Swatches of the Essie Spring 2009 Collection

Essie’s Spring 2009 Collection is… very Essie-esque. That is, the majority of the collection is composed of neutrals, pinks, and reds. For that reason, the collection didn’t receive the greatest reception from most nail polish enthusiasts. However, a consumer who maybe does not own a lot of nail polish and randomly ventures into a Trade Secret during a trip to the mall might pick up some of these colors on a whim. I can’t help but feel like nail polish companies are targeting that crowd when they release what we consider to be ‘safe’ collections.

We have to face it, I don’t think we (I mean ‘we’ as in the people who have a psychotic appreciation for nail color) are the target demographic for most companies. I don’t think anyone would disagree, these are pretty colors but most people who collect nail polish probably feel like they’ve seen it, done it, and done it some more. I’m an exception only because I’m stock-piling work appropriate colors for my legal debut in May and I’ve long accepted that the repetition of red and pink nail polish is just a fact of life (like mosquito bites and chicken pox). But, I can definitely sympathize with everyone’s desire to see Essie step outside of it’s company image.

With all that said, look at the magic that happens when Essie does decide to take a stroll on the wild side and throw collection caution to the wind:


Holy &%$#! Essie Mesmerize, in all her glory, is a  medium blue cream. (I think it’s Super Man blue but my roommates told me I have no idea what I’m talking about.) The color accuracy of the image is a bit off, Mesmerize is a slightly darker blue in real life. Oh man, this is one gorgeous, unique color. Seriously, can we get a slow clap going for this color? Mesmerize is so out of the ordinary for Essie that it almost looks kind of weird in the Essie bottle, like it doesn’t belong. The application was good but a little thicker than the other colors in this collection. It could have worked with 2 coats, but I preferred 3. I got a mega ton of compliments while wearing this polish, a testament to its awesomeness. This is definitely my favorite color of the season so far. I consider it a ‘must own’. But, beware, I suggest wearing a good base coat with this color or you will end up with smurf fingers.


Eternal Optimist is a pink toned nude. This is a great ‘work appropriate’ color. It’s a lighter, less pink version of Rescue Beauty Lounge Om. Eternal Optimist is definitely not a dead on dupe but certainly the closest I’ve seen so far and a good enough substitute. This swatch is 3 coats of color.


Flawless is a muted Barbie pink. Pretty and delicate, but probably not appropriate for ultra conservative work places – A-Okay for every where else. This is 3 coats.


Status Symbol is a mid-toned pink with a semi-jelly consistency. I wore this with Maybelline Clearly in Love layered over it as my pre-Valentine’s Day manicure (I haven’t gotten a chance to post about this manicure yet but I promise I will, even though, I guess it’s a little late now. haha.) This swatch is 3 coats but I feel like it would have looked better with 4th.


One of a Kind is a red/orange/coral cream, similar to my beloved Color Club Sexsea. One of a Kind is slightly less extravagant, more toned down. It applied well in 2 coats, but I used 3 for this photo.


Lacquered Up is a bright, bright, bright true red creme. It exudes sexiness. I wore Lacquered Up to a party and it quickly became a topic of conversation. The application was exceptional, perfect in two coats.


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by Essie.


27 Responses to “Swatches of the Essie Spring 2009 Collection”

  1. rebecca Says:

    Hi there. I love your website. The colors pop up on my screen and my mood is always cheered!

    I do want to say I have uncomfortable feelings about the description “nude” because it assumes a light skin color. Of course I know you didn’t make up the term! :) But is there maybe another word that could substitute for it?

  2. The Asian Girl Says:

    I think I need to accept that fact that nail people like us aren’t the main demographic. (Yes, I agree with “psychotic appreciation”.) I’m sitting on the fence with Mesmerize, which is funny because I’m a blue kind of girl! I have a few work-appropriate colors, which I think may be too many at times, lol.

    I gotta give it to Essie though, it’s definitely a huge departure. I really loved Sexy Divide, too.

  3. Kyosuke Says:

    Haha I knew Mesmerize would come since I saw it as a NOTD some days ago. I was waiting for your comments on it <3

    You know I love blues, you know I love your nails, what else is to be said now ? :p Maybe: “Thank you so much Stephanie, you’re just the prettiest !”

  4. Lina-Elvira Says:

    LOVING Mesmerize :) Your nails are so perfect!! Do you know of any jelly bright pinks sort of like Status symbol?..

  5. astasia Says:

    Oh well! The blue is amazing!! Why do i love the blue but i can’t put on so often as i want?
    It’s a mistery…

  6. Alison Says:

    I’m not really digging this collection as I’m not that into blue. I got Flawless but it didn’t look right with my skintone so returned it. i much preferred last years spring collection, especially great expectations. Looking forward to what they might be releasing for summer is there any news on this on the grapevine yet?

  7. Dara Says:

    I love the blue as well! It looks great on your nails. What do you think is the appropriate length for nails when wearing brighter colors like this blue, purple or green?

  8. Linds Says:

    Based on the swatches, I like Mesmerize and One Of A Kind, but that’s about it. I’m bummed – I really liked Essie’s Winter collection. I wish they would have stepped it up a little. But like you said, I guess it doesn’t really matter, since lots of people will probably love this one.

  9. Jamie Says:

    I have a soft spot for Essie because when I first started buying polish that was the collection I purchased (on account of they carried it in my salon). Now that I’ve branched out a little I don’t buy much of it, but I still picked up Mesmerize(gotta encourage them to keep stepping out of the box) and One of a Kind and I really like them both. And I love the way the Essie creams apply — very lush look on the nail.

  10. Amanda Says:

    Very pretty! I love the blue. I’m not a huge nude fan but you make everything look great!

  11. Dana Cerise Says:

    ::slow clapping::
    I love Mesmerize! Btw, just ordered Sexsea and can’t wait to get it! I’m interested on your thoughts on RBL’s new glitters.

  12. Susie Jang Says:

    I love love love blues and Dating a Royal was my go-to mani shade last summer.
    How do you think OPI DAR and Mesmerize compare?

  13. Livia Says:

    Eu AMO Essie! Todos os esmaltes ficaram lindos em você. Eu tenho uma dúvida e talvez você possa me ajudar. Você saberia em que coleção exatamente a Essie se tornou Big 3 free?
    Você havia me perguntado em quanto ficava para enviar esmaltes para o Brasil…
    Eu tenho comprado na Head2toe e uma quantidade de uns 6 esmaltes, tem ficado em 15 dólares o frete…

  14. Linds Says:

    one of a kind lolz

  15. Jacky Says:

    *Slow Clap*
    I have been wearing Mesmerize for 2 days now and people keep asking me what color I’m wearing (I work retail so I see lots of people in a day). This is the most amazing Essie color. I have very fair skin and it looks really nice. If you can pull off cooler tone colors than this will look nice on you.
    Thanks for keeping us updated on the collections, I would have passed by Essie and not picked up this little gem if it weren’t for you.

  16. laura Says:

    ooo! i was just thinking to myself, “self, we need a good blue cream, not opi russian blue nail polish!” totes going out and getting that essie. thanks for the tip, girl! love the blog.

  17. Amanda Says:

    Wooo!!! these new colors looks realllly cooool!!! I am going try out “Status Symbol”. And i even found some good moisturizers form Murad check them out

  18. Lucy Says:

    These are some pretty polishes. Your nails are beautiful and all the colors look lovely on you. My favorite is the blue. I do like them all.

  19. Jason Says:

    You are right S! Mesmerize is sooooooo eye-catching gorgeous, you almost get, uh, mesmerized by it!! And I also think it looks like the predomiant blue in Superman’s cape, so no, you’re not crazy! ;)

  20. Jason Says:

    By the way, what does “Holy &%$#!” mean anyway….
    …must be pretty good, huh?

    (you don’t have to answer that…) :)

  21. auburngal Says:

    Why couldn’t you tell me about Eternal Optimist before I dropped $18 on Om?
    Gorgeous manis.

  22. Kyosuke Says:

    Jason, Superman wears blue, sadly his cape is red ^^ So maybe you also are crazy, who knows ;)

  23. Sanna Says:

    your nails look so perfect!

  24. Steph Says:

    Rebecca – I put a lot of thought into this before I wrote this reply. If there were another word that would easily describe the same group of colors as the word nude I would just change the word but the fact is that there isn’t. And that realization lead me to the following conclusion: I think your projecting a meaning to the word nude that just isn’t there. Like the word blue or green it doesn’t just refer to one color – there is a huge range of colors that people might refer to as being the color blue. Nude doesn’t make me think of naked white people. The color that I think of when I think of a standard example of nude is like a pinkish brownish wheat color – nobody’s skin looks like that (the way no one’s skin actually looks black, yellow, red, or white despite the fact that we use those words however inappropriately to describe skin color.) I’m not white. Race is an issue in my everyday life. I’m definitely sensitive to race or gender biased behavior and language. But I just don’t see a presumption of whiteness here.

    TAG – I can’t believe you’re on the fence about it!! *dies*

    Kyosuke – : ) Thanks.

    Lina-Elvira – Hmm… I know there must be a few of them but I can’t think of any of the top of my head.

    Astasia – LOL. Wear what you love. : )

    Alison – No news for summer yet but I agree that last year’s spring collection was amazing.

    Dara – I think it’s a personal choice. On myself I like to have shorter nails for brighter colors but lately I’ve had to keep my nails longer for a project I’m working on so I’ve just been wearing whatever.

    Linds – : ( Yup.

    Jamie – Totally agreed and me too, I have a huuuuuge Essie collection. I’m a big fan of their older stuff.

    Amanda – : ) haha, thanks.

    Dana – LOL *joins in on the clapping* I LOVE the RBL Glitters, I can’t believe she put out of a collection of glitters. Perfect example of stepping outside the box. Let me know what you think of Sexsea when you get it.

    Susie – They’re not close. DAR has more purple in it. I want to say that Mesmerize is more of a middle toned blue.

    Livia – Para te falar a verdade, não sei.
    Eu acho que foi no passado ano. Os novos esmaltes que são B3F tem letras azuis debaixo da botelha. : )

    Linds – XD

    Jacky – Woot, I love success stories. : )

    Laura – Thank you! And def, it’s a great blue crème.

    Amanda – I’m a murad fan too!!! But they’re pricey so I only buy their face stuff. : )

    Lucy – Thanks. : )

    Jason – Exactly! Lol.

    Auburngal – Awww : ( sorry lol. It’s not exact anyway. Trust sometimes it’s better to just buy the expensive lemming because it’s easy to waste as much as you would have spent searching for a good dupe. (p.s. My roomie went to Auburn too!)

    Kyosuke – : P!

    Sanna – <3

  25. Deepo Says:

    I love “superman blue” – in fact, that’s exactly my reaction. gorgeous! And I grew up with early SM comics – I know that blue!!!

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    [...] On the Edge is a very stunning dark royal blue. It’s much darker than Essie Mesmerize, and very similar to OPI Dating a Royal but slightly deeper, darker, and more opaque. My picture is [...]

  27. Gina Says:

    Hi, I normally only wear RBL polish, except for my go-to summer shade, Essie’s One of a Kind. I just placed a new RBL order, including your Orbis non Suficit! I really wanted to add coral to my order, but was afraid it was too pink compared to One of a Kind. What is your opinion?

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