Color Club Spring 2009 Femme Fatale Collection

The forces of the universe have been conspiring to prevent me from posting this collection. First, a while back, I decided to take a new approach to swatching. Instead of just painting my nails for a quick photo and just writing about my brief opinions, I decided to actually wear all the colors in collections I review. The result was a copious amount of notes on each color, similar to what I usually write for posts on manicures. But then, to my chagrin, the evil google virus did away with all my efforts. As far as nail polish goes, the notes lost, are the equivalent of the Library of Alexandria burning down. Sadly, here are my briefer impressions based on what I remember from wearing this colors.

Color Club had an interesting concept for this spring collection, these colors were intended to be mixed and matched to create various funky frenches. I can totally see where they were going with that idea, these colors (a mixture of shimmery sheers and opaques) do compliment each other well in the french format. However, this collection also lends itself to amazing layering combinations. I would have loved to have shown you guys the sheers from both Catwalk Queen and Femme Fatale over black and white but I’ve been so busy I just haven’t had the time. But, fear not, Scrangie has some great swatches of these shades over black.


Color Club Femme Fatale consists of ultra sparkly pink and yellow toned micro-glitter suspended in a gel like whitish polish that applies clear. This is 4 coats, it’s simply gorgeous over black. (Please excuse the perpetual yellowness of my nails.)


Color Club Oooooo La La is a stunning, wearable white with a pearl finish. I usually don’t like pearl finishes but I absolutely loved this color. This is 3 coats. The application was a bit off – the coats applied unevenly so you have to be careful to be apply as evenly as possible. While I would consider this color a PITA, it’s not impossible to work with and I think the pay off is worth the extra effort. This color is perfect as a base on which to layer the sheer colors in this collection.


Color Club Oui! Oui! Oui! consists of a very fine green shimmer in a sheer whitish base. My picture isn’t very accurate as far the shimmer, the green is way more obvious in real life. This one is also stunning over black. I believe this swatch is 4 coats.


Color Club Revvvolution is just, wow. WOW. I guess I might be biased because I love all holos – but this one is particularly brilliant. It’s a dark charcoal, pretty much black for all purposes, medium grain holo. The holo has a predominately greenish cast to it. Revvvoltion is very well pigmented. For me, it was essentially perfect in one coat but I applied two for good measure. I haven’t done a side by side swatch, but from memory, I can tell you that this is darker and more opaque than OPI My Private Jet. MPJ is one of my favorite polishes of all time, but I actually think that Revvvolution might take it’s place.


I’ve gotten a lot of complaints about the quality of my images of holographics so I’ve been trying to find alternative forms of lighting that are better suited to showing the holographic effect of these polishes. This picture isn’t as vivid as Revvvolution is in real life but I think you get the idea.


Color Club Where’s the Soiree? is a black creme that doesn’t dry glossy. It’s not exactly matte, but closer to a satin finish. It applies well in 2 to 3 coats. I would want to maintain the unique finish so I would probably either use no top coat or a matte top coat. Where’s the Soiree? is also perfect as a base for layering the other colors in this collection.


Color Club Worth the Risque is a medium grain holographic silver with a bluish cast. Like Revvvolution, the holo has a greenish cast to it. It’s a 2 to 3 coater. LOVE it.


Here it is in different lighting… *drool/dies*.


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by Color Club.


23 Responses to “Color Club Spring 2009 Femme Fatale Collection”

  1. Kyosuke Says:

    Wonderful collection !
    I like Femme Fatale, for showing your nails shape :) Ooooo la la as a great white (seems more white than pearl to me ^^ And revvvolution is great as well <3
    Thank you Steph :) And take care of yourself !

  2. Charming nails Says:

    Revvvolution is lovely! Your nails are gorgeous!

  3. Lucy Says:

    The collection looks so pretty on you. I have Revvolution and Worth the Risque. Love them both. Love the holo’s, glimmer and shimmers.

  4. Brooke Says:

    This is a great collection. I would love to see these in some of the french mani designs, I bet they would look awesome!

  5. Alexlyndra Says:

    I just love Revvvolution! I’m waiting for it to arrive at my door in any day to come. ;D

  6. wixbetty Says:

    Color Club should pay you to use those top-lit holo pics as their promotional pics- they are just stunningly gorgeous! Whatever you adjusted to highlight the color-shifting qualities is definitely working-Love it!

  7. Marsha Smith Says:

    Great collection! Glad to see you back in action, haven’t seen you in awhile.

  8. Valerie Says:

    Hello! I just love Revvvolution! Your nails are so gorgeous, everything looks great on those..

  9. Chandni Says:

    Worth the Risque – definitely gorgeous
    I’m not too big of afan of holos but that is definitely a must have!

  10. Sanna Says:

    Your nails looks so perfect it’s almost illegal!:P Love this collection.

  11. Kyosuke Says:

    1 year and so much wonders… HAPPY BIRTHDAY POLISH ADDICT <3 Congratulations Stephanie ^^

    The first post was that 20th of April, 2008. Thanks a lot, for all your hard work, your very nice pictures, comments, discussions we could have, and I wish you the best for the next years as well, a lot of new polishes and new friends as well !

    Take care :)
    Kindly regards.

  12. Zetar Says:

    I would like to leave a comment:
    Femme Fatale: is perfect.
    Anything else is gilding the lily.

  13. tessa Says:

    I love Worth the Risque and Revvolution, I really like holos. They would be so GORGEOUS in some of those funky frenches!

  14. Steph Says:

    Kyosuke – My pic of it isn’t too great, it’s definitely visibly pearlescent. : )

    Charming Nails – Thank you : )

    Lucy – Huge ditto

    Brooke – I wish I had the time to do them. : ( This whole being busy thing suuuuucks.

    Alexlyndra – let me know what you think when you get it.

    Wixbetty – LOL. Thank you. : ) I’m not very good at using my camera yet so it was really hard to take that shot.

    Marsha – <3

    Valerie – Thank you!

    Chadni – *gasp* Not a fan of holos!!! *dies*

    Sanna – : )!

    Kyosuke – : ) Thank you so much!!

    Zetar – Thank you. : )

    Tessa/Lialeelee – Agreed.

  15. lizliz Says:

    I have both worth the risque and revvv…. but I don’t know… revvv is holographic in the bottle and on my nails, but it doesn’t have the holographic umph once it dries.. It’s a cooler, less holographic MPJ in my opinion. And for some reason, once I put a coat of nailtiques over it – it looses even more of its holographic cast and looks like OPI’s baby its coal outside… ]

    Maybe I have a dud… :(

  16. gymnastgirly Says:

    lizliz, what nailtiques are you using over Revvvolution? That could be what’s dulling the finish. When I wear Revvvolution with Seche Vite or Poshe TC, it’s totally shiny and holo.

    And Steph, great swatches & review!

  17. lizliz Says:

    Formula II. lol my nails have gotten so strong and nice I’m afraid not to wear it. My revvv looks like the first picture of it… In the bottle against MPJ it just looks like a cooler version (more black than brown)

    iunno.. lol it’s still nice.. Maybe I should skip the nailtiques just once. lol

  18. valeria Says:

    i have decided that you have the best long nails out of all the nail blogs!!! i’ve always been a fan of ALU’s short nails but you make long nails look so classy :D

  19. suzieduck Says:

    hi, i was looking for reviews of color club nail poliash when i came across yours. your nails are very beautifully done and i love Revvvolution and Worth the Risque. Definately going to be on my next haul.

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  21. Tara Says:

    Hi! Can you please tell me where I can buy Color Club in a store? I have looked all over for this brand but cant seem to find it and I am totally lemming over Revvvolution!

  22. MaryBeth Says:

    I got Color Club’s “Worth The Risque”. It looks alot like China Glaze’s OMG Holographic Silver, only much cheaper. But I guess ya get what ya pay for. Is it just me, or does this stuff take FOREVER to dry? No matter how long I wait, it always smudges. I have blow-dried my nails, I have put on Quick-Dry….but I still get smudges, even hours later. Any suggestions?

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