Trying Out New Brands: BB Couture for Nails – Poison Ivy


I’m pretty late to the party, other girls have been digging BB Couture for Nails for a while. Poison Ivy, a gorgeous mid-tone creme green, is the color that initially piqued by interest in this brand. I’ve gotten to the point in collecting polish where I pretty much only get interested in new brands if they tote unique colors. Poison Ivy is definitely that. This green is bright, yet muted. It reminds me of the Brazilian flag. I’m impressed with BB’s color array, a lot of unique cremes and glitters.

The formula for this particular color was highly pigmented, but less powdery than Rescue Beauty Lounge. The viscosity was good although a little on the thick side. This manicure was composed of base, 2 coats of colors, and 1 coat of Seche Vite (my Seche is in desperate need of some thinner as you can see by the tiny surface bubbles on my middle finger nail). My only complaint is the length of the brush wand. I like shorter wands because shorter wands make it easier to control the the amount of polish the slides down the brush during application. If the brush is too long, one can end up with too much polish on the brush which causes pooling at the cuticles. It’s not a huge problem, it just takes some adjustment in application style. I’ve picked up a few colors and I can already say that this is the beginning of a love affair. I’m excited to see what else BB Couture for Nails has in store for us.

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  1. katee Says:

    This is one of my favorite green polishes ever!! I love wearing this one when my nails are on the short side. Love it!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I have a lot of theirs and have been pleased with the colors – the glitters are sparkly, the frosts are glowy, and there’s even something kind of special about the cremes. Length of wear is about average for me so far. I love some of their blues, in particular!

  3. Asami Says:

    I’ve never heard of this company before, but that green looks just gorgeous on you. (This is my bizarre need to have tawdry nails talking here, but I feel such an urge to make a watermelon design out of it. It’s that kind of green!)

    Anyway, I just saw a comment from you on My Manicure – thank you so much! It’s pretty exciting to see a comment from you because I consider you THE nail polish expert. I’ve learned many things from your blog, the proper names for the different kinds of polishes and “lemming” and “VPL.” Hehe.

    Thank you very much for the compliment and again for adding me to your blogroll. :)

  4. Sminkan Says:

    That green looks absolutely stunning!!

  5. Mônica Araujo Says:

    Nossa! Suas unhas são perfeitas ! É vc mesma quem faz? Unhas lindas assim só poderiam ser de uma brasileira mesmo …hehehee
    Eu tb sou uma polish addict e agora sou sua fã!!! ;)
    Depois dá uma olhada no meu flickr , mas já aviso q minhas unhas nem chegam perto das suas .

  6. The Asian Girl Says:

    about the Seche, for a while Sally was having a special on buy Seche get a China Glaze polish free…I have the Sally Beauty Club card ($5) and I got Seche for $4.95 and China Glaze for $3!!! I now have 2 half-used Seches, 4 back-up bottles and quite a few more China Glaze polishes…definitely worth the 5 bucks for a card.

  7. Marsha Smith Says:

    Steph – Lovely green! You know how I like green!

  8. Vampy Varnish Says:

    Yeah this is one of my fav greens also! Looks great on you, very creamy and delish!

  9. JennBee Says:

    What a fab green! And I’m sure you hear this all the time, but your nails are so pretty! They remind me of mine almost exactly, same length and everything – I’m curious to see what they look like bare. :) Great job with the pictures and polishes! Any recommendations for a great base coat? Do you use a nail treatment? Just curious :)

  10. Kyosuke Says:

    A few days after saying you’d wear more fancy color, this one is just perfect <3

    Lovely, especially on you :)
    Take care my dear ^^

  11. Nailmasterfr Says:

    wow !I knew this color but it’s spectacular on your perfect sexy nails
    congrats !

  12. missjay Says:

    I love this blog! I have a couple questions I’d love for you to answer, if you don’t mind! :)

    1) what is the one color you think you have the most of? Like with me, I have probably 100s of pinks…the color I wear the least, wtf.

    2) Do you use a guide so as not not get any paint near or on your cuticles? Or are you just really careful? Because I can do a good job on mine, but it is a very painstaking process and yours always look so perfect. Sometimes I think your nails are acrylic they look so good.

    3) How long do you think a polish is good for? Like would you wear a polish that was 3 years old or do you think that the quality/consistency has been compromised?

    4) Which topcoat do you use in your swatches? I must have it. lol.

    Ok TIA and sorry for being annoying!

  13. Alicia Says:

    I can’t find this color on their site. In fact, the colors on the site are kinda blah.

  14. Steph Says:

    Jennifer – I don’t have any of their blues, I definitely need to pick some up!

    Asami – lol. It’s really te perfect color for a watermelon design. And no need for thanks, I really love your blog – your ideas are creative and excellently executed. Are you a professional? Or just a hobbyist like me?

    Sminkan – I knoooooow. It would rock on you. : )

    Monica – Suas unhas são lindas!

    TAG – Have you considered investing the giant bottle of seche you get about 8 bottles out of it, it’s way cheaper. You can get them from the etailers.

    Marsha – I do. : )

    Vampy – Thank you. : ) You’re one of the peeps that inspired me to try this brand.

    JennBee – Ohhh my bare nails were not meant to see the light of day. Lol. Base coats are really particular to the individual, I really like No More Chips by Nail Laminates but I’m the only one, other girls really like Orly Bonder. I don’t use any nail treatments right now but I’m going to give Nail Tek Citra a try.

    Kyosuke – lol. There’s more to come, I promise.

    Nailmasterfr – Thank you! : )

    Missjay – 1. Hmm… purple definitely. I can’t stop myself from buying them lol.

    2. I don’t use a guide, I’m really careful and sometimes I do clean up using an orange wood stick or a small angled brush dipped in acetone.

    3. I have polish from the 80s that are still perfect. The consistency of some polishes changes but it’s nothing that you can’t work with.
    4. I used Seche Vite. ; )

    Never hesitate to ask me questions, I’ll always answer gladly and to the best of my ability.

    Alicia – Yup, sorry about that, their more unique colors are sold on I’ll udate the post.

  15. Steph Says:

    oooh, Steph I must get this green. Looks fab on your nails too! :)

  16. Zetar Says:

    Why do your nails always look perfect? The ‘light line’ on your nails is always magnificent. Sorry, long time reader; first time poster, etc., etc.

  17. Kim Says:

    Poison Ivy looking amazing on your nails! Please let your readers know that most up to date colors of BB Couture will not be found on their site, but at I got really lucky and I am able to offer their newer colors. With new ones coming out in the next couple of weeks I have heard. ;)
    I love your post, and wow I wish my nails look that good in green! I’m more of a purple and or pink myself. :)

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