Ji Baek is My Personal Hero: Rescue Beauty Lounge Spring 2009

Ji Baek has out done herself yet again. For the past few seasons, Rescue Beauty Lounge has consistently pushed the boundaries by releasing innovative unique collections that have well exceeded my expectations; Spring 2009 is no exception. I have just one word: GLITTER. Because glitter is typically (and erroneously) associated with a younger age group, Ji set out to create a glittery polish that is more accessible to ‘adults’. While I don’t really agree that glitter is age exclusive, I think she accomplished what she set out to do. These polishes are ultra bling, very glimmer-y, but at the same time wearable and not gaudy.

Also, I really appreciate companies that step outside of their image. I associate RBL with chic edgy cremes. I never, ever, ever expected to see a set of chunky glitters donning the Rescue Beauty name. Ji took a risk, an awesomely blingy gorgeous risk, and I, for one, am very pleased.

These polishes consist of very dense multi-sized, multi-shaped brilliant glitter suspended in clear polish. You’ll see extremely tiny flecks of glitter (which help to build opacity and provide depth to bling) along with regular-sized glitter, both round and square shaped. I think these polishes are too dense to be used as a glitter top coat unless a thick coat of glitter is the look you’re trying to achieve.

All these swatches are 3 coats of polish and 2 coats of top coat.


Locavore is gold, teal, and amethyst glitter. The main complaint about these  is that the glitter is too chunky, causing a rough finish. It’s definitely not smooth, but I found that one coat of regular topcoat, topped with one coat of Seche Vite gets rid of the bumpiness satisfactorily.


The light refraction from the glitter created so much bling that my camera had a hard time focusing. Here’s an indirect shot that’s more true to color.


*drool* This is a super close up shot. Absolutely gorgeous.


Frugalista is composed of silver and amethyst glitter. I wore this one as a manicure. It’s sort of like an optical illusion, the shades of the glitter combine to create a platinum flash. This one is definitely a show stopper.

rescue-beauty-lounge-frugalista-side-view1Here’s an indirect side view for more accuracy.


And again, a close up shot. I usually don’t do ultra close ups but I’m trying to display the different sizes and shapes of the glitter.


And finally Look Rich, Be Cheap is gold and purple glitter (slightly deeper than the amethyst shade found in the other two polishes.) Lovacore and Look Rich, Be Cheap really remind me Mardi Gras.


Speaking of which, as a Florida Gator, if I had any kind of school spirit what-so-ever, I would not love this polish as much as I do because gold and purple are LSU colors. haha.


Close up shot for full bling appreciation.

In my humble opinion, this was a really successful foray into the world of bling. I really hope it’s not a one time thing for Ji.


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by Rescue Beauty Lounge.


27 Responses to “Ji Baek is My Personal Hero: Rescue Beauty Lounge Spring 2009”

  1. The Asian Girl Says:

    I really do want this collection…but I may have to take up a collection in order to buy it! AAUGH!

  2. Vanessa Says:

    OMG; Frugalista is the most gorgeous polish I’ve seen in a long time! :) *drooolz*

  3. feline Says:

    Oh my… *drooling* I have to find a retailer! Now.

  4. Alexlyndra Says:

    I would surely love this collection in my hands!

  5. mochachoc Says:

    I was rather hoping that someone would get round to reviewing these. So thank you. As usual they look amazing on you. RBL seem to buck the trend successfully. Sadly they cost way too much to import.

  6. Kerriann Says:

    I really really love Frugalista– I just doubt Id ever wear it. Id stare at the bottle constantly.

  7. Molly Says:

    Frugalista is amazing! Do they shine and reflect a lot of light, like they appear to?

  8. Yaya Says:

    i really like this collection. look rich be cheap looks like Mardi Gras fever b/c I somehow see a glint of green… or maybe it’s just me… regardless i like it hehe

  9. Dana Cerise Says:

    The color is Locavore not Lovacore. This one is my favorite.

  10. Nelle Says:

    Wowee, they’re amazing aren’t they! I’ll definitely be on the lookout for them.

  11. Brooke Says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I am just not loving these….and I am a glitter freak!!! So that is saying something, lol. I don’t like the color combo’s that were put together for one thing, I just think some different colors and I might feel different about this collection.

    Plus I was put off on the back story of these nail polishes with the whole “be cheap look rich” thing when they cost $18.00 ea.

    Thanks for posting these pics up, I love hearing what you think of polishes even if I don’t happen to like them, lol :)

  12. Amber Says:

    oooh… I want to try and make something similar. You ever fraken your polishes Stephanie? OMG!!! You should start your polish label!!

  13. Lucy Says:

    I saw these on the RBL website and thought, big deal. On your nails they are fantastic. I have to have them. I need them. I also need the money to buy all three. Why oh why, are they so damned expensive?!!!

  14. Amber N. Says:

    Loves it, its soo sparkly :)

  15. Steph Says:

    TAG – LOL. I know, I know.

    Vanessa – Ditto. It’s my favorite from this collection.

    Feline – Try calling them they might be able to point you in the right direction.

    Alexlyndra – : )

    Mochochoc – Man, I really hate that it costs so much to get stuff overseas.

    Kerriann – Take a chance. : P

    Molly – Yes definitely. It’s really reflective, ultra bling.

    Yaya – It does, but it’s more like a tealish green.

    Dana – Thanks, I need to pay more attention.

    Nelle – Def!

    Brooke – I like the color combinations, but I agree with you about the back story… which is why I didn’t mention it in the post. I love RBL but I’m not going to pretend like they are a bargain because they aren’t.

    Amber – lol. I don’ franken very often because I’m a purist (it’s also why I don’t konad or layer very often.)

    Lucy – LOL. I remember the first time I bought RBL, it was the first time I ever spent that much on one color. I felt SO guilty, but it was totally worth it.

    Amber N. – Yuppers lol.

  16. S. Vanessa Hailey Says:

    Hey doll face! Amazing close-up pics!
    I have not seen you around much on the forum. If you want you can email me. Would love to chat :)

    BTW Have I ever told you that you are my nail envy? I dream of having nails like you. Care to trade?

  17. Steph Says:

    Aw – yea, sorry about my absence, I’ve been really busy. Things will be normal again soon. <3 And sure we can trade! lol.

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  19. davi Says:

    Great nails.
    I wonder how you look like…
    Post a photo!

  20. Steph Says:

    There’s one in the about me section.

  21. tessa Says:

    Wow. I have never seen anything like this before. But I dont think it looks very casual.

  22. tessa Says:

    I love Frugalista! *drools* Sooo pretty!

  23. allison Says:

    are they tough to remove?

  24. sweetpop Says:

    LOVE Ji Baek. I bought her book and it’s simple yet amazing.

  25. Lee Westwood Says:

    The color is Locavore not Lovacore. This one is my favorite.

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