Lancome Pink Irreverence Collection Spring 2009

I know I’ve been apologizing a lot lately but I have one more. My computer caught a horrendous virus last week and I haven’t been able to do anything on it since then. My images are okay, but sadly all the notes I’ve taken on all the colors I’ve been swatching were lost. That means I have to go by memory and some of these colors were swatched so long ago I’ll only have a vague recollection of my impressions. Also, if you’ve sent me an email or left a comment, I swear I’m going to get to it soon, I’m just totally disorganized and I’m trying to get everything together.

In any case, to get back into the regular flow of nail polish blogging I’m starting off with the Lancome Pink Irreverence Collection which is in stores now. I have the Lancome Le Magnetiques but this is my first rodeo with their Le Vernis line. These are some pricey polishes but I have to say I’m pretty impressed overall. The formula for both these colors is excellent – smooth, perfect application. The brush size and wand length is absolute perfection. The wand is just long enough to keep the polish flowing consistently without cuticle pooling. The brush is like a toned-down version of OPI’s Pro-wide, making Lancome’s brush shape and size just perfect for the shape of my nails. My one major critizism is that Lancome opted to go with the non-removable square cap. Other companies like Chanel and Butter London make the square cap removable, which is preferrable because square caps can be awkward to hold. With that said, I love the over all style of the bottle – mirrorred cap and a sleek bottle body with a mirrored silver rose stamped in the corner.


(Ahhh, I’m kicking myself right now because I had such elaborate meticulous notes concerning this color.) Piha Black is black (I’m captain obvious) with glass fleck glitter. My picture doesn’t properly exhibit the sparkliness of the glitter – it’s visible but not in an ‘in your face’ kind of way. There are a few blacks with glass fleck glitter that have varying prices and are different degrees of rarity on the market. Just to name a few, there’s Dior Black Sequins, Sally Hansen Salon Raven’s Wing, OPI Baby It’s Coal Outside, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Black Diamond and Pure Ice Electric. You can see comparisons of a few those on Steph’s Closet and if I can ever get it together, I’ll have comparisons of the latter 3. Without having side-by-side swatches for true comparitive value and by only eye balling the bottles, my initial impression is that none of these look exactly alike. There are slight variations in the depth of the black as well as the luster and density of the glitter for each polish, however, if you’re on a recession budget the lower end polishes (that Pure Ice will only set you back $1.50, tops) might be worth your consideration. What makes Piha Black stand out from the others, at least for me, is that it’s completely opaque in one coat. Making it not only perfect for nail art as pictured below, but also saving application and giving you double bang for your buck.


Sassiness is a soft translucent pink, perfect for french manicures. The subtle genius of the Pink Irrevence Collection is the dichotomy between the edgy black and the feminine pink… which together… kick butt. Instead of doing a traditional funky french, I decided to do a chevron and a half moon just for illustration purposes, I absolutely love the way these colors compliment each other. My index and middle fingers are 4 coats of Sassiness. It applies perfectly so one coat looked excellent but I wanted to test buildability. Sadly, it doesn’t build. Sassiness looks pretty much the same at 4 coats as it does at 2 coats, which is pretty much the hallmark of a good french manicure base color. I can only hope that the colection’s designer, Aaron De Mey, is secretly attempting to usher Lancome into the realm of nail art. I hope Lancome takes the plunge.


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by Lancome.


14 Responses to “Lancome Pink Irreverence Collection Spring 2009”

  1. Kristy Says:

    Hey, what did you use to do the half moon nail? Did you use french tip nail guides?

  2. Styrch Says:

    That is one smoking mani! Reminds me a bit of the manis Drusilla used to sport on Buffy the Vampire slayer. You wouldn’t believe how often I’ve tried to do black with french like that and failed. Or maybe you would. Was it easy?

  3. Mary Says:

    Excellent! I actually just purchased Pure Ice Electric and I was loving the color. It was like nothing I own. I love the nail art in the second picture. That black is so rich for being only one coat.

  4. mochachoc Says:

    The contrast between the black & pink is wicked. Would you not wear it out? You seem to suggest you only did it for demonstration. And how do you keep your nails from staining. I love that pink but I have such dreadfully stained nails. I blame ORLY BONDER.

  5. Lotta Says:

    I love those inversed french manicures! Looks relly pretty with the black and the pink. =)

  6. Lucy Says:

    I don’t usually like polish like the pink. It looks beautiful on you. Very pretty nails and I love the pink and black combination. I’ve never tried Lancome polish. I think I will be trying them in the future.

  7. Jason Says:

    Funny you show post a black. I just did my toes in black, and it’s not the first color you think of for spring. I just thought it looked good on my not-yet-tanned feet (it’s been winter here forever…).
    I like this one though because of the subtle silver sparkles. It is a nice step up in ‘class’ from basic black!

  8. emma Says:

    Nice to have you back Steph – loving the black Lancome. Thanks to your great photos I just bought Essie’s Starry Starry night – am loving it, although my work colleagues are looking at me like I have finally flipped…..and yes I have sourced a stockist with 40 bottles in stock

  9. J Says:

    Eeps those colors are gorgeous!

  10. masa_inn Says:

    your nail art is amazing.
    How did you do such a perfect half-moon mani?

  11. wixbetty Says:

    I may be mistaken, but I have seen the Pure Ice colors range from $1.97 to $2.50 depending on the area in which the Walmart is located. (this is in southern California, though)
    hth =]

  12. The World's Dresser Says:

    Dude, I had a vicious virus attack last week too! They’re such a pain – grrr. At any rate, once again, you’ve given us awesome swatches! Thank you, thank, thank you!!

  13. Zetar Says:

    Superb! Magnifique! Gorgeous! Encore!

  14. Steph Says:

    Kristy – Nope, just free hand. : P

    Styrch – I would lol. It was fairly easy because the black is so well pigmented. It would be tougher with something like OPI Black Onyx.

    Mary – Thank you. : )

    Mochachoc – I totally would – but if I did it for something other than demonstration I would probably do the whole hand. And unfortunately, I don’t keep my nails from staining. They’re actually stained really bad but I bleached them recently (I don’t recommend that) and I use Dr. G’s Nail Whitener like it’s my job.

    Lotta – I know! I loooove them!

    Lucy – Thank you. : ) Let me know what you think if you do.

    Jason – lol, that’s a great description for it.

    Emma – That’s awesome!

    J – *eeps with you*

    Masa_inn – Thank you! : ) I think it was just luck, it’s free hand.

    Wixbetty – I dunno, they’re typically under 2 bucks.

    The World’s Dresser – Thank you! And I’m sorry to hear that you have suffered the virus-y evil as well lol.

    Zetar – lol. Thank you.

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