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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

I typically don’t flip out over sales but this is a truly extraordinary, once in a life time gift from the nail polish gods. Rescue Beauty Lounge was running a 75% off sale of their bath and body products. Apparently, there was some sort of glitch in the system that allowed some people to get 75% off their entire order, even though the discount was meant for bath and body products only. In response to one would-be buyer’s thoughtful, honest email about how she did not place an order because she knew that the code was only meant for bath and body products and thought it was be dishonest to take advantage of what was obviously a glitch, Ji Baek is offering this one time conciliatory sale.

Tomorrow from 12 to 2 pm EST, you can get 50% off of all Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes if you buy at least one bath and beauty product, using the code Mea Culpa. I know a lot of you guys hesitate to buy RBL because of the hefty price so definitely take advantage of this amazing offer. Here are my swatches of some of Rescue Beauty Lounge colors.


Brights of Yesteryear: OPI Give Me the Moon

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009


OPI Give Me the Moon was included in the 2007 Summer collection Night Brights. Not a particularly ‘bright’ color per se, but definitely a unique, interesting color. The base shade is like an icey gray but the dense blue iridescent shimmer gives it a bluish over all glow. It’s definitely a sheer-ish color but this swatch is only 3 coats.


Here is a photo taken with flash to exhibit the exquisite shimmer.  I’d be interested in comparing this color with the new OPI Breathe Life (which I have yet to obtain, curses!) The base color looks different but Breathe Life seems to have the same shimmer that makes this color so great.


The Mad Konad Skills Elude Me Once More

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009


I am overwhelmed with sorrow whenever I see The Nailphile’s KOTDs. I die a little inside because I know that no matter how hard I try, Konad will always hates me. In this pitiful state I’ve learned to love, and see beauty in, my failed attempts… it’s not an ugly konad failure, no I say, it’s um… art deco. The accident pictured above is just such an example, the stamp is not supposed to look like that, but in this case I actually like the final product. This konadicure is Misa Dirty Sexy Money (one of my favorite new colors for Spring 2009) and China Glaze VIII used with Konad plate 65. VIII is a gorgeous deep purple creme, however, the formula is too thin so it’s not really suitable for Konad. The result is similar to a linoleum stamp print. The look works with this particular pattern, perhaps not with others. I actually don’t own very many Konad special polishes. I don’t know why but I just can’t bring myself to buy them without first exhausting my stash for a normal polish that works well with Konad. I haven’t found a good purple Konad polish substitute so I think I’m finally going to give in and get their purple polishes using The Nailphile’s WowSoCool 20% code. Unless you guys have any suggestions for me?

I haven’t gotten a chance to reply to recent comments yet but I will soon, I promise.


Disclosure: Dirty, Sexy, Money was sent to me for review by Misa.


The Polish Addict’s First Anniversary!: Vipera – 558

Monday, April 20th, 2009

I’m ashamed to say this but I totally forgot about the first anniversary of this blog coming up. If it hadn’t been for my thoughtful friend and reader, Kyosuke, I would have forgotten completely – I’ve just been so swamped with life lately, I apologize.

In any case, I thought for this special post I would reflect a bit on what this blog means to me personally. I started The Polish Addict last year during the final examination period. I’m a notorious productive procrastinator (I procrastinate by doing everything other than the thing I’m supposed to be doing) and this site was just the newest project in a long line of things I invented to absorb my study time. I never expected that this site would become as popular as it has become but I am so glad that I endeavored to write it. This site has enriched my life, truly. I have made so many wonderful friends along the way. I thought the best way to celebrate this anniversary would be to show you guys a polish sent to me by one of the amazing people I had the pleasure of encountering through blogging. My friend and reader Magda sent me this polish all the way from Poland.


This picture just doesn’t do this color any justice at all. Vipera 558 is green micro glitter suspended in black transparent polish. The shimmer is extremely complex and gives the polish a stunning multi-dimensional depth. It flashes different shades of green and copper. Honestly, 558 is one of the most beautiful polishes I have ever seen. The application was flawless. I don’t know much about this brand. I haven’t encountered it in the United States so I’m assuming it’s only available in Central Europe.


Color Club Spring 2009 Femme Fatale Collection

Monday, April 13th, 2009

The forces of the universe have been conspiring to prevent me from posting this collection. First, a while back, I decided to take a new approach to swatching. Instead of just painting my nails for a quick photo and just writing about my brief opinions, I decided to actually wear all the colors in collections I review. The result was a copious amount of notes on each color, similar to what I usually write for posts on manicures. But then, to my chagrin, the evil google virus did away with all my efforts. As far as nail polish goes, the notes lost, are the equivalent of the Library of Alexandria burning down. Sadly, here are my briefer impressions based on what I remember from wearing this colors.

Color Club had an interesting concept for this spring collection, these colors were intended to be mixed and matched to create various funky frenches. I can totally see where they were going with that idea, these colors (a mixture of shimmery sheers and opaques) do compliment each other well in the french format. However, this collection also lends itself to amazing layering combinations. I would have loved to have shown you guys the sheers from both Catwalk Queen and Femme Fatale over black and white but I’ve been so busy I just haven’t had the time. But, fear not, Scrangie has some great swatches of these shades over black.


Color Club Femme Fatale consists of ultra sparkly pink and yellow toned micro-glitter suspended in a gel like whitish polish that applies clear. This is 4 coats, it’s simply gorgeous over black. (Please excuse the perpetual yellowness of my nails.)


Color Club Oooooo La La is a stunning, wearable white with a pearl finish. I usually don’t like pearl finishes but I absolutely loved this color. This is 3 coats. The application was a bit off – the coats applied unevenly so you have to be careful to be apply as evenly as possible. While I would consider this color a PITA, it’s not impossible to work with and I think the pay off is worth the extra effort. This color is perfect as a base on which to layer the sheer colors in this collection.


Color Club Oui! Oui! Oui! consists of a very fine green shimmer in a sheer whitish base. My picture isn’t very accurate as far the shimmer, the green is way more obvious in real life. This one is also stunning over black. I believe this swatch is 4 coats.


Color Club Revvvolution is just, wow. WOW. I guess I might be biased because I love all holos – but this one is particularly brilliant. It’s a dark charcoal, pretty much black for all purposes, medium grain holo. The holo has a predominately greenish cast to it. Revvvoltion is very well pigmented. For me, it was essentially perfect in one coat but I applied two for good measure. I haven’t done a side by side swatch, but from memory, I can tell you that this is darker and more opaque than OPI My Private Jet. MPJ is one of my favorite polishes of all time, but I actually think that Revvvolution might take it’s place.


I’ve gotten a lot of complaints about the quality of my images of holographics so I’ve been trying to find alternative forms of lighting that are better suited to showing the holographic effect of these polishes. This picture isn’t as vivid as Revvvolution is in real life but I think you get the idea.


Color Club Where’s the Soiree? is a black creme that doesn’t dry glossy. It’s not exactly matte, but closer to a satin finish. It applies well in 2 to 3 coats. I would want to maintain the unique finish so I would probably either use no top coat or a matte top coat. Where’s the Soiree? is also perfect as a base for layering the other colors in this collection.


Color Club Worth the Risque is a medium grain holographic silver with a bluish cast. Like Revvvolution, the holo has a greenish cast to it. It’s a 2 to 3 coater. LOVE it.


Here it is in different lighting… *drool/dies*.


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by Color Club.


A Mystery to Me: Chanel Cosmique 28

Sunday, April 5th, 2009


Even though I spend the GNP of a small country on polish, generally, I can’t bring myself to dish the big bucks for Chanel. I’m lucky though, Chanels seem to find their way to me despite my resistance to buying them. Chanel Cosmique 28 came to me by way of the lovely RaspberryBeetle who was also responsible for the best thing that ever happened to me. Aside from the fact that this polish is another example of RB’s other-worldly kindness, I know absolutely nothing about Cosmique and google was no help. The origin of this polish is a complete mystery to me.

The mysterious Cosmique is a very chic blue, actually, it’s an almost black with a deep blue sheen. It’s very fine blue shimmer in a smokey semi-sheer black base. I don’t have Chanel Blue Satin or Sally Hansen After Midnight  for comparison but word on the street is that all these polishes are fairly similar to each other.

The application is a bit streaky but it evens out well by the second and third coat. I love the color but my one  major gripe, like with Gold Fiction, is that the bottle is opaque, making it impossible to know how much of the polish remains. Although, I’m starting to feel like that might not be such a bad thing because I become incredibly distressed when I notice a quantity dip in a bottle of polish. The opaqueness hides the sad truth so I can save the craziness for another day.