Buyer Beware:

I’ve asked you guys to send me any stories of bad customer service, fraud, or other questionable business practices by nail polish companies or e-tailers. One reader, Rachel has been having a huge problem with since last November. Here’s is the story in her own words:

“Hi there,
I emailed you last November (I remember it was just before the election! BOO Palin) about my ridiculous experience with Footsies ( Last I mentioned, they had taken my money after an order in September or October and gone completely AWOL. Many attempts to contact them were fruitless. I filed a complaint and then a dispute with paypal and nothing came of it.

Well, update:
Paypal settled the dispute in my favor, BUT said they were unable to provide any sort of refund. Stupid, no?
Better yet: many weeks later, I received a haphazardly-shipped package from footsies. You will love this: it was full of a totally random order! I had ordered several Color Club Neons and one China Glaze. What I received: two bottles of the same Color Club, one bottle each of two other colors, and 5 or 6 completely random and totally ugly, never-heard-of-before polishes. Like, some dollar store crap from the 90′s. Do not want! Also, no receipt, nothing. It was like they were saying “here, take this and f%^& off!” complete and utter scam.

So that completes my woeful tale of being scammed by footsies.”

I’ve never heard of Footsies or had any experiences with them but I’d be interested in hearing if any of you had any encounters with them, positive or negative. And I’m pretty shocked to hear that Paypal didn’t refund the money. Shame on them.


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  1. The Asian Girl Says:

    I love the “boo Palin” part :) I dressed up as Palin for Halloween and I actually had someone come up to me, shake my hand, and say, “GOD BLESS YOU”. To this day, I don’t know if that was meant in sarcasm b/c it could’ve gone either way thanks to where I live. Anyway, thanks for the heads-up, we don’t need to send these crooks our money!

  2. Brooke Says:

    Never heard of the company. Too bad for the bad experience! I think that a lot of companies are doing that these days since the economy is so bad. There was a news story just last night of a bridal shop that closed it’s doors one day out of the blue, and this poor bride can’t get her seven bridesmaid dresses she paid for! I don’t know how people can live with them selves after scamming people like this.

  3. Keener Says:

    I’ve had a horrible encounter with ordering Carolyn New York NP. They basically took my order and my money and never sent any polishes my way. I contact them after a very long time of waiting patiently and they never responded, after another email they finally said, “sorry we don’t ship to Canada” and nothing else. I had to badger them for an explanation on what happened, which they never provided. They were hardly apologetic and couldn’t explain why oh why they would charge me without first shipping the order. I don’t know of any company who conducts business that way. In the end they refunded me the money and said sorry for the “mis-communication”. What a poor excused.

  4. rachel Says:

    hi ladies, that was my story (i feel like a celebrity!!) and boy was it a huge PITA. the whole thing went on for months. it is funny now that i ordered from that company when h2t, 8ty8 etc sell polishes for much much cheaper and everyone uses them!! sigh, i was a newbie. steph is right, paypal’s refusal to offer a refund after ruling in my favor is just plain weird. i would hope the footsies account got suspended or closed down, but it seems they are still doing business. ew.

  5. Lola Says:


    As a major eBay whore that I am, (LOL!), I’ll give you some advice; call PayPal immediately! Once I bought an iPhone from eBay for $112, cheap, right? That should have been my red flag. I waited for the package that, obviously, never arrived. I contacted the person SEVERAL times and got no response. After I filed the dispute, PayPal gave the reason but told me they weren’t able to give me my money back because the person didn’t have the funds to refund me. What… the… eff!! It wasn’t $5 measly dollars, it was over a $100!! LOL! So all upset, I called, they apologized and gave me my money back. Then I got to thinking and came to the conclusion that if I hadn’t called them to complain, the would’ve NEVER given me my money back, and I wondered how many people have gone through the same problem and just stood there moneyless. =S Not cool, PayPal!

    So Rachel… CALL!! =)

  6. Alice Says:

    A month ago I ordered five bottles from Warbid on ebay ( Since the items didn’t arrive yet, I ‘ve been trying to contact the seller to ask for a track number , just to try to check what could be happened, but the seller refuses to answer, they ignored all my e-mails.
    Now I will open a Paypal dispute.

  7. Amanda Says:

    I’m not familiar with them, but I’m glad you posted this…hopefully it will save other people from a big headache!!!

  8. Vampy Varnish Says:

    I bought stuff from Warbid on eBay and had no issues at all. I wonder why they ripped you off? LAME!

  9. Sylvia Says:

    OMG Alice! I had a similar problem with Warbid!I ordered 6 bottles of polish and only received 1, I emailed them several times and never heard anything from them. So, I opened a PayPal claim. PayPal said that I could return the one bottle I received and then I would get a full refund. At that point I FINALLY heard from Warbid…they apologized and sent the rest of my polish. So, I closed the claim. Now Warbid won’t leave me alone claiming that I had been reimbursed through PayPal and “Please pay this amount as it was refunded to you”. I’ve contacted PayPal twice about that and they apologized as well and offered to contact the seller. Hopefully I won’t hear from Warbid ever again.
    Vampy Varnish: I had purchased polish from Warbid prior to that incident with no problem whatsoever. I don’t know what happened with the second transaction either but if you look at their feed back they are continually getting negative marks (even though they have a high positive rating).

  10. Julie Says:

    Holy crap. I wish I read this earlier! I just bought like $70 from Warbid on ebay!! Okay, I hope it goes well… (yikes)

  11. Sofia Says:

    SO glad I read this! I’ll def. be more carefeul in the future. I though it was always safe as long as you use PayPal.

  12. Lynn Says:

    I wish I had seen your blog before I placed an order with Footsiesbiz. I didn’t order nail polish, I ordred pedicure sanitzing tablets but the result was the same – they took my money, never sent me my product and never replied to any of my emails. I just escalated my dispute to a claim via Paypal. We’ll see what happens. Avoid Footsiesbiz like the plague!

  13. Jade Says:

    I ordered from warbid long story made short but the nail polish is a complete fake! I ended up buying the real thing side by side swatches don’t lie. Might as well pay the extra money and get the real thing.

  14. Joy Says:

    OH wow. Now as a newbie I am going to avoid those stores like the plague and read up on customer feedback before I purchase nailpolish for my new obsession!

  15. Millie Says:

    Word of advice, always, always use your credit card. preferably one that’s not connected to your own money. If you do and you don’t get your stuff you can always make a dispute at the bank where you have your credit card. That is if you’ve tried to contact the store you bought from and they don’t replay or won’t give you your money back. Then your bank can take the money from their bank. I work with this stuff. :) The problem why Paypal can’t give you your money back is because you have made a transfer from you bank account to them and therefore it’s not a payment they can track. Any q’s? Contact me and I can help you with what I know. :)

  16. Meta Says:

    hi, just want to share. Don’t order anything from they sell fake OPI (replica from china). Before when i order from they i ask twice about the product original 100%. they rep yes 100%, guarantee. they totally FRAUD

  17. Szimi Says:

    I wanted to take a look at the site just for curiosity and google said: Warning: Something’s Not Right Here! lol! google knows :)) and it says the site contains malware.

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