The Mad Konad Skills Elude Me Once More


I am overwhelmed with sorrow whenever I see The Nailphile’s KOTDs. I die a little inside because I know that no matter how hard I try, Konad will always hates me. In this pitiful state I’ve learned to love, and see beauty in, my failed attempts… it’s not an ugly konad failure, no I say, it’s um… art deco. The accident pictured above is just such an example, the stamp is not supposed to look like that, but in this case I actually like the final product. This konadicure is Misa Dirty Sexy Money (one of my favorite new colors for Spring 2009) and China Glaze VIII used with Konad plate 65. VIII is a gorgeous deep purple creme, however, the formula is too thin so it’s not really suitable for Konad. The result is similar to a linoleum stamp print. The look works with this particular pattern, perhaps not with others. I actually don’t own very many Konad special polishes. I don’t know why but I just can’t bring myself to buy them without first exhausting my stash for a normal polish that works well with Konad. I haven’t found a good purple Konad polish substitute so I think I’m finally going to give in and get their purple polishes using The Nailphile’s WowSoCool 20% code. Unless you guys have any suggestions for me?

I haven’t gotten a chance to reply to recent comments yet but I will soon, I promise.


Disclosure: Dirty, Sexy, Money was sent to me for review by Misa.


25 Responses to “The Mad Konad Skills Elude Me Once More”

  1. The Asian Girl Says:

    My Konad skills are finally coming around! I seriously left it alone for like 2-3 months out of pure frustration.

  2. diana Says:

    I’ve seen similar work in the Philadelphia Museum of Art so I think you are doing quite well. Honestly, I do best with the Konad special polishes (so far). I’ve had my kit since late January. I go through phases where I use it a few times a week and then I abandon it for layering polishes and glitter top coats. I think the Konad polishes give a few extras seconds of a window before the polishes start to stick to the stamp. As a rule, I’m too calm to be fast at anything. I should try Konad while highly caffeinated. That may be my only hope of moving beyond the special polishes.

  3. MoLo Says:

    I think Grape Escape by Barielle Shades is supposed to work well with konad

  4. Joyce Says:

    I know how hard it is to roll that stamp on to 3 dimentional nails! I actually like the way your purple looks on mani. I’ve had great luck with the ChG Romantic colors so far: Magical and Devotion. However, they are metallic. I don’t own any cremes.

  5. Brooke Says:

    Has a very abstract look to it! It’s not bad at all!!

  6. Sue Says:

    I love it! I bought a Konad kit for my daughter – Don’t know if I have the nerve to try it myself! You and Siobhan do wonderful jobs though! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Alexlyndra Says:

    I’ve only used Konads one time on my self and one time on my mother and they don’t like me either. This one’s so cool! You (I) can’t really see what it is and I like that!

  8. Lucy Says:

    I love your Konad. I agree that it does look very Art Deco. Love the combination of colors. You have beautiful nails and the Konad just add to them.

  9. The Nailphile Says:

    Steph, I think you have mad Konad skills! It looks awesome. And Happy Anniversary – you’ve put out one hell of a blog this year! :D

  10. Stylista Says:

    I love love LOVE the Misa Dirty Sexy Money! I need to acquire that ASAP! Also, I have no Konad skills at all as I am actually afraid to attempt it, but I have to say that I’m totally digging the final product of your attempt, even if it was a failed one (which I would have never known if you hadn’t said so!)

  11. astasia Says:

    Hi Steph! Don’t worry i think that if you don’t use their polish is difficult to make a good stamp…
    I have either normal polish and their polish… and the last one works always better!!!
    However if you want a good purple they have a dark violet…when you have stamped it look like black but not exactly…otherwise you can try the chinaglaze romantique collection they work in excellent way but i think that you already know it… ^_^

  12. Euni Says:

    I bought almost every plate while I was in Korea a few weeks ago (they’re super cheap… and with the exchange rate the image plates are around $1.90 USD) and nearly cried the first day I brought my Konad in all its special stamping glory (plates, multiple stamper/scrapers, every color of polish, gradient sponges- the works) home and tried in vain to get a freaking heart on my nail. The bf had to listen to me whine for about 4 hours while I used his nail as trials… 1 semi-successful heart in return.

    I even prepped myself for my Konad by going through every single nail blog and watching countless YouTube tutorials. I thought I had it down and that I would somehow, as the perfectionist that I am, be able to pull that shit off immediately. And like everyone else who probably approached Konad with that attitude, I failed horribly and threw the entire haul into a large box (a pretty one from a Korean stationary store that I bought SPECIFICALLY for my Konad monster -_-) and didn’t touch it again until I came back to the States a few days ago.

    Lo and behold one late night my bf wants to try it. I scoff at his mortal naiveté and push the box at him. 3 minutes later (and with no help from me- he’d seen me screaming at my Konad for too long to not know what to do) I have 2 flowers and 4 hearts on three fingers. Humblest moment of my life.

    But the Konbad still eludes me. =(

  13. Julie Says:

    I actually am just starting to use konad myself and had real problems picking up the design on the stamp. You probably know this but just a few tips.

    1. Lightly file down stamp with file is stamp is not picking up design.
    2. Do not use their stupid metal scraper. Use an old credit card or plastic card instead.
    3. Clean and dry the plate and design after each use.
    4. You don’t have to use the konad nail polishes to get a good design. You just need a nail polish that is thicker (no glitterly bits as they don’t pick up on the stamp well). Try old stamps and darker colors. I would suggest using colors that only need one coat instead of 2-3. I really like Sally Hansen chrome polishes. They are thin but pigmented.

    Have fun!

  14. Dee Says:

    May i ask what stamper you’re using? Im not quite sure if this makes a difference but i found that using the original small stamper, my konad skills were somewhat dreadful. But upon purchasing the new stamper (the longer, two sided with two sizes) Konading became much more easier!
    Some people would disagree and say the new stamper is a waste of money but i dont think so. I think it does wonders. The bigger side helps alot when you want to do full nail designs and the smaller side helps with precision with smaller designs.

    Hope that helps!

  15. Nora Says:

    It looks really good to me, love the combination! I can’t see where the mistakes are at all, but I agree with you Konad hates me too I gave up after 1 hour of trying it on myself, love to do it on my little girl though she is too cool for school wearing konad

  16. Amber Says:

    Stephanie, I wanted to thank you fot the link to Nailphile’s blog! I FINALLY bought the konad stuffs, and at 20% off! Hurray! I got my order the next day…how insaine is that?! I love it. Come over to my house, I’ll stamp your nails. But honestly, your nails look fine – what are you talking about??

  17. Pretty Brown Girl Says:

    Konad has eluded me as well. *sigh* I’ve backed off from trying for a while, so I can renew my enthusiasm for the next time I attempt it. Your accident looks cool. Maybe I should get some more abstract plates so my accidents will look cool as well! :)

  18. yaya Says:

    w.e chickadee! i think your konad looks good. i just ordered mine so i’ll have to see what happens when i get it… have u tried using a credit card of a blade as a scraper? i hear that’s a “trick”

  19. Sussi Says:

    I must say that this is the coolest design I’ve seen made with Konad. Fully Awesome.. looks like a painting :D

  20. Steph Says:

    TAG – I feel you lol.

    Diana – : ) Best compliment ever. I’m pretty slow for konad too but I’ve learned the hard way… caffeine and nail polish do not mix lol.

    MoLo – Hmm… okay I’ll give it a go.

    Joyce – :O *gasp*!! No cremes!! *dies*

    Brooke – lol definitely abstract.

    Sue – You have to try!!!

    Alexlyndra – We all just have to keep trying… there’s a learning curve, everyone says they get easier.

    Lucy – Thank you! : )

    The Nailphile – <3 *sniffle*

    Stylista – You for sure need DSM, it’s an extremely unique color.

    Astasia – I think I’ll give their polishes a shot.

    Euni – LOL. You’re boyfriend sounds awesome.

    Julie – Thanks!

    Dee – I’m using the original… but I’ve really wanted to get the double stamper. I might just order it with the polishes. (And thank you!)

    Nora – lol. Your little girl is so lucky. I wish I had a konad in my youth – it would have been awesome.

    Amber – You’re more than welcome and thank you too. : )

    PBG – I think abstracts are key for peeps like us because I can never get anything to look like what it’s supposed to look like it.

    Yaya – I have the non-metal scraper, it works pretty well, my problem is picking up the design.

    Susi – : ) Thank you.

  21. Nikki S. Says:

    Ihaven’t tries Konad so you can take my advice or not it’s ok, but I’ve heard that Chrome Nail polish colors work rather well…so if you have any Sally Hansen Chrome colors give those a try and see how they work for you.

    BTW I love your design…I think it’s cute :)

  22. Jen Says:

    Does anyone know if the Konad special polishes are vegan?

  23. Liz Says:

    I just bought my Konad about a week ago and love it. I haven’t had too many problems with the application, but I’m still doing simple things. I have found that my OPI polishes seem to work better than the special polishes. I bought the Konad purple and don’t like it as the design is really light. I have a really old bottle (15+ years) of OPI’s Pikes Peak Purple which worked great! I typically use OPI products anyway and found the silver works much better than the special polishes as well. Give that a whirl.

    I love the credit card idea instead of the metal scraper and also love love love your design pictured above. Love the colors, love the design, even if it doesn’t look anything like the original stamp, it still looks cool to me.

  24. Bere Says:

    Well I haventy tried konads yet with another nail polish othe rthan the ones they seel it with but when I’ve tired other ones it just wont work and it ends up being a mess I’ve also have to be sioer careful when i put the top coat on my nails cause if i press to hard i end up smudging the whole desing if any of you know any other brands or products that work with konad plates please share cause even tho they have lot’s of color options are limited

  25. beautyandsparkle Says:

    Color ranges of this product are divine and a must have for this many to choose from, one to be collected i feel :-) With a cotton bud on coated in nail varnish remover on stand by for this ready for this little gems thick coat texture, a flawless finish is ready and waiting. Thank you for blogging the range of colors so beautfully.. , how anoying is it when the color in the product bottle is so different to that of on the nail.

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