There Must Be Something Seriously Wrong with Me: Essie – Love, Beverly Hills xx

bottle-pic-essie-lbhxxI don’t like shimmery reds. In fact, it’s pretty safe to say that I abhor shimmery reds. The strength of my anti-shimmery red leanings are such that I don’t even own OPI I’m Not Really Waitress which is arguably the best sold nail polish of all time. I do own several shimmery reds but they are unloved outcasts in comparison to the rest of my collection. I usually only venture into the shimmery reds during Holidays. This year for Valentine’s Day I wore Essie Love, Beverly Hills xx. It’s limited edition and infused with 24K pure gold. I didn’t expect to actually like this color, but I’m a sucker for gimmicky nail polish.

To my utter and complete shock and amazement… I freaking love this color. It’s gorgeous. Essie describes this deep red as opulent, I could not have put it better myself. The gold shimmer is very obvious in the bottle but not on the nail. Once applied, the gold is very subtle. It just adds depth to the base color and makes it glow. The overall effect isn’t sparkly, it’s more like a semi-metallic finish. The application was excellent. It’s perfect in two coats, but I used 3 for my manicure.


My usual gripe with shimmery reds is that they seem so common; Love, Beverly Hills xx is anything but common. As silly as this may sound, I felt a little chic wearing it, like old school Hollywood glamour chic. I’m trying to pin point what makes this color different from other reds that are similar to it. At least for me, I think the gold glow really complements my skin-tone. Of course, it’s also possible that I’m just blinded by my love for marketing gimmicks. (Just ask me how hard I fell for MAC’s Hello Kitty collection.)

Unfortunately, the downside is the price tag. Love, Beverly Hills retails for $18 at Nordstrom and $19 from Essie. However, it is possible to find it for a lot cheaper if you poke around on the Internet.

Honestly, this realization has turned my nail polish world upside down. Is this color just an exception to the rule? Or has my disdain for shimmery reds dissipated. Are there other shimmery reds out there that I might not hate? Dare I say it… I’m sort of lemming I’m Not Really a Waitress now. *feels forehead*

(Essie also launched a sweepstakes giveaway in connection with the release of this color. For details about the giveaway and information on how to enter visit Essie’s Win a Trip to Beverly Hills Sweepstakes. The last day to enter is February 28th, so hurry if you haven’t entered already.)


Disclosure: Love, Beverly Hills xx was sent to me for review by Essie.


18 Responses to “There Must Be Something Seriously Wrong with Me: Essie – Love, Beverly Hills xx”

  1. diann_co Says:

    I got mine for 9.95 at no tax no shipping.
    HTH someone

  2. The Asian Girl Says:

    I totally fell for the Hello Kitty gimmick too; unfortunately my polishes won’t be coming in until Tuesday. :(

  3. Vanessa Says:


  4. Amber Says:

    You’ve been bit by the red shimmer bug! :D Welcome! hehe

  5. Deborah (SoPolished) Says:

    Wait! You fell for HK? I thought you were all NP…and thats it! Are you a MU addict too? I fell for HK too, dont feel bad- but I admit to my L/G addiction- especially Chanel and Mac L/G. Sadly, I was dissappointed in the HK polishes…I only got OTP…and sent it to a nice NB’er…because I wasnt going to wear it, and I thought she would like it. :)

    Of course, that color looks great on you- but every thing looks great on your nails….

  6. Veronica Says:

    Im not a big fan of shimmery red nails myself but I had to agree that this one is stunning. Im amazed at your beautiful nailpics.

  7. melvel Says:

    Golly, I love INRAW, and I love this. But $18? I swore never to buy polish over $15 unless it was really really to die for (like Kaleidoscope). Is this really worth the price?

  8. Jinnzor Says:

    I agree with you that it’s stunning! For $18 though… nah. I might pick it up if I can get it shipped here cheaper, or I might just buy more Nfu!

  9. Dana Cerise Says:

    I have no love for shimmery reds. Ew.
    Maybe you like this one because it’s not-so-obvious shimmer on the nails? Like a veil of gold…

  10. Chrissy Says:

    I like reds, don’t own many with shimmer. That one looks pretty, I almost bought it a month or so ago, but decided against it because it looked too warm toned. It looks great on you!!

    On a sort of related note, I had “I’m Not Really a Waitress” but I thought it always looked so cheap on! I barely ever wore it, and then I exchanged it in Zoya’s polish exchange. Hehe.

  11. NailIt Says:

    nice! I’ve got to ask, do you have a photography tutorial? You have the best!


  12. Jody Johnson Says:

    That red is really pretty! I too hate metallic reds, they just look tacky esp. on my short nails. Can I ask what you would recommend for nails that WON’T stop peeling?? I am ready to just go get acrylics put on!

  13. Lucy Says:

    Wow that color looks stunning on you. I love glitter and shimmer with any color. On you that is so pretty. I now will have to check it out.

  14. diana Says:

    The color makes me think of Eastern fabric, royal gowns and such. It’s stunning in a rich, sumptuous and elegant way.

  15. Steph Says:

    Diann_co – yup that’s the site I was referring too in my post – but I didn’t want to put in the main text so as to avoid… well you know.

    TAG – I like them but I definitely bought them for the Kitty.

    Vanessa – Thank you!

    Amber – LOL!!! Any suggestions for me?

    Deb – I’m not into make up but I bought all 3 polishes. D’oh! I haven’t tried them yet. But I love the Kitty so it’s okay if I end up not loving the colors.

    Veronica – Thank you : ).

    Melvel – I would say yes only if it makes you feel the same way you felt about Kaleidoscope. Otherwise… check out that site that Diann posted in the first comment. : P

    Jinnzor – I can CP it for you from Beauty Rose.

    Dana – I think that pretty much nails it.

    Chrissy – LOL. So maybe I do need to just keep passing on it? : P

    NailIt – Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t, it’s a lot of trial and error and ridiculous settings. : (

    Jody – Email me, tell me what products you use for everything related to hand and nail care. We’ll figure out something that works for you to fix your peelies.

    Lucy – : ) Thank you.

    Diana – Yes, I totally agree.

  16. Essie: Love, Beverly Hills XX | TheFreshFiends (FrrrreshFeeeenz.) Says:

    [...] See Essie ‘Love, Beverly Hills XX’ in all it’s glory HERE [...]

  17. Audrey Clementine Says:

    I’m wearing that color right now. I put Essie’s Matte About You top coat over it, and it looks really cool. The red is sort of muted and the gold sheen is more obvious. You should post it. P.S. Love the blog :)

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