Spring 2009: China Glaze Romantique Collection Part I – The Cool Set

For a few seasons now, China Glaze has released thematic, well balanced collections. Their main seasonal collections have consistently included something for every taste. So, golf clap to China Glaze – their design department knows what’s up.

Like seasonal collections in the past, Romantique consists of two sets, one cool, the other warm. Most of these colors apply perfectly in one coat. One Coat. People have been saying that for a while but I dismissed it thinking that one coat meant one massive-absurdly-thick coat but no, really, opaque bottle color coverage in one normal coat. The theme in this collection is a frosty metallic finish. When I first saw the promotional images I thought these were going to be chrome, they aren’t. Instead the finish is shimmery, nearly foil like. These colors, with their amazing pigmentation and viscosity, are going to be perfect for use with the Konad. All these swatches are 1 coat of color over 1 coat of base coat.

A note on the color accuracy of these images: These colors, due to the finish, are really difficult to capture accurately with my lighting set up. Most of the colors are deeper in real life. Additionally, the finish is not uniformly reflective like it appears to be in some of these photos. These colors have  a lot of frosty sparkle. I really recommend looking at Scrangie’s swatches which were taken in sunlight, in my opinion her images are a better depiction of these colors.


China Glaze Awaken is described as a platinum silver, I think it’s more like a silvery charcoal. This color is grunge-y. To me it has a steampunk feel to it. This swatch is one coat of color, no top coat.


China Glaze Cherish is a metallic-y moss green. I couldn’t capture the color correctly, it’s much more green toned in real life. This swatch is one coat, no top coat.


Adore is a metallic-y turquoise. This one is a standout for me. I’m going to go nuts using this color with Konad over black. 1 coat color, 1 coat base.


Devotion is a metallic-y lavender. This is my second favorite from this set. It may just be me but I feel like this shade of lavender was made to be worn with this finish. 1 coat of color, 1 coat of base.


Harmony is metallic-y purple. My third favorite, I feel like this color flattered my skin tone the most – I consider myself a warm tone even though I’ve never really understood all that jazz about cool tones and warm tones. 1 coat of color, 1 coat of base.


Joy is a metallic-y purple toned mauve. This is 1 coat of color, 1 coat of base.

I’ll report back with my Konading experiments at a future date.


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by China Glaze.


24 Responses to “Spring 2009: China Glaze Romantique Collection Part I – The Cool Set”

  1. Kyosuke Says:

    What a lovely collection!!! Really nice, especially Adore & Harmony, which would be my favorites. But they are all nice !!! One would have a hard time to choose one, luckily you had to try them all ;)

    And only one coat to get a decent color, that’s a good bonus :) Might be a next choice for my dear one <3

  2. Marie Says:

    Awaken, Harmony and Joy definately seem to be my favourites from the collection!

  3. melvel Says:

    I ordered Harmony, Joy, Cherish and Adore from this collection. I can’t wait to get them!

  4. Amber Says:


  5. rmcandlelight Says:

    All of them are so pretty. Wow!! only one coat.

  6. Sminkan Says:

    But in my cool set there was no Joy! :-(
    I got Admire instead…
    Why? I didn’t even like Admire…

  7. astasia Says:

    I can’t wait for the next set! You swatch are beautiful!!Astasia

  8. Livia Says:

    Olá! Você é brasileira? Acompanho o seu blog há um tempão! Parabéns! Suas unhas são lindas e muito bem feitas!
    Moro no Rio de Janeiro e também sou louca por esmaltes. Como sou alérgica a formadeído e tolueno estou sempre comprando esmaltes importados, então estou sempre aqui procurando sugestões!


  9. michelle Says:

    All gorgeous on you Steph! Thanks for posting the pics :D And psst.. Sminkan is right, Joy is from the “warm” set ;-P

  10. Sasha Says:

    One coat? That’s awesome! Such pretty colors too.

  11. Alicia Says:

    I have always had an aversion to trying China Glaze polishes for some reason. I am not really sure why, though. Do all of them look this good with one coat or just specific sets? How do you know the difference or do you just have to try them?

  12. Brooke Says:

    I didn’t know you had a konad! Can’t wait to see the results of that :)

  13. Nailmasterfr Says:

    In France such beauties go in museums ;-)
    maybe we could find a place for you next to Mona Lisa at the Louvres

  14. Lourdes Says:

    Thanks to your site. I am not a bright color virgin anymore. Just did my nails Rich and Famous by China Glaze. Love your site!!!!

  15. Jason Says:

    Steph, I agree with you! Adore is one of the more attractive blues I have seen in quite a while. It’s tough finding a good light blue that looks both classy and attractive, and you have definitely hit on this one!
    Devotion so cool and suave, and Harmony is one of those special colors that would turn my head any time!!
    This is really an awesome collection! I hope CG keeps it available for a while.

  16. Shellie Says:

    Thumbs DOWN on this collection. Me no likey.

  17. The Polish Addict » Blog Archive » Spring 2009: China Glaze Romantique Collection Part II - The Warm Set (Sort of) Says:

    [...] Buyer Beware Spring 2009: China Glaze Romantique Collection Part I – The Cool Set [...]

  18. Steph Says:

    Kyosuke – I think your wife would love these, very low maintenance. : )

    Marie – Great colors! : )

    Melvel – Let me know what you think when you get them.

    Amber – lol.

    Rmcandlelight – Yea, they can be a little bubbly but nothing horrible – I still can’t get over the one coat thing. Lol.

    Sminkan – : ( My baaaaaad. I mixed them up. Lol.

    Astasia – Thank you! : )

    Livia – Oi! Sou Brasileira e muito abrigada! Queria perguntar alguem, é muito caro enviar esmalte do E.U. para o Rio?

    Michelle – lol! D’oh.

    Sasha – I know!

    Alicia – No, the one coat sufficiency is particular to this set of colors. Usually, for them it’s 2 to 3 coats. It’s a great brand, you should give them a shot.

    Brooke – Oh yes, I do. : )

    Nailmasterfr – lol. : ) Thank you.

    Lourdes – Wooo hooo!!! : ) Great color by the way!!

    Jason – I think they will! The Summer collection is awesome from the pics I’ve seen.

    Shellie – Aww. ; (

  19. Alicia Says:

    I picked up Joy (and Ruby slippers) this weekend. Joy looks really good. I did two coats just because I still kinda suck at application.

  20. Steph Says:

    I’m glad you liked it. : )

  21. Bartek Says:

    So the story goes…. one day i decided to just try on some nail polish, for no reason, really. i didn’t think anything of it, lol, but I couldn’t stop after that. What’s worse is that I’m a guy, but by no means i am gay, not that i know of anyway. I will only wear Black or Clear coats though, and maybe some really dark blue’s. I don’t know what it is about it that I really liked ? It just sort of clicked for me, and I started to wear it more and more often, and now I can’t stand when my nails have no color on them :) they just look dull, and empty. My feet have been black non-stop for four months now and when I took them off the other day, it seemed SO strange to look at my natural nails. The other thing that I really like is the feeling you get on your nails after you paint them. I’m sure you guys know full well what i’m talking about because you wouldn’t be in this group if you didn’t, and that’s why I paint them I guess. Is there something wrong with me ? or is this normal ? Yeah I guess i’m an addict. lol. please help. Thanks.

  22. Steph Says:

    Bartek – you are totally not alone. : )

  23. tessa Says:

    very pretty! i really like harmony

  24. Helena Says:

    Question for you. What’s the pricing like between China Glaze and OPI? I haven’t found any ChG in stores up here in Calgary (haven’t looked too hard), so I was considering getting them online. I just wanted to make sure where they stand on pricing before I drop money on it. Thanks!

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