Reader Request: Bright Summer-y Zoyas

A reader, Celine, requested swatches of these colors a million years ago and I’m finally getting around to posting them now. (Sorry Celine!) These swatches were taken with top coat and 3 coats of color. They all applied fairly well. She initially asked for 5 colors, these 4 and Zoya Kylie. However, Zoya actually has two polishes named Kylie. I only have one of the Kylies and it wasn’t the polish that Celine wanted to see so I left it out of this post. I’ll post a swatch of the bright Kylie as soon as I get my hands on it.

Celine is looking for a Zoya that her friend used to wear, it’s a neon orange-y pink creme. In my opinion, Maya is the closest thing to that description.


Eva is a bright rose pink creme. This is the type of ‘bright’ polish that is excellent for people who feel like they can’t wear bright colors because it’s not as showy as other brights tend to be.


Fergie (some bottles might say ‘Feigie’) is a funky pink-toned purple creme. It’s a little brighter in person.


Kali is a bright crimson-toned pink creme. It’s not as bright as the others in the set but still summer-y.


And finally, Maya, which is a unique semi-jelly bright pinkish coral creme. This one is my favorite from this set.

Zoya is running a promotional nail polish exchange. Send them your old unwanted polishes and they’ll send you any Zoyas of your choice. They charge 3 dollars per bottle for shipping and processing. I heard on the nail board that the last day that Zoya will accept packages containing polishes for the promotion is this Saturday, February 28th, so it’s not too late to participate if you hurry.


Disclosure: These colors were sent to me for review by Zoya.


12 Responses to “Reader Request: Bright Summer-y Zoyas”

  1. astasia Says:

    What a helpfull post! I find my next polish!!!
    The Zoya Fergie is that i’m searching for a long time!
    Many thanks!!!
    I like more than Opi Do you lilac!!!

  2. Vanessa Says:

    Maya is gorgeous; will have to pick it up for summer :D
    Thank you for swatching!

  3. Celine Says:

    Thanks so much – this is super helpful!!

  4. Danielle Says:

    These are beautiful… as always. I can’t find the Zoya line anywhere local to me (AZ)? Any ideas? I would hate to resort to ebay. Thanx.

  5. S. Vanessa Hailey Says:

    Love those colors. Maya was muted on me. You bring out the best in colors :D

  6. Linds Says:

    Those are great! I especially like Maya. It really pops.

  7. katie Says:

    I love Zoya because they have the most beautiful summery colours!!They look great on you all of them!

  8. Lucy Says:

    You have such beautiful nails. I don’t know which color I like the most. What do you use for a top coat? Your nails always look so shiny. Just gorgeous.

  9. andie Says:

    omg, you do this to me every time!! i want AOT zoyas you post!!!

  10. Steph Says:

    Astasia – Thanks!

    Vanessa – : ) You’re welcome!

    Celine – <3

    Danielle – Hmm… well you could try swapping with someone in the U.S. – or maybe calling Zoya to see if they have an AZ distributor?

    Vanessa – LOL, it was practically neon on me! : P

    Linds – It does!

    Katie – Thanks!

    Lucy – For these I used Zoya’s top coat Armor but generally I use Seche Vite. <3

    Andie – LOOOL – well it’s pay back you gave me an evil lemming for Maybelline Banana Puddin’

  11. CrazyNails Says:

    I wonder if the promo includes interantional?
    Thank you for swatching! Love them all!!!!

  12. Steph Says:

    : ( aw no I don’t think it is.

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