Perplexing: Creative Nail Design Blueberries & Cream

Creative Nail Design (CND) discontinued its old line of nail polishes in 2008. At the time, I freaked out, big time. My meltdown was followed by a haul  (duh, as a haul follows many of my meltdowns) to make sure I picked up all my CND lemmings before they became hard to find. I got Blueberries & Cream around that time, although I can’t remember whether it came from that haul or a RAOK or swap. I just remember that I had a hardcore lemming for this color. I was so excited – it was right up my alley, being a work appropriate ultra pale, somewhat dusty, lilac/pink with subtle fuchsia shimmer.

I guess the fact that I was so excited for it contributed to my extensive disappointment.

The end-product on the nail looks like an ultra-pale, dusty light pink creme. The shimmer was completely invisible – in all lights – which, I mean, is fine because I’m not the biggest shimmer fan anyway (blasphemy, I know).

I subtitled this post “perplexing” because I have never encountered a polish that is both too thick and too thin at the same time. It was simultaneously streaky, lumpy and chalky. Normally, I would use thinner with a thick polish but the formula was so thin already, I thought it might actually make it worse. I believe this mani was a total of 3 coats, possibly 4. It was very tough to even out. In a nutshell, it was really, really hard to make this look pretty. No question, this was a PITA (pain in the a**) to apply.

Another perplexing application issue - the first coat of color pulled off my base coat. I would expect that to happen with a thickly applied base coat layer or perhaps when the base coat is not dry enough but I didn’t have either issue. The sliding base coat definitely added to the streakiness problem. The same thing happened with the topcoat – seche vite pulled the color coat right off – it ended up all over my brush and inside the bottle. The end result was that the polish did not dry ultra glossy like my usual manis – it dried with, sort of, a satin finish… Wear was average. I’ve been wearing it since Sunday with only minor tip-wear and no chips. I did, however, get a few vertical cracks along the sides of my nails after I had been wearing it for a day or two, no bueno.

The whole manicure was really quite baffling – CND is super well-regarded. I hadn’t heard of anyone having these issues before and I certainly haven’t had these issues with their other old line polishes. But, many sit in my helmers untried, it’s possible that other application duds are out there.

With all that said, I did get compliments on the color – actually, my boss said she really liked it. The color was fairly flattering to my skin-tone. And after what amounted to hand-to-hand-combat style application, I ultimately got it to look alright.

I poked around online and did see this color for sale in a few places, so if you feel compelled to buy it – it’s still available albeit at higher prices. The closest base color match I found in my stash was Essie Secret Affair. Essie Pound Cake is similarly muted but a lot lighter than Blueberries & Cream. In fall of 2009, CND relaunched their polish line. I have yet to try the new collection, but the reviews online are favorable. I suspect that CND Blueberry Whip is probably the same shade with a different name, new packaging, and a better formula. I’ll try to pick up a bottle and post comparisons soon.

As an aside – I’m trying to join this century so I made a facebook page for the blog. It… was… um… hard? I don’t think I did it right. But here’s the link anyway. haha. I’m working on setting up other social networking as well, instagram, pinterest, etc.. Although I’ve made accounts, I haven’t really done anything with them yet so I’m going to hold off on posting those for the time being.


8 Responses to “Perplexing: Creative Nail Design Blueberries & Cream”

  1. The Asian Girl Says:

    The perplexing thing with CND for me is getting it to dry!!! I swear, it’s worse than old China Glaze!

  2. Lisa Says:

    The boss is right. It IS very flattering with your skin tone. At first I thought, “Bluberries and Cream? Where?” Then it hit me…the cream is ever so slightly tinted by those blues. Gotcha.

    Frankly, I don’t know how on earth you got it to look so damn good, given the struggles with the thick/thin dynamic. Ummm…Miracle worker?

    Still, the color is sooooo nice, that I’m now pining for the “whipped” version. LOL.

    As for the Facebook business and extended social media business…I hear ya. Just stick the darn thing up and let it go from there. You’re back. You’ve got great content. People will link to you, and it will grow. Faster than lightening. Promise!


  3. Lavender Pekoe Says:

    What is perplexing to me is the name. Huh? I see nothing that would lean towards a blueberry here.

  4. Sue Says:

    LOL at “hand-to-hand-combat style application” and using PITA as a tag. ;-p

  5. Linda Says:

    Just wanted to tell you I’m really glad to see that someone is going to do the ‘work appropriate’ type of colors because no one else does those! Meanwhile, reality is that that is what most people wear. I have been on a never-ending quest for a light pink that doesn’t require 4 – 5 coats to be opaque! LOL I’ll look forward to your posts.

  6. Steph Says:

    TAG – The only issue I didn’t have was a drying issue. lol. For me it dried normally with seche.

    Lisa – : ) haha, I don’t know about me being a miracle worker – I think it looked okay because seche is pretty miraculous, otherwise I think we would have been in some trouble.

    LP – I think it sort of looks like whipped cream mixed with a little bit if squished blueberry – it’s subtle but I think that’s why they named it that.

    Sue – lol.

    Linda – Thanks! : )

  7. fishgirl182 Says:

    this is the kind of color i rarely wear but i does look nice on you. i wouldn’t think there were any application problems until you said because it looks well done. i do really love the new cnd colors and shimmer top coats though. you should try some of the shimmers over your work colors. might kick them up a notch but still be appropriate.

  8. Steph Says:

    I definitely want to try them – I’ve seen a few swatches that are ah-mah-zing.

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