I typically don’t flip out over sales but this is a truly extraordinary, once in a life time gift from the nail polish gods. Rescue Beauty Lounge was running a 75% off sale of their bath and body products. Apparently, there was some sort of glitch in the system that allowed some people to get 75% off their entire order, even though the discount was meant for bath and body products only. In response to one would-be buyer’s thoughtful, honest email about how she did not place an order because she knew that the code was only meant for bath and body products and thought it was be dishonest to take advantage of what was obviously a glitch, Ji Baek is offering this one time conciliatory sale.

Tomorrow from 12 to 2 pm EST, you can get 50% off of all Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes if you buy at least one bath and beauty product, using the code Mea Culpa. I know a lot of you guys hesitate to buy RBL because of the hefty price so definitely take advantage of this amazing offer. Here are my swatches of some of Rescue Beauty Lounge colors.


22 Responses to “HOLY $&#@ – 50% OFF OF RESCUE BEAUTY LOUNGE”

  1. Laine Says:

    WHOA!!!! That is amazing!! This is just what I needed! I have been dying for No More War and Bikini Bottom! ooh and Frugalista! Thank you Steph and thank you Ji Baek!

  2. Brooke Says:

    OMG!!! Thanks for the heads up. I spoke out about the high prices, so I think it would only be right if I took advantage of this sale…..right? (my eyebrows are wiggling up and down furiously) lol

  3. Michelyne Says:

    I suppose it’s too much to ask that they ship internationally… Does anyone know if they do and how much it costs?

  4. Euni Says:

    Stephanie, I love you. If I didn’t visit your site every day I would have no RBL in my life.

  5. nini Says:

    can you only use one code or can you combine with the 75% off code for the bath and body products?

  6. Pam Says:

    i’m so sad that they’re making you buy a bath and body product as well, that makes it not worth it for me, those lotions are really really expensive and i don’t even want one so it’d be silly for me to order one lol

  7. Bargain Beauty Blog Says:

    Yeah, seriously. Is the bath product going to be full price?

  8. Rescue Beauty Lounge Sale! « Vernis à ongles Says:

    [...] April 30, 2009 by akkure Tomorrow from 12 to 2 pm EST, you can get 50% off of all Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes! Read more about it on The Polish Addict [...]

  9. Steph Says:

    Yes. The bath product is going to be full price. I still think it’s a great deal.

  10. MoLo Says:

    Amen. I would never have bought more than one RBL without this deal.
    And yes, it’s only 12:05 EST and I’ve already done my damage to my bank account :S

  11. Steph Says:

    Ok, apparently the bath item is 50% off as well but I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be like that. The email made it seem like it’s was only supposed to be the nail polish.

  12. Steph Says:

    Ok, actually I’m getting mixed reports back so I have no idea.

  13. PolishGuy Says:

    Just ordered five polishes + one bath product and entire order (including bath product) was 50% off.

  14. Dana Cerise Says:

    I just ordered from site. The coupon code gave me half off body lotion and polishes! In this case, the lotion was $10, instead of $20.

  15. eh Says:

    thank you for the deal! unfortunately it’s still too expensive for me being that you must buy a $20 bath product. $68 for a body cream are you serious?

  16. Steph Says:

    Linds – Apparently the deal was 50% off the entire order so it would have only 10 bucks for a hand cream – considering that RBL polishes never go on sale it was a very good deal.

  17. Laura Says:

    This was an amazing deal, I got $190 off my entire order! I have always been hesitant due to the $18 price tag, but I am not one to pass on a great sale like this – I ordered every color I’ve been drooling over for months!

  18. Lady Slatternly Says:

    Damn. That’s what I get for not reading the blogs for a few days!

  19. ocelot1 Says:

    d@mn!!! i missed this sale!!! :(!!

  20. firepail Says:

    Thanks! Because of this sale I finally purchased the RBL polishes I had ben lusting over! Half off the polish and the body stuff? That’s pretty darn good.

  21. Vicky Says:

    The ONE DAY I don’t check this site and I missed out on this sale! ail;fhidfhgo;dhgo;asdhio. I want recycle soooo badly.=(

  22. mochachoc Says:

    I’m miffed I missed out. Serves me right for not reading your blog everyday. I shall console myself by remembering the international delivery charges are a rip off.

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