A Mystery to Me: Chanel Cosmique 28


Even though I spend the GNP of a small country on polish, generally, I can’t bring myself to dish the big bucks for Chanel. I’m lucky though, Chanels seem to find their way to me despite my resistance to buying them. Chanel Cosmique 28 came to me by way of the lovely RaspberryBeetle who was also responsible for the best thing that ever happened to me. Aside from the fact that this polish is another example of RB’s other-worldly kindness, I know absolutely nothing about Cosmique and google was no help. The origin of this polish is a complete mystery to me.

The mysterious Cosmique is a very chic blue, actually, it’s an almost black with a deep blue sheen. It’s very fine blue shimmer in a smokey semi-sheer black base. I don’t have Chanel Blue Satin or Sally Hansen After Midnight  for comparison but word on the street is that all these polishes are fairly similar to each other.

The application is a bit streaky but it evens out well by the second and third coat. I love the color but my one  major gripe, like with Gold Fiction, is that the bottle is opaque, making it impossible to know how much of the polish remains. Although, I’m starting to feel like that might not be such a bad thing because I become incredibly distressed when I notice a quantity dip in a bottle of polish. The opaqueness hides the sad truth so I can save the craziness for another day.


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  1. Jinnzor Says:

    That is very pretty. Chanel is still evil though! I do not need to get hooked on Chanel polish, that’s for sure.

    P.S. love the nail length and shape. Beautiful.

  2. Nailmasterfr Says:

    very classy !
    just as a deep red.

  3. Brooke Says:

    I really like this color. It reminds me of one of my faves, China Glaze – Indian Ocean (discontinued). I love the dark blue of Indian Ocean and it is my very first polish that I bought a back up bottle of. I must be a TRUE polish addict now :)

    I love your blog! I get excited when I see there is a new post up by you :)

  4. Marie Says:

    Wow, that’s gorgeous. is it just me though, or does the bottle design look different?

  5. Steph Says:

    Jinn – lol, agreed on Chanel being evil. And thank you! : )

    Nailmasterfr – I think so too!

    Brooke – Thanks. : ) And yes, now that you have bought a back you are official inducted lol.

    Marie – I dunno, other than the opaqueness it looks normal to me.

  6. The Asian Girl Says:

    I’m wondering the age of that bottle…or if it was meant for the US/EU/Asia market. I’ve only seen it on the nail gallery. It looks like Lancome Midnight Glam. (I found it at TJ Maxx; not paying full price for that!) I hate opaque bottles too but maybe if I keep them hidden behind other nail polish bottles it won’t be much of a problem :P

  7. Malice Says:

    Could you tell us how you take those gorgeus photos? My boyfriend guesses that you use two professional spot lights (however those devices are over 200USD each). I am sooo curious! :-)

  8. Kyosuke Says:

    WOW! O_O

  9. laura Says:

    i wanted to ask if you have seen the mac peppermint patty that came out with their sugarsweet collection a couple of weeks: as a girl who loves green…you need to check it out, girl. :)

  10. Lucy Says:

    Wow does that shade look gorgeous on you! I don’t own any Chanel’s. Your nails just looks so pretty.

  11. Amanda Says:

    :-O WOW! This is a beautiful color and I’m not a huge Chanel fan, but I LOVE this!

  12. Lotta Says:


  13. Tina Says:

    OMG – that is my absolute favorite nail polish *EVER*, and you got a bottle of it, for free?! You lucky lucky girl! I’ve had mine for…at least 6 years(!) and only use it when the cravings get really serious :) I’d sell my own mother for another bottle if anyone has one to spare…?
    I recall buying at an airport, not sure if it was here in Europe or in the US tho.

  14. andie4 Says:

    “I become incredibly distressed when I notice a quantity dip in a bottle of polish” LOL i am the same way, that is when i need to run for a back up, and with all the backups i have, i still haven’t used any of the originals up yet! lol

  15. Jasmine Says:

    Beautiful shine!

  16. kristine Says:

    this is such a pretty color on you. and wow, you take amazing pics :)

  17. carcade Says:

    “I become incredibly distressed when I notice a quantity dip in a bottle of polish” – funny, cause I kinda love this dips – they makes me feel that I really _use_ my polishes, not only collect them. I always like in some weird ways the signs of use on my cosmetics )

  18. aksaiyo Says:

    *gasp!* its very pweetie~~ xD
    *runs around mall disrict looking for it*
    never heard of it before though, another mysterious limited edition of the past…

  19. Steph Says:

    TAG – Ah, I wish I had an answer. This color was from before my time and I can’t find any info online.

    Malice – I use a light box that I built myself, pretty cheap in the grand scheme.

    Kyosuke – : )

    Laura – LOL I grabbed it as soon as I was able too. It’s *gorgeous*.

    Lucy – Thank you. : )

    Lotta – Thank you!

    Tina – I think I remember seeing them on ebay for reasonable prices. You might be able to snag another one. : )

    Andie – I do the *exact* same thing. Lol.

    Jasmine – Agreed. : )

    Kristine – Thanks!

    Carcade – I just have an irrational fear of running out of the color.

    Aksaiyo – : ( I knooooow.

  20. Zetar Says:

    I tried to leave a comment…..hmmm

  21. Jennifer Says:

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  22. Ellen Says:

    Hi, Steph! I’m also wondering the age of that bottle… I have a Chanel #72 (Rouge Imaginaire) and the label has the same design os yours Cosmique (Cosmic Blue)! I got mine 13 years ago (actually it was my mom’s polish… but she gave it to me, because she doesn’t like that red so much – lucky me)… I also found our polishes in a list which has informations about color, brand, or if it wat descontinued or not… (http://www.mypersonalreality.com/nails/owned/Lacquers%20Owned%20-%20abbreviated%20list.html). And yes, Cosmique was retired! So, we must be happy for these acquisitions! :)

  23. GRSAMY Says:


  24. Bianca Says:

    Hi there! I bought this nail polish at my honeymoon in Paris 13 years ago coming this november. It’s a beautiful, elegant deep blue that when the light hits it has the most gorgeous shimmer, it really sizzles. I really don’t use it anymore because just like you I get terribly distressed that I can’t see how much is left. Perhaps I’ll do a mani this october since it’s my wedding anniversary. :D

  25. 三鞭粒 Says:

    Hi, Steph! I’m also wondering the age of that bottle… I have a Chanel

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