I’m Not Done with the Greens Yet: Misa Green with Envy


To celebrate my new found color choice freedom, I pulled out one of the loudest polishes in my collection, Misa Green with Envy. This is a bright (and I mean BRIGHT) lime green. It’s extremely different, I don’t own anything else quite like it. I didn’t have any application issues (it actually applied really well) but it seriously took like 5 hours to get this manicure done. Every time I finished, I would dent one finger – it happened 6 different times! I used 3 coats of color and 1 coat of Misa BACKbone as the base and 1 coat of Seche Vite as the top coat. If I’m ever feeling particularly adventurous I might try to do a half-moon mani using Green with Envy and OPI Don’t Know… Beets Me.

If you haven’t taken advantage of the exclusive Misa offer I posted about before, tomorrow (Friday the 30th) is the very last day to get a free polish and order polishes at a discount. I recommend calling them (1- 888-733-6472), instead of using email, if you decide to place a last minute order.


Disclosure: I’m not sure – it’s possible that Green with Envy was sent to me for review by Misa.


16 Responses to “I’m Not Done with the Greens Yet: Misa Green with Envy”

  1. Raeyi Says:

    Pretty! In the pics it actually looks a lot like Pure Ice Wild thing too.
    Misa Girl’s Night Out seems brighter than the OPI too :)

  2. Kyosuke Says:

    That for sure is a color which won’t be appreciated by many people. But as usual, it’s damn pretty on you thanks to your wonderful nails :p

  3. astasia Says:

    Uhm…looks good on you…but i really don’t like it for me!!! brrrrr
    Thanks for swatching!

  4. Jinnzor Says:

    I am officially intimidated my that color. If I saw it in the street, I’d pull away in case it decided to suddenly punch me in the face. Kudos for wearing it!

  5. Sasha Says:

    It looks great on you, but my super-conservative office would probably ask me to go home and remove my polish! :-)

  6. Dana Cerise Says:

    Lovin’ it! That would look seriously badass sexy with DKBM as a half-moon mani!!
    Btw, a quick question about removers… Is there another one you would recommend that is acetone-free other than Zoya Remove? Something I could get at Sally’s or something? Thx. :)

  7. Brooke Says:

    So did you wear this to work?

    Looks like a great color – I love the brights :)

  8. Amber Says:

    um. LOVE THIS! AHAHAHA it makes me happy!!

  9. diann Says:

    Sorry but I think that is fugly…..your nails are awesome tho

  10. Alejandra Says:

    PLEASE do the half moon!! I just got my Misa haul and I actually ordered GWE!! I’d love to see what it looks like with DKBM!! Thanks!!

  11. Charming nails Says:

    Hmm…That`s really pretty on you :)

  12. Anita Says:

    Hey. I just wanted to leave a note saying that I am addicted to your website now. For the past two years I’ve worked on retail, and in consequence of that, had weak nails that broke all the time. Finally 5 months ago I started work in an office, and I’m finally able to keep my nails healthy enough for polish. I havent been able to play around with that since the end of college, when I had a huge collection of colors and was even good to attempt some nail art. I’m getting back at augmenting my collection at last, and having the pleasure to look at a website like yours and giving me back the guts to experiment with colors. I love it, keep it up!!

  13. Camies Says:


  14. Shellie Says:

    Horrible color! Not attractive in the least bit! And, I love wild colors, but not this one. No Ma’am.

  15. Katia Says:

    Whoa! **scratching head** I like different, unique colors but this one isn’t too flattering.
    No worries thou because your nails look beautiful as always :)

  16. Steph Says:

    Raeyi – You’re right! Totally forgot about that one, but if you can believe it, Wild Thing is a smidge brighter!

    Kyosuke – Man, were you right lol.

    Astasia – lol.

    Jinnzor – : P

    Sasha – Me too, me too. Lol.

    Dana – I think so too!!! Too bad everyone else on Earth seems to hate it. Ahhhh… actually I pretty much exclusively use Zoya Remove.

    Brooke – Nooooo way. Haha.

    Amber – Me too! But we’re alone apparently. Lol.

    Diann – To each their own.

    Alejandra – I will! : )

    Charming Nails – : P thanks.

    Anita – Thank you SO much! <3

    Camies – Awwwwwww. <3 Un dia!

    Shellie – To each their own.

    Katia – lol, too bad because this one would look hot on you.

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