Never Say Never: NARS Zulu

Behold: NARS Zulu.


Did you hear that? It was the sound of my head exploding with joy.

If you read my blog with any sort of frequency then you know that I have a hardcore undying obsession with this color. I’ve posted about it constantly (see here and here). I went through some serious angst in my fervor to procure this color. Amidst the rumors that NARS was planning a re-release, I had all but given up on ever owning an original. I continued to feel that way until two incredibly generous girls did the unspeakable.

I feel truly blessed that I have met so many incredibly generous girls in my nail polish adventures and that I am fortunate enough to call these girls my friends. First, fellow blogger and confidante, Scrangie, hit the mother-load of L’Oreal Bijous at a Dollar Tree. Knowing that I was Bijou-less due to my awesome-deficient local Dollar Tree, she RAOK’d a ton of gorgeous Bijous from her bounty. I was so excited by the Bijous that I almost missed looking at the contents of the little red satin Sephora bag she sent me. Inside, tucked away behind some delicious all natural tea, was a decanted bottle of Zulu. Yes people, Scrangie, decanted her own bottle to help me kill my lemming.

As if that didn’t make me the luckiest girl on earth already… a few weeks after that, another friend, MUA’s RaspberryBeetle, RAOK’d to me the motherload of rare hard-to-find greens. Her generosity was other-worldly, she sent me the works, seriously. We’re talking OPI Jasper Jade, Real Teal, Creme de Menthe, Iridescent Opal, Tequila Lime Light, just to name a few. As unbelievable as it may sound she also sent bottle of Zulu. The amazing-ness was so overwhelming that I’m still not over it. I feel like I’m going to wake up one day and find that it was all a dream.

Was Zulu everything I ever dreamed it would be? Honestly, yes, and so much more. When I finally had it on, I felt like I had attained some sort of nail polish nirvana. I hope the rumors that NARS is re-releasing Zulu are true because this color is truly fantastic and everyone deserves to own it without having to pay the scalper’s prices.

The petition for the Give Us Zulu Campaign is still going so take a minute to sign it if you haven’t already.


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  1. nivipa Says:

    I am so happy for you – you truly are blessed with the greatest friends! Now we’ll have to keep our well-manicured nails crossed that it’s re-released for the rest of us masses. . . .

  2. The Asian Girl Says:

    That’s amazing :) If they re-release it, I may consider it…it looks beautiful on you.

  3. Lina Says:

    You lucky girl!

  4. Scrangie Says:

    I think my eyeballs just had an orgasm. Get it? Nars? Orgasm? Ahhhh it’s almost 2am and I’ve had too much to drink, pay no attention to me. LOL
    Seriously, you and Zulu were made for each other!!

  5. Kyosuke Says:

    The kind of post that makes me love your blog, truely ! You feel all excited, I can even imagine your shiny eyes (beautiful ones, indeed ! ^^)

    There I see a little girl whose dreams came true, a real passion that’s worth to see. To sum-up, you’re pure happyness and the reader that I am can’t help but feeling as much happy for you ^^

    On an other side, did you changed your settings ? It seems like the picture is way brighter than usual ? Or is it that you’re really shining that much after all ? ^^
    Gorgeous color, gorgeous nails… And I’m still hoping to see a thumb any day ! :p

    Take care my dear :)

  6. Kyosuke Says:

    Oh and btw, if you still have it on you I’d be interested in a second picture from the side, like you did for Purple Beach, to see a different reflection of this color. It’s quite weird to see it black & green (on the edges), is it some kind of duo-chrome ?

  7. Marsha Smith Says:

    It truly is beautiful and everyone is right, you are a lucky girl, but you deserved it! And I did sign the petition.

  8. Marsha Smith Says:

    Oh by the way, what does Iridescent Opal look like? I’m also into gemstones, and opals are one of my favorites.

  9. Suga77 Says:

    I’m not really a green gal, but when I saw your perfectly polished green nails this morning, my jaw hit the floor. I swear I forgot I was at work for a good 10 minutes as I sat with a picture of your nails on my screen while my boss walked back and forth into my office :-). That is truly a great green!

  10. Brooke Says:


  11. Sminkan Says:

    Oh, how I envy you… I too want someone to give me all the HTF-greens I can’t afford to buy on Ebay… You are so lucky! Congratulations to all this goodness! And if you ever get tired of greens you know who wants them… :D

  12. Blinky Says:

    That looks like my beloved (and discontinued) Shu Uemura C642. Deep, dark forest green creme.

  13. Vampy Varnish Says:

    That soooo fabulous of them!! That color is totally awesome and I also REALLY hope they re-release it. Now if only someone would RAOK me China Glaze Out On Safari… :)

  14. Lucy Says:

    I can only take a fast glimpse. Almost too beautiful to look at. Great friends and you are a very lucky girl. Love that color and hope it is re-released. Keep us updated on the info. Looking forward of all your green swatches.

  15. Elma Says:

    It makes me so happy when I read about ROAK stories Scrangie and RB are awesome. You know what? The generosity the NBs gets me as excited as Zulu does <3

    *warm fuzzies*

    Zulu looks awesome on you!

  16. Molly Says:

    Congrats!! Zulu looks amazing on you!

    What does ROAK’ed mean?

  17. Sasha Says:

    Wow! That’s truly gorgeous! Congrats on your gifts!

  18. diana Says:

    I couldn’t be happier for you! I love seeing polish dreams come true.

  19. Jinnzor Says:

    Hi babe, I gave you a triple award. I’m not sure what it is (maybe like a pyramid scam but without the money), but it means I lurve your blog :)

  20. Kyosuke Says:

    RAOK – Random Act Of Kindness, not ROAK ^^

  21. OutspokenWallflower Says:

    I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I know you wanted this for so long, and there were some snafu’s along the way and its so awesome to see you finally get your wish. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw the picture! Scrangie is great and I luv Rasp.Beetle too; she’s a sweetheart!

  22. Amanda Says:

    I’m so glad you finally have Zulu! It looks great on you, Steph!

  23. andie Says:

    It really is an epic nailpolish adventure isn’t it? Zulu is everything and anything, and i absolutely love this entry – I feel like it inspires hope, dreams, and everything beyond. I’m glad you are leading the pack of us Zulu hunters (=

  24. Danielle Says:

    ok so i read this about an hour ago…i’m still in shock. 2..TWO!!! bottles…you are sooo lucky i need this color, like you did i have pretty much lost hope. I’m so happy for you!

  25. Steph Says:

    Nivipa – : ) I have hope!

    TAG – Thank you!

    Lina – <3

    Scrangie – LOL. : )

    Kyosuke – : ) I think the image came out brighter because Zulu is so dark that my camera picks up a higher contrast between the color and the background. And I really am happy. Lol. I don’t have a second pic unfortunately, it’s not duo-chrome though, it just looks deeper at the center because I usually go over the middle of the nail with the brush more than other sections of the nail – it builds up.

    Marsha – : ) Thank you! Iridescent Opal is a shimmery off-whitish bluish weird color, hard to describe. I’ll have pics up soon, I’m sure. <3

    Suga77 – LOL. That’s the kind of reaction I can only dream of. : )

    Brooke – Thank you!

    Sminkan – <3 This love goes around so I know these colors will find a way to you too.

    Blinky – *covers eyes* nooo nooo more green lemmings.

    VV – LOL. Someone recently found this one for me at a dusty so I’m sure you’ll find one soon too!

    Lucy – : ) I will and thank you.

    Elma – <3 Totally agreed.

    Molly – Thank you – RAOK means “random act of kindness”.

    Sasha – : ) Thank you!

    Diana – lol. It really is a dream come true. : )

    Jinnzor – A triple award? Yeay! Thank you! <3

    OutspokenWallflower – : ) I know right, so many ridiculous things happened to me in relation to this color. Lol.

    Amanda – : ) Thank you so much.

    Andie – You know, it reminds me that there are awesome people out there who aren’t just out to make a buck of someone’s mega-lemmings. It really is awesome.

    Danielle – lol – it’s two but I’m actually going to give Scrangie back her bottle because I feel bad that she decanted her beloved bottle. : )

  26. SBMShaneomaniac Says:

    OMG Steph, I am so happy for you! I know how much you wanted this and I have always wanted you to get it. You and Zulu deserve each other. Plus, all the other green love! You truly are lucky. Oh and I signed the petition as well. I want a bottle too!

  27. Steph Says:

    <3 Thank you!! *sends future Zulu owner vibes.*

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  29. Sanna Says:

    OMG Oh my Goood!
    You’re seriously lucky and you’re so worth it:)

  30. Chandni Says:

    I’ve been following yor site for quite a while [and i'm stupid enough to realise onlynow that i can leave comments]

    Anyway, that is a seriously amazing color. Psycho Green [where i clicked this from] is beautiful as well .. I have a huge craving to get both.

    But here, stuck in the middle of an island in spain, I’m not going to get anything any soon. lol.

  31. Steph Says:

    Sanna – : ) Thank you.

    Chandi – : ( Awww… you need to join a community and start swapping if girls in the U.S.

  32. Chandni Says:


    I’m pretty new to this, I normally have a huge collection of random nail polishes, but me moving to spain for college and back home constantly is making me go nuts and lose my colors.

    Maybe when i go home for good, in about 3 months, I will actually build up my collection again.

  33. Steph Says:

    Yea, swapping is an arrangement with another person who collects polish or make up – you send them something they want, they send you something you want. You can do this on MUA.

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  37. ariella Says:

    I never had the opportunity to see Zulu in person, but I absolutely fell in love with it when I saw this post. Trying to find a color that is the same in its intensity and unique jelly appearance was very difficult, so I decided to make a franken polish that really seems to have the same clear ivy look. Piggy Polish makes a bright neon type green called Envy, and when mixed with black, it is the perfect dupe!

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    [...] I’ve been searching for a great navy blue ever since I missed buying NARS Midnight Express when it went on sale a couple years ago, and low and behold it’s back! You better believe that I snatched that little shalack up. I’ll definitely be swatching it as soon as it gets here. My other favorite that I almost bought was the cult favorite Zulu, deep vine green. Both polishes have a sleek, jelly finish that makes them unique amongst all the glitter and shimmer polishes. Although makeup junkies have found a dupe for Zulu long ago, see here. [...]

  41. Ms. Prince Says:

    I bought my very first bottle of NARS Zulu today at NARSCOSMETICS.COM a few minutes ago! I tried to buy two but it only allowed me to purchase 1. I will go back and get another bottle since this polish is LE.

    Thanks to everyone who signed the petition! 8D

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