White with Gold Shimmer is Love: Rescue Beauty Lounge Moxie


There are a million whites with gold shimmer (just to name a few: Essie Amalfi, Essie Tennis Corset, OPI She’s Golden, OPI Oh So Glam!, Icing’s Goddess, and Orly Meringue). And I love every single one. To me each one is unique in its own way. Rescue Beauty Lounge Moxie is no exception. It’s an off-white with iridescent gold shimmer that occasionally flashes a very subtle goldish-green. The amount of gold shimmer in relation to the off-white is somewhere between that of Essie Amalfi (which is almost completely gold with very little white) and the OPIs from the Beyond Chic Collection (that have a more subtle gold shimmer). When Moxie isn’t glimmering gold, the combination of the white and the gold together creates a sort of white platinum shade, very chic. This color is transitionally work appropriate, meaning no one at the office is going to bat an eye at it but it’s in no way boring.


Moxie’s formula is thin. I needed 4 coats to get full coverage. The first time I wore this color, several months ago, I had a lot of trouble with the application. We’re talking some major issues with bubbling, so bad, that I didn’t take a picture that time. As you can see from the image this time, I didn’t have that problem, so what changed? There are a lot of things that can contribute to bubbling. The usual culprits are drafts (like an overhead ceiling fan), oil on the nail bed (which can be avoided by wiping with a nail prep or vinegar) and applying coats of color too thickly. I think my problem last time might have been my own application shortcomings. The first time I wore this color I was still applying very thick coats of color. Even with very think coats, I do still get bubbling sometimes with some polishes but a coat of Seche Vite usually takes care of it. Seriously, it just makes bubbles disappear. (If you have yet to experience the miracle that is Seche Vite – go buy it now). The other factor that may have contributed to my more successful application this time is Rescue Beauty Lounge’s ridge filling base coat which I used for this manicure but not the previous one.


Disclosure: The Rescuse Beauty Lounge Ridge Filler was sent to me for review by Rescue Beauty Lounge, but I believe I purchased Moxie.


24 Responses to “White with Gold Shimmer is Love: Rescue Beauty Lounge Moxie”

  1. styrch Says:

    So glad you posted this. I actually just found this on a site and was curious about it. Thanks!

  2. rebecca Says:

    May I aska question about Seche Vite? I tried it last week for the first time ever and failed miserably. Later I wondered if maybe this was because I hadn’t used a base coat. I often skip the base coat and do just fine when the top coat is China Glaze QuikTop, but do you think it’s possible that Seche Vite’s magic — which I hear about from everyone — is actually dependent on the base coat to bond with? I’ve orderd Seche Clear to experiment but would love your opinion. Thanks!

  3. Sandra Says:

    I absolutely love your blog! I wanted to know which colors or shades you recommend for dark skin complexions…just got into nail polish and I am so confused and sick of just berry colors for dark skin…Any recommendations? My skin is like the shade of Lauryn Hill. Thanks.

  4. Katie Says:

    That’s beautiful!I love the unique colours of RBL..I just don’t know how I can get some of them in my hands without paying the extremely high international shiiping cost they have!!!I love your blog your swathces are always great and accurate!Kisses from Greece!

  5. The Asian Girl Says:

    A white with gold shimmer that I adore is Zoya Gaia…4 coats is hell, but the color is worth it. Moxie looks amazing though…gotta save up some pennies for those RBLs, though!

  6. Amanda Says:

    Steph, that is beautiful! I am loving whites lately…especially pretty shimmery ones!

  7. Jinnzor Says:

    That is lovely! I love colors like this for summer.

  8. Siobhan Says:

    I gave you an award on my blog today. Take a look to see what to do!

  9. Catie Says:

    I have had this color for a while, but didn’t like it much because I thought it was streaky going on. It turns out the problem was the base; I don’t recall what I used, but subsequent applications using Camo have worked fine. Interesting about RBL base, though, is that I assumed if I used it with RBL color, I wouldn’t get streaks, uneven application, polish pull, etc. But I just applied Recycle using the RBL base and it was very streaky going on and I had bubbles! I think my problem this time is that I didn’t let the base dry thoroughly. Or that is what I will test next time.

  10. Molly Says:

    Oh, this is a really pretty color! Is it more of a metallic finish? Are there any cheaper alternates that are really close?

  11. Steph Says:

    oooh, I really like moxie… I noticed a while ago Moxie isn’t available on RBL’s site the last time I placed an RBL order. Hopefully Ji didn’t discontinue it….your nails kick ass as always :)

  12. Charming nails Says:

    Looks very pretty!

  13. Lina-Elvira Says:

    I love this colour but think it might not work with my skintone :O It’s sooooo pretty on you!! I nominated you excellent blog for the Fabulous Blog award on my blog :D

  14. diana Says:

    Thank goodness you posted about this one. There’s a whole range of RBLs I don’t know what to do with. I do like lighter shades of polish, but I need someone to proclaim what’s classic yet will still be exciting to my eyes.

  15. Sakura Says:

    I gave you an award “too” on my blog today !

  16. Zaz Says:

    Gorgeous! Your nails are perfect!

    I gave you an award too! ;)

  17. Yaya Says:

    love the color!

  18. misamasa Says:

    You’ve been nominated on my blog, take a look

  19. Jason Says:

    I can see why you like these golds. They are subtle, yet very, very rich looking (yes, chic, as you said!). And, this looks sensational on your always perfect nails! :)

  20. Mango Says:

    I absolutely love this color!! It looks so amazing, but I have a question. Can you post some comparison swatches of Moxie?? Maybe Essie Tennis Corset or OPI Oh so Glam! I love RBL but I’m not sure if I am willing to shell out the cost quite yet. Thanks!

  21. Sara Says:

    i would not have even looked TWICE at this colour and now you’ve posted a swatch and i am in LOVE!!!

  22. Steph Says:

    oooh, I love moxie Steph! I noticied a while ago Ji took it off the RBL site?

  23. Steph Says:

    Styrch – What site? It looks like RBL isn’t selling it anymore so I want to be able to point girls in the right direction.

    Rebecca – Hmm. I’ve never not worn basecoat so I’m not sure. It’s possible that SV works best with a basecoat but I can’t think of any real reason why that would be the case. I do recommend that you use one though, a sticky base coat will help extend the life of your mani and some are good for preventing staining.

    Sandra – There is a WORLD of colors for darker girls like us! In fact, I think we can pretty much pull of anything. I particularly love neons and very pale colors – I think they pop on darker skin.

    Katie – : ( I know international shipping can suck massively. I totally feel your pain.

    TAG – I definitely agree, Gaia is gorgeous.

    Amanda – I have a sick obsession with white nail polish. I wish it were still the big thing lol.

    Jinnzor – : ) Ditto.

    Siobhan – I will!! Sorry I’ve been SO behind on life.

    Catie – That’s pretty much what happened to me. Maybe it just needs to sit in your house for a while. Lol.

    Molly – Nothing that’s super close, but you can try Essie Amalfi there’s a bit more gold to it though.

    Steph – I just checked!! OMG. : (

    CN – Thank you!

    Lina – Thank you so much! : )

    Diana – lol, well in my opinion this color is exactly that.

    Sakura – : )! Thank you!!

    Zaz – lol. I feel so loved, thank you!

    Yaya – Thank you!

    Misamasa – : ) Thank you!

    Jason – Thank you as always. Rich, is a very good way to describe this.

    Mango – Yes, I promise I will. I’m just so swamped with life right now – as soon as I get it together I will.

    Sara – lol. Well, my work here is done. ; )

    Steph – I knoooooooooow I saw. *cries*

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