think the light blue nails with the ivory shoes made a really chic combination. And, finally, the dress:

This is us! Our wedding was a really small dinner party in the middle of hot, hot, hot July (yes! we’re very newly wed!), so I decided on a short dress. My wonderful Mother-in-Law pretty much did all the planning and decorating – she’s so amazing! My dress is Sasha from the Little White Dress Collection by Amsale. The shoes are Nina in the style Neva. My Mom, a very talented seasmstress, altered it extensively and added a panel of lace to the skirt. The whole wedding was DIY for the most part, my Mom and M0m-in-Law even made my bouquet by hand! I was so happy with how everything turned out! It was a really happy day for us and we’ve been silly-happy ever since. : )

What about you all – what nail polish did you wear to your wedding?



Disclosure: Bikini Bottom was sent to me for review by Rescue Beauty Lounge.


34 Responses to “The Polish Addict: Wedding Edition!!”

  1. KrisInPhilly Says:

    I’m actually more impressed with those shoes! I would have fallen flat on my face. A bit of envy is felt for those that can wear shoes like that and wear them well. Congratulations on your wedding! I hope you have a long and happy life together.

  2. Chiro Says:

    Congratulations for your great happy wedding!! You look so beautiful and happy bride, and of course your mani & pedi is great :)

    Actually my wedding was 4 years ago (!) and also was mid July. I went salon for my mani, and got gel nail with white gradient + shell chips. We didn’t do big wedding party, but it was still good…and now we are still happy couple ;)

    Anyway, congratulations again; hoping your happy life with your husband!

  3. Emi at Project Swatch Says:

    Congrats! I love the touches you added to the classic – shimmer on the nails & blue on the toes. My wedding is next year, and I haven’t decided yet what I will wear – I’m considering Butter London All Hail the Queen, which is both subtle and sparkley – plus my financee’s favorite – but I’m not sure if it will be distracting in photographs.

  4. Angelica B. Says:

    you look gorgeous! I do love those blue nails in the first pic with that awesome chunky ring. wowie wow. very edgy, yet at the same time feminine and delicate.

  5. Angie Says:

    Such a difficult decision! I’m planning on having a beach wedding in Hawaii sometime in the next few months and I know it will be a difficult decision picking out polish! I like what you did though. Twilight is such a lovely polish over light, neutral shades.

    Congrats by the way! You look lovely!

  6. Kate Says:

    Your mani looked gorgeous either way. I do love the blue though:). We got engaged last Christmas and are still yet to do anything about actually getting married. We’re a bit older though and children aren’t on the cards so it’s really more of a formality. Am hope for a civil ceremony some a little unusual like Finland but it will like end up being a registry office in London knowing my partner so I’ll be sure to wear something suitably out there on my nails:)

  7. Kitty Says:

    Funny thing is I’ve always thought that I’d sport a holographic shade when I do get married. It might be too much though (plus I’m not close to getting married at this point at all, haha). I have Orly Twilight too, which sadly has never been used. It’s such a stunning shade and I could see how it fit in your mani. Subtle with some sparkle!

    You look beautiful on your wedding! Congrats!!! :)

  8. Katherine Says:

    You look beautiful!! That’s a gorgeous pic of you and hubs!
    It’s our anniversary this Thursday, married 4 years :-) I went for a classic French as well, though I did consider Black Cherry Chutney!

  9. Mimi Says:

    Congrats! So glad you are back to blogging! You look beautiful in your wedding! I’m not married yet but I can only imagine what a chore choosing a polish color will be!

  10. Solveig Says:

    Congratulations! Both your mani and pedi were beautiful. :)

    I didn’t wear any nailpolish when I got married, because I wasn’t into np back then. :P

  11. Sue Says:

    Congratulations and best wishes! I think your mani was beautiful and perfect. You don’t want to be looking at your wedding photos years from now and thinking, “Ohmigosh, _______ nail polish — what was I thinking?!?” Not that the light blue wasn’t great because it was, but fashions come and go.

    I don’t think I wore np at my wedding either. It was over 30 years ago and I wasn’t into painting my nails at the time.

  12. kat Says:

    my best wishes and congratulations to your wedding :)
    you are such a beautiful bride :O :)))) and a very beautiful woman! very elegant but also relaxed on the picture. <3
    i really like the bouquet, do you have a bigger picture of it? what kind of flowers are them?

    thank you so much for this, it always makes me happy to see people marrying :D

  13. Laura Says:

    Ha, my wedding mani/pedi was also a boring french mani and an RBL blue pedi …though my toes were painted with RBL Cuprum instead of Bikini Bottom! Love your choices, naturally ;-)

  14. Gwendolyn Says:

    Oh my goodness! I am so happy you are blogging again! I actually discovered your blog last year when you weren’t posting and when I realized that I was so sad. Your blog is the reason I became addicted to nail polish. The shade that started it all was “It’s Sheer Luck” by OPI. I was actually never a nail polish person, but after seeing your gorgeous swatches and discovering the nail polish blog world I became obsessed! I feel so much more put together when my nails are polished and I have you to thank for introducing me. Thanks Stephanie! Congrats on your wedding!

  15. Mercedes Says:

    Your killing me with french lol. I did nails for years and begged bride’s to do something different. You looked beautiful. I did blue for my nails.

  16. Robin Says:

    Congratulations! :) It sounds like it was a wonderful day– you looked beautiful and your nails were fabulous! I love that the “something blue” was on your toes. :)

  17. fishgirl182 Says:

    this is no reflection on you at all but i really wonder how the french manicure became THE manicure for weddings. pretty much every single person i know who has gotten married has worn it for their wedding and never before or after. i just don’t get it.

    that said, you look fantastic and i love the toes.

  18. Nancy Says:

    Steph, You are an absolutely beautiful bride!! Congratulations!!

    I also wanted to say how HAPPY I am that you are back to blogging. You were my gateway drug back in March 2009.

    Way back in 2000, I wore an opaque gold-ish Mary Kay color whose name I forget. I did hair, nails and MU myself!!!

    Nancy (aka NanRx)

  19. Julia Says:

    You blue toenails has reminded me I meant to say this on another post where you mentioned you were looking for Revlon Whimsical – I just bought a dupe online from TonyMoly. Had never heard of, but did a bit of research and the brand gets good reviews. Google TonyMoly GS09 (I think it’s GS09 but it might be GS08 or GS10)….anyway, you will see what I mean.

    Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air but without the hefty price tag!

  20. Sandi Says:

    My wedding was 20 years ago next month, they didn’t have all that many choices back then, lol. I wore Revlon Platinum Lame (which I still have a bottle of), the original silvery, pinkish version, not the yellow peach one they switched to a few years later. The DH has always preferred reds, but not for a wedding I decided.

  21. SchaChia "Chia" Murphy Says:

    OMG!!! I had no idea you came back to blogging!! I loved your blog- it was what jump started my ridiculous collection!! I’m like my daughter’s favorite character Kailan, my heart is super happy right now!!! And congratulations, you looked so gorgeous for your wedding! My husband’s band looks almost identical to your own, teehee, great minds think alike :) And short dresses are the way to go, I did the same. Great nails, great concept, just so happy to see you back!!

  22. Amber Norell Says:

    Awesome post. It is always hard to step outside of the French manicure for wedding nails.

  23. Deborah Says:

    Congrats, you looked stunning! Love the high heels :).

  24. Christi Says:

    Congratulations! I was boring for my wedding and had an OPI Shellac manicure in bubble bath.

  25. Natalia Says:

    OMG! You look gorgeous! And the shoes?! I think I’m going to faint))))

  26. Steph Says:

    Kris – Haha thank you and I often almost did fall on myself. : P

    Chiro – Now THAT sounds like a great wedding mani. : ) And thank you.

    Emi – I’ve been lemming AHtQ!! From the swatches I’ve seen that sounds like an excellent choice.

    Amgelica – RIGHT!?! That’s exactly how I felt about the look! I’m kicking myself for not doing it. (And thank you).

    Angie – Thanks so much! Let me know what you ultimately decide. : )

    Kate – That’s what we wanted to do originally – but we felt badly robbing our families of the ceremony so we did something small. : ) It was really great. And thank you.

    Kitty – Thanks so much! If I had had a nude holo, I think I would have done it – all the holos in my collection right now are really flashy but I’m planning to pick up BL AHtQ and Cirque Never Nude in the very near future.

    Katherine – Congratulations on your anniversary! : ) Yeay! I’m glad I’m not alone (but awww I do love BCC!)

    Mimi – Thank you! It was a chore! I just couldn’t decide what to do.

    Solveig – Thank you! : O!! NO POLISH!!?? *dies*

    Kat – Thanks so much! I do have a pic of it up-close but I can’t see to get it downloaded for you. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with wordpress – if you send me an email, I can attach it for you. Gosh – I’m so bad with flower names I think we used hydrangeas, agapanthus, and lilies.

    Laura – Oooh good choice! : )

    Gwendolyn – : ) Thank you so much. I feel the same way about polish, put together (even when I might not actually be haha).

    Mercedes – I’m SO sorry!!! As I wore it, I felt like a traitor! lol.

    Robin – Thank you! : )

    fishgirl – You know, I’m not sure – I guess it’s just a very classic demure look. Although, I do generally like them and wear them whenever I feel the urge.

    Nancy – Thank you! You are so brave!!!! I’m so bad at makeup! It would have been a disaster.

    Julia – I just recently heard about that brand – a lovely lady on MUA was kind enough to hook me up with a bottle of Whimsical but some of the girls on twitter also clued me into the Innisfree yogurt shades – one is definitely a dupe. I’ll post when I get my order.

    Sandi – Ooooh vintage Revlon – love it.

    SchaChia – Thank you so much! It’s good to be back. : )

    Amber – lol, yea it definitely seems that way.

    Deborah – Thank you!

    Christi – Totally not boring, I loooooove Bubble Bath.

    Natalia – LOL!! Thank you! The shoes were another epic saga – that pair was pair number 5 that I bought!!!

  27. MIchelle Says:

    OMG!!! You’re back!!! I was just looking up swatches for the current Zoya BOGO promo, and kept seeing your nails. I decided to click through *just to see* if there was anything new, an update, the kiss off, you know–whatever, lol … and there’s POSTS!!! A whole month’s worth!! Woohoo! Welcome back, and congratulations on your marriage. You looked beautiful!

    On topic of wedding nails, I am long term engaged (long story, but 13 years and counting with my ‘fiance’ lol, we’ll get married prob once the kids are in college–which isn’t too far away!–), and decided that my eventual mani will be Glitter Gal Light as a Feather. It’s a beautiful sheer white holo. Initially, I thought I would go crazy with glitter and bright colors, but then I though “hmm … people already think people from NJ are tacky … maybe I can get my point across another way” LOL!!

    (PS: Are these your nails?

  28. Krista Says:

    Wow! Such a beautiful bride, mani, and pedi!
    My wedding was 7 years ago and I did my own french with OPI Alpine Snow and Tutti Fruiti Tonga, and OPI Kinky in Helsinki for my pedi.
    If I had to do it today I would do no french with my all time fav Essie It’s In the Bag mani and either OPI Kola Bear-y or Dutch Tulips pedi….my tastes have changes, I’m more into creams now :)

  29. Jess Says:

    Congratulations!! I got married late June this year!! I went holographic. NFU OH 61, and my ring finger I did a black caviar nail. my toes were China glaze yellow polka dot bikini, and I wore Steve madden I dreemy flats so no one could see, but I still say it was my power color.

  30. Anastasia Says:

    Congratulations! I was hoping that you would come back to blogging, I’ve been checking your blog atleast once a month to see. Love your dress! Very classy and elegant, and also probably waay easier to dance in than most wedding dresses.

    Really random question, but I am having trouble finding a wedding band to fit my ring, because it has a vintage look to it, it’s a split shank pave setting, and I feel as though the ring is so fancy itself that I don’t need a band. The only band that will fit it has to be custom made or curved in some way. I was wondering if you just used your engagement ring on your wedding day as well since I see that your ring has a raised fancier setting, and I don’t see a matching band.

  31. Nageldraken Says:

    Congratulations on your wedding! You look really beautiful on the picture! Love the shoes!
    I had nails in green and gold for my wedding – RBL Recycle with a semi-transparent gold nail art foil over. (There are pictures on my blog here: The text is in Swedish, but there is a translation at the end.) I considered wearing a more discreet mani, but after I had thought about it for a while I realized that I would not have been comfortable with that, so I matched my dress, which was green and gold, instead.

    It is so nice to see that you are back to blogging!

  32. kia Says:

    congrats!! awesome post! you two looked gorg!!

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