Seriously Underrated: China Glaze Whimsical

To kick things off with the new “work apropos” theme, I looked through my stash trying to find a color that was both unique and subtle. There were about 10 choices, all duo-chromes/multi-chromes or shifters. In the end, I settled on China Glaze Whimsical for two reasons. Of all the colors, it popped out as particularly office friendly. It also happens to be one of the older polishes in my collection. With my faded memories, I’m not sure where this one came from. It looks like it’s been used a few times, so it was most likely from a swap or a RAOK. However, it might also be the result of a dusty hunt. I went through a period where I kept finding these older silver capped China Glazes at nail salons.

China Glaze Whimsical, circa 2001, was released as a part of the Platinum Collection. [1. I got this info from the China Glaze Wiki - what an awesome resource!!!] Other memorable colors from this collection include Orchid Shadow and Grape Crush – both of which I hope to review soon. An old friend, the blogger at A Stroke of Color, posted a long time ago about a polish in her stash from China Glaze also called Whimsical – hers was a really cool shimmery dusty green. I scoured the net – I found a lot of photos of polishes that looked like my version and none that looked like hers. That leads me to believe that hers, sadly, was a mislabeled franken.

The best word to describe this color is ethereal. The base color is a peach-toned light mauve or a sort-of rose-toned taupe. The microshimmer, an iridescent green, causes this color to glow and creates a chameleon-like effect on the base shade. I wouldn’t call it a duo-chrome because the shimmer itself doesn’t shift shades. It’s always green but the shimmer casts over the color, creating the illusion of different shades. The shimmer is really fine, so the overall finish looks slightly frosted – complete with very subtle brushstrokes. The photo above doesn’t do this color justice and is a little inaccurate – the color is lighter in person. Whimsical probably wasn’t the best choice for this first post because I’m still working the kinks out of my lighting system. So I did the next best thing…

In this sun light photo, the base shade is more accurate and the shimmer is more evident. Still though, I’m not sure any camera or organization of lights could ever truly capture this color. It’s definitely a chameleon – sometimes it looks pink, sometimes taupe, sometimes mauve, and sometimes the green causes the illusion of a gold cast, sometimes just a faint green flash. And since the shimmer is only a delicate glow in indoor lighting, it’s totally appropriate for work, even in more conservative offices. It’s really nothing short of lovely.

Whimsical is my current NOTD – this is 3 coats of color with Sally Hansen Nail Quencher (sadly discontinued but awesome nonetheless) as the basecoat and Seche Vite as the top coat. I didn’t have any major application issues despite the presumed age of the color. Although it’s an older polish and probably could be considered hard to find – it’s not sought after, so if you poke around online you can find it for reasonable prices. I’ll definitely search the stash for dupes but none immediately come to mind.

With all that said – I was so surprised and pleased by the all the positive comments on the last post. Thank you so much everyone for the love and support! I walked around with a smile all day – it’s so great to know that so many people not only remember my site, but are also happy that I’ve returned. : ) I would like to impose on everyone for some help getting up to speed. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Also, I would love to know your thoughts regarding recent releases. I’ve been slowly picking up new colors that I like – there are SO many – what colors do you think are must have/die without – also what are your favorite blogs? I would like to update my stash and blog roll with your help!


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  1. Deborah Says:

    Whimsical sounds a lot like OPI Nomad’s Dream And possible another China Glaze called Chiaroscuro. Could you do a comparison?

  2. lilacsrip Says:

    Your nails are still as lovely as ever! Can’t wait for all the posts you have arranged!
    Indie polishes are all the rage right now and it’s all about glitter, holos and duochromes! I don’t have any (yet!) but I’m sure many others can point you in the correct direction. (: The most duped polish of the year is definitely Chanel Peridot, I think there’s at least 5 brands that have that color! Layla also put out some amazing linear holos and chromes, but they’re a little more costly. And there’s more holo to come: Color Club is releasing a collection soon! Plus China Glaze is doing another one for 2013 Spring! To name three specific polishes that I’m really excited about: OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest, Zoya Feifei and Zoya Zuza. It’s so hard to narrow down the choices! ;) Hope this helps!

  3. Nicole Says:

    Lovely! Also, as a polish suggestion, I think you NEED Butter London All Hail the Queen.

  4. Grace Says:

    I am super stocked to see your blog “back up” – and the fact that you will focus on work appropriate colors is AWESOME. Being a professional in the medical field, I am also limited in my color choices. I certainly know how it feels to need a Mani/Pedi yesterday! As my Mom always stated ” A woman’s work is never done!” How true ! Keep up the great work- with your blog and as an attorney! Blog when you can – remember that your health and well being should always come first! I LUV your first new post – I will be buying the China Glaze Color that you blogged about – WHIMSICAL. Oh, I also deeply like the entire OPI ballet collection. Great for softer looks! Have a great day! Grace

  5. Dia Says:

    Does the green shimmer in Whimsical remind you of Essie’s Flower Girl or Nude Beach? If you have the time, I’d suggest walking through Ulta, Sephora (particularly if they have the nail “bar” with SpaRitual, Nails Inc, Julep, etc.), Nordstrom and any beauty supplies you can buy from. Butter London is at Ulta and Nordstrom and I’d suggest Tea with the Queen and Yummy Mummy as neutrals to look at. I’m not a huge fan of their brush, though. I’m not sure if Revlon Whimsical is a little too glittery for work, but they’ve stepped up their game a little (including knocking off some more expensive polishes.) If you can wear purple, Dior has a few Nordstrom exclusives. Nails Inc has a great set of neutrals and a great top coat, too.

    One suggestion- the comment box is barely two lines tall for me. I’m using Google Chrome. I’d love to have a little more space when I comment. :)

  6. Nicole Says:

    What a beautiful color! Your nails are gorgeous.

  7. Grace Says:

    stocked! LOL…. yep, I wish I had a much larger stock of nail polih colros to chose from in the work environment… sorry peeps… I meant STOKED! SUPER STOKED! Your nails are beautful and CONGRATS on your graduation and job! I don’t know about you or anyone else yet via this up and coming reborn awesome blog, BUT I will still be paying on Student Loans when I am gone- hopefully a long long long time from now! Anyhow, I buy at Ulta a lot! Also Sephora. Dia mentioned a nail “bar”- I understand that this is at Sephora? I will have to check it out next time… I hope New Orleans has a nail bar! Now, eveyone knows where I am commenting from… New Orleans! Have a great day

  8. Steph Says:

    Deborah – I think I have those two in my stash – I’ll check and if I do I can certainly try to.

    Lilacrisp – thanks for the heads up! I have heard a good bit about indie polishes and upcoming holos. I was so sad to have missed out on Peridot but I’m almost glad I did since it really does seem to be the most duped polish ever. lol

    Grace – SAME PAGE!! OPI Ballet is awesome! I’m going to buy the whole collection as soon as I can.

    Nicole – I’ll add it to my lemming list!

    Dia – I’ve been on the hunt from Revlon Whimsical! And Yummy Mummy is on the lemming list. Thanks for the other tips! : )I’m not sure about the Essies. I haven’t seen Flower Girl and from what I remember it’s not similar to Nude Beach but I’m having trouble finding my bottle of it. You know what, I’m having the same problem with my comment box. I’m going to be revamping a few things on the site. I’m having a lot of technical difficulties because I jumped from a much earlier version of word press and, apparently, I did it wrong. : P

    Nicole & Grace: Thanks so much!

  9. Carole Says:

    It is great to see you back! I am so interested to see how you do with work appropriate colors. I am starting a job soon that will limit my craziness on work days and am dreading it just a bit.
    So far my all time favorite work color is China Glaze Fast Track from the Hunger Games collection. Gorgeous and not at all boring which is what I always think when I hear “appropriate”!

  10. Jeanette Swatchaholic Says:

    Your nails! *squees* It is so good to see your nails again. :) Oh how I missed them. <3

    Whimsical is such a gorgeous neutral with a twist! I have a soft spot for colors like it. :)

    My biggest recent lemming – some lovely fellow bloggers might call it addiction – are jellies. Especially the Nfu.Oh Jelly Syrup jellies. They need more coats because they are meant for layering but they are the discovery of the year for the established brands for me.
    Another big thing are indie/franken nail polishes now. Especially Cirque and Enchanted Polish are breathtaking. Cirque has a nude holo. :)
    I also adore A England and Cult Nails.

    So many great things happened to the world of nail polishes lately. Finally (after begging for two years) companies are releasing true holographic nail polishes again. I am excited! :)

  11. Mara Says:

    What a beautiful shade!
    I would suggest Chanel Beige, it’s the most perfect nude with a subtle pink shimmer… Also, for indie lovers, Girly Bits January Morning is a delicate white sheer white with beautiful reflects. Deborah Lippmann Sugar Daddy and its dupes… I love nudes and light shades!
    I would be very honored if you visit my blog, it’s rather new, but made with a lot of love! ;-)
    Oh and I saw that Deborah Lippmann has a new duo True Blood inspired at HSN with a nude and a white shimmer… I would die for swatches!!!

  12. Naomi Says:

    Yay you are back ! I think yours was the first polish blog i knew of – like a magical unicorn blog to me, just pretty nails everywhere hehe :)

    Anyway ! I second All Hail the Queen – i just got it recently and it is BEAUTIFUL and perfect for your new theme of colors.

    Also, my favorite older OPI light color is Fiji Weejee Fawn.
    How are you feeling about dusty greens/purples etc for work? I’m sure you’ve seen Opi’s Mermaid Tears and Zoya’s Bevin by now – gorgeous, yes??

  13. Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard Says:

    This is really beautiful…I love the surprise of green shimmer. :D

  14. Mara Says:

    I remember another one… Glitter Gal Light as Feather is a white holo, is very subtle, almost too much!

  15. rmcandlelght (nailsbeautiqued) Says:

    Indie Polish is really popular (lots of glitter combos) now and for us that want to make our own which I’m doing frankening. Nailart is hot and heavy too. If you like you can check my blog out :)

  16. Kristina Says:

    Welcome back!! You’ve been missed. And Congrats on getting married!

  17. marsha smith Says:

    Lovely color and mani. I just read your last post for the second time and your hubby purchased the OPI Ballet collection for you? Ah ha!! He sounds like a very astute male of the species!

  18. Steph Says:

    Carole – I SO want everything from Hunger Games! That whole collection looks awesome!

    Jeanette – <3 Jellies! Nude holo!!! More holos!!! *nail polish excitement overload – dies*

    Mara – There are a few polishes from Girly Bits that I absolutely need – I’ll add your suggestion to the list. : )And I need the True Blood collection… because I’m a secret vampire love triangle nerd. lol. It’s so awesome that your blog is bilingual! I’ll definitely add you to the blogroll. : )

    Elizabeth: That’s how I feel too. : )

    rmcandlelght – I’d love too – what’s the addy for your site?

    Kristina – Thanks so much!!

    Marsha – LOL!!! He is so sweet – every time he goes to get a haircut, he’ll buy nail polish for me. Last year he got me black shatter and the OPI glow in the dark Halloween release.

    Naomi: I LOVE THE DUSTY LIGHT GREENS!! I almost died the first time I saw Mermaid Tears. I will post some soon and I do think some people could get away with them at work.

  19. Cathy Says:

    Just catching up on your latest posts. Still so excited you’re back. I love that you even put footnotes in your blog, that’s the lawyer coming out ;-)

    So much has happened in the last three year with nail polish. Magnetic polishes were huge this year, every brand had them. I remember always drooling over your swatches of loreal’s le magnetique, and dreaming that someone would make magnetic polishes again. Holos are everywhere, layla’s are amazing and a big colour range. You should check out aEnglands and Picture Polish and there have been some awesome Ozotic polishes that are now discontinued but you might still get them from shop.llarowe. Also lots of awesome collections out of Brazil.

    Looking forward to your work appropriates and of course anything else you feel like wearing.

    Thanks so much for adding me to your blog roll already.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    I’d like to hear your thoughts on Shellac. I used it for 4 months and loved it. Then around the 2 or 3 month mark, my nails started to peel. I did research and they said to make sure you are using CND cuticle oil 2 x day, which I did but it didn’t help. I changed my Shellac every 7 days and used acetone to remove it (used wraps and did not soak them in that) however I quit entirely when my nail started to break from underneath the shellac. My nails are ruined now and peeling bad. I used to have long, gorgeous nails and never had issues. I did do acrylics over them for a while but they always grew and even when I took off the acrylics, they would return to normal. Not this time. This is the worst my nails have ever been and I am afraid they won’t go back. Shellac tries to make it like clients aren’t doing things right (i.e. cuticle oil) or that salons aren’t applying it right or using other products and instead, I think the products and the 100% acetone are drying the nails out.

    In other items,I recently tried the Ahava Mineral Hand Cream (from the Dead Sea) and it’s amazing. Best cream I have ever used. Would love your thoughts on that. It makes my hands velvety soft and the hydration is amazing. I have my hands in water a lot and it stil hydrates even with hand washing. Amazing stuff.

    Congrats on the job and husband:) So glad you are back.

  21. Steph Says:

    Cathy – I saw the magnetics!! I ended up not getting any of the new ones because I went through so much trouble accumulating the rare ones before. I learned some real big lessons being gone for so long, one was – stop freaking out about HTFs, some day there will be dupes, lots and lots and lots of them. lol. Someone posted your swatches of all the silver holos on MUA – epic, I was sold immediately on your blog. : )

    Anon – I’m so sorry to hear about what happened to you. I know I would be super stressed in your position. To be honest, shellac and gel nails became vogue after I was on hiatus so I haven’t had much exposure to it. Even so, it’s not really a product that appeals to me because I like changing my nail color often (so I think I would gouge my eyes out if I had the same color on for 2 weeks +). In any case, I don’t really feel qualified to have an opinion on shellac. However, I have heard from a few people (mostly people at work who don’t collect/hoard nail polish) that it has had a negative effect on their nails – but others have had no issues at all. I’m not sure it’s the product – I mean, even with acrylic nails which are notoriously damaging, the amount of damage to the nail could vary largely depending on the nail tech. I don’t like 100% acetone, I had really bad drying from it too. I’ll definitely check out the hand cream – my favorite brand is unavailable right now and I need a new go-to.

  22. Sue Says:

    I look forward to seeing how you balance — and I’m sure you will! — work-appropriate colors that aren’t “grandma” colors. That’s really hard for me.

    As far as nail trends, I’m sure you’ve noticed that crackles became passé this year, although if people love the look I think they should make themselves happy. I’m not a personal fan of the magnetics because they all look vaguely alike to me and kind of boring.

    My favorite blogs are Scrangie, PolishAholic, and Polish Police. Oh, and Nouveau Cheap for us drugstore stalkers. I also started my own blog — may I shamelessly plug it here? It’s called The Silver Nail and is aimed at women over 40. I’m over 50 myself and still have fun with polish, but some stuff that looks good on teens with perfect skin isn’t quite so flattering on us older women.

    Again, SO glad you’re back. I’m going to add you to my blogroll. :-D

  23. Sue Says:

    P.S. Thanks so much for listing me in your blogroll!

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