The Polish Addict’s Top 20 Polishes of All Time: #8 Chelsea – Psycho Green 666


Chelsea Psycho Green is a dark Zulu-esque green with very subtle nearly invisible bluish green shimmer. I love this color, but honestly, it’s here as a place holder for Zulu since I didn’t own it when I finalized this list back in November. However, that doesn’t belittle the significance of Psycho Green to my personal collection. I received Psycho Green is my very first swap on MUA. My swapping partner knew about my unrequited love for Zulu and decided to send this amazing polish as an extra. Essentially, Psycho Green was my first brush with the amazing kindness of the nail board. For that reason, this is a much loved polish in my collection. Not to mention that Psycho Green definitely helped curb my hunger for Zulu because it’s a good base color dupe even though it differs as far as texture and finish. (See this post for a comparison of Psycho Green versus other green polishes.)

Sadly, Chelsea polishes can’t be purchased online (at least not to my knowledge). You have to hunt these babies down in dusties and beauty supplies. Lack of easy accessibility is it what makes Psycho Green hard-t0-find. I don’t believe it’s been discontinued but then again, I know very little about this mysterious little brand.

As far as application, Chelsea measures up. This is 2 coats very easily applied. The wear, however, leaves something to be desired. I usually get an abnormal amount of tip wear when I sport this polish.


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  1. amber Says:

    yikes! triple 6 huh?
    but that is an amazing color…does it look black in indoor lighting? OPI has burned me with their “look!color -nah j/k it looks black unless you have 1000 watt bulb” colors.

  2. PBG Says:

    I barely see the green. Wow…it looks black in the pic. Very Vampy.

  3. diana Says:

    I have a Chelsea story. I found a place to wholesale order Chelsea polish. I ordered 9 bottles of 666 because the woman working told me to give her the #s and not the names. Her English was barely enough to communicate. I got a bottle for every person I knew who loved polish. When I opened my package, 666 was not “Psycho Green”. It was “Good Feeling”. The color was 1980s jelly shoes pink! I could have died! I have been using the bottles to tip hipsters working in coffee shops. I literally place a fresh bottle in the tip jar. They have been really happy with Good Feeling. :P
    I like the forest green version better.

  4. Sanna Says:

    OHhhh, I’ve been lemming that one forever!
    so gorgeous!

  5. rachel Says:

    haha, hilarious at the hipster tips (diana). i would prefer the dark green too. d@mn sketchy nail polish!!!!!!!! i have my own stories as well. sigh. what we do……………..

  6. Steph Says:

    Amber – Yea, the 666 thing is definitely a little bizarre. And yes, I’d consider it to be an almost black. LOL. (hilarious description – omg that was the bane of my existence last year cause they had all those seemingly awesome colors than bam almost black).

    PBG – Yea, it’s definitely very dark.

    Diana – LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *wipes away tears* Oh man. Hilarious.

    Sanna – If I ever find another one, I’ll hook you up! : )

    Rachel – Yup… I myself have done some pretty embarrassing things for nail polish.

  7. Penny Says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I started reading your blog a month ago and I’m a new fan! Love love love your posts! And thought I’d holla at you from halfway across the globe in Asia.

    This does not look green at all! But it’s a lovely colour, uncomparable to Zulu of course. I was just wondering (sorry if this is unrelated), how does China Glaze Passion from the Spring collection compare to Essie’s Shift Power from the Winter collection? Would love to hear your opinion on this… I think I shall ask Scrangie too!

  8. katie Says:

    I’m very much into those forest greens…It’s beautiful but i think zulu is still the best!I bet you agree!!too bad I can’t find much of forest greens here in Greece..Your blog was the very first blog I found dedicated to nail polish..I don’t remember how but i love it since that time!very good work!

  9. Sminkan Says:

    Awsome color! Wouldn’t mind getting my hands on it! Probably never will though…. There are so many lovely greens in the world but they are all so illusive and hard to find. Why?

  10. Nailmasterfr Says:


  11. Chandni Says:

    Yes, this is totally amazing

  12. Steph Says:

    Penny – Off the top of my head, they aren’t similar – IIRC SP is frosty.

    Katie – Thank you and yes, I agree.

    Sminkan – It can happen!!!

    Nailmasterfr – Thank you.

    Chandi – : )

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