Trying New Products: Citra by Nail Tek


A while back I confessed that I stopped using nail strengtheners after reading on the Beauty Brains that strengthener contains chemicals that can actually be counter-productive to having strong, healthy nails. The people over at Nail Tek read my article and contacted me about a new product they developed. The offending chemical in normal strengthener is formaldehyde, which according to the Beauty Brains, combines with keratin protein in nails and can actually cause them to be more brittle and, therefore, more prone to breakage.

Nail Tek created a big 3 free strengthener and replaced formaldehyde with naturally occurring aldehyde extracted from citrus. The normal Nail Tek line, for people who use strengtheners, is already the most popular treatment on the market. So, I decided, why not, I’ll give Citra a whirl. Nail Tek tiers their products to specially target whatever nail issues one is encountering. The Citra line is divided into three products. Nail Tek Citra I is for protecting nails that are already strong and healthy. Nail Tek Citra II is for peeling, soft, or thin nails. It’s supposed to seal the peeling layers and reinforce the nail. And finally, Nail Tek Citra III is for dry brittle nails. This formula is supposed to help condition nails and replenish moisture which helps nails resist stress. Most girls use Nail Tek products as their base coat or under another base coat.

My nails are already strong so I’ll be using Nail Tek Citra I on my right hand, which is more prone to breaks than my left hand, for the next two months. My left hand will act as the control group, I’ll continue using my regular regime for result comparison. My Mother, who has chronic soft peeling nails will be using Nail Tek Citra II. I’ll have to call her everyday to remind her though. This experiment was supposed to start last month and when I called my Mother for results today, she said, “Huh, what? What product?” D’oh.

I know many of you use the normal Nail Tek line religiously, but have any of you tried Citra? I’d be interested to know your observations.


Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review by Nail Tek.


24 Responses to “Trying New Products: Citra by Nail Tek”

  1. Marianna Says:

    I’m intrigued, can’t wait to hear how it turns out. I think I might buy Citra I, because I also have pretty strong nails, but every couple of months I’ll break one and well you know … screaming and tears ensue.

  2. Lina-Elvira Says:

    I am following with anticipation for the results as two of my nails are peeling on my right hand and I decided Sally Hansen Miracle Cure doesn’t work for me :(

  3. Re Says:

    Haven’t tried, but might have to give it a go.

  4. Steph Says:

    Dont know about Citra, but we’ve got the hydration lined up to be used

  5. Vampy Varnish Says:

    I definitely have peeling issues, especially since I started swatching so much. I might have to try this, thanks!

  6. Jennifer Says:

    I’ve used it, but not religiously enough to show any results one way or the other. I used the II because I tend to have peelies – yuck…

  7. diana Says:

    I love formaldehyde. I even enjoy saying the word. I really hope the product works well for you. My nails are long and strong and filled with my beloved formaldehyde. I don’t believe the peeps at Beauty Brains on this one or at the very least I am an exception.

  8. Alicia Says:

    So, this may sound silly, but…if you were to do a strengthener, would you use it as a base coat, or would you put it over or under your base coat? I was using one as my base coat, but it doesn’t seem to do a good job as one.

  9. Sanna Says:

    I haven’t actually heard about it!
    It might be something for me, I wanna know more about it:)

  10. Kris Says:

    Never heard of it but I also like formaldehyde and have had good luck with Nailtek II foundation. Can’t wait to hear how it works for you.

  11. Steph Says:

    Mariann – LOL. I do know.

    Lina-Elvira – What kind of file are you using?

    Re – Might be worth it. : )

    Steph – Oooh, I’m curious about those, keep me posted.

    VV – It might be the acetone you’re using. Zoya Remove is necessary for bloggers.

    Jennifer – Ah, well, as long as it doesn’t do damage that’s ok – I’ve used products before that have made thing way worse.

    Diana – I don’t mind having formaldehyde in polish but I’m going to avoid using strengtheners that have it, just to be safe.

    Alicia – I would use it as a base coat – but other girls use it below a base coat. A layer of strengthener, a layer of like a stickey base coat then the color.

    Sanna – I’ll keep you posted.

    Kris – Girls love Nail Tek II, I’ve only heard good things about it.

  12. Lady Slatternly Says:

    lol @ that lame ad. I seriously don’t understand what kind of collective brain damage all nail companies have such that they put out these consistently weird ads.

  13. jargoc Says:

    formaldehyde causes throat cancer.

  14. Steph Says:

    Lady Slatternly – : P I didn’t think it was awful in comparison to some of these. (

    Jargoc – I dunno if I believe that the trace amount of formaldehyde in polish causes any real harm to the human body.

  15. steph Says:

    I’ve been Citra II for about 6 months, and love it. I’m on my 2nd bottle. I only use this on my piggies, since it takes longer to dry, but last a good week or two.

  16. Steph Says:

    Reeeeeallly? I actually have a lot of breakage issues with my toes as weird as that is, maybe I need to use it for pedis.

  17. Court Says:

    I’m a big Nail Tek fan and have been using the Citra Formula 2. Love it. :)

  18. Steph Says:

    Court, my mom says she really likes it so far but she’s still getting breakges.

  19. tigra1411 Says:

    U m using currently for 1 month Nail Tek Foundation II and Intensive Therapy II – they ve done a miracle to my soft nails! Even though they contain phormaldehyde. The only one problem: foundation drys endlessly, espetially if i use it as a basecoat.2 layers of OPI over it dry for 4 hours. And the treatment also changed a bit color of my tips. I would be curious to try new Nail Teck line for maintanance, but unfortunatly I already ordered OPI Nail Envy Maintanance. And by the way: I think not-dominant hand is not a good control. Very often nails on dominant hand are weeker. You better use as control several fingers on the same hand.

  20. Lori Says:

    Wondering what the results were?

  21. Suzanne Says:

    I have been using Nailtek Intensive Treatment 2, and it seems to be working ok. I am going to try the Citra version too. Just to see :)

  22. Patricia Says:

    I’ve been using and swear by Barielle’s Instant Liquid Nail Hardener (Toulene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate free). I always use it as my basecoat. I actually had a few bottles for YEARS and never used them… but as soon as I did my nails actually started growing instead of breaking! I LOVE this stuff!

    When I ran out and couldn’t locate a store that still carried it I purchased Sally Hansen’s Complete Care 4-in-One Treatment and Triple Strong Advanced Gel Nail Fortifier. My nails IMMEDIATELY started peeling in layers from these treatments! They have NEVER done that before in my life! (needless to say I’ve boycotted ALL Sally Hansen products for the rest of my life!!)

    A few months later I finally located my Barielle products and started using them and my nails once again long and strong! ;D

  23. Angelica Says:

    Personally, I hate nail tek. The first time i used it my nails actually started to break more frequently. I switched over to Nailtique and I fell in love. My nails where so brittle (b/c I’m a vegetarian). After using Nailtique my nail are so strong and healthy.

  24. Liz Says:

    I’ve been using Nail Tek for over a year. Cannot do without it. I am 63 years old and have “old nail syndrome”. This treatment really works.

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