Amazing Exclusive Offer From Misa

misa(Sounding like an infomercial in 5…4…3…2…) Misa is offering you guys a really great deal. 1 free polish of your choice, you only have to pay a flat rate $3.00 shipping and handling fee. If you want to pick up more bottles while you’re at it, Misa will give them to you for $1.50 a pop at a maximum of 12 polishes. Meaning if you decide to order 12 polishes, their total price is $23.50 because the 1st bottle is free + 11 bottles x 1.50 + $7.00 for shipping. If you decide to order less than 12 shipping will be somewhere between $3.00 and $7.00. The offer is good until January. All you have to do is call them at 1- 888-733-6472 or email them at, tell them what colors you want, and mention that you saw this offer on The Polish Addict (or since she’s also participating in this offer.) You can check out all my Misa swatches here. If anyone does end up taken advantage of this offer, I’d love to hear about what colors you’ve decided to order!


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  1. nivipa Says:

    Mmmmmmm — I think I’ll now get the Poisoned Passion collection!

  2. Sara Says:

    I don’t suppose they take international orders? :-/

  3. Lachelle Says:

    That is so cool, I’m excited about ordering some more nail polish. I’m just beginning my collection.

  4. Brooke Says:

    I JUST placed an order to 8ty8 and then a week later an order to H2T (this one hasn’t even arrived yet) and now here you are tempting me to place yet another order all in the span of about 2 weeks time! **just shakes head**

  5. Brooke Says:

    OH great!! I just had to check out your past Misa photos. The Sugar Sugar collection – hello!! It just called my name girlfriend!

  6. fifrildi Says:

    As Sara says: Are we international people in on this?

  7. andie Says:

    ugh just when i’m *officially* on a no buy….gosh darn it!

    but thank you for letting us kno! that is wicked cool of Misa to do a promo for us! now if OPI will only catch on……

  8. Faith Says:

    Oy, just ordered Toxic Seduction and Runway Diva. :)

  9. Vampy Varnish Says:

    I emailed them that I wanted these but haven’t heard back yet…
    Disco Queen
    Got to be Real
    Dance Fever
    Wishing on a Star
    I will survive
    Ghetto fabulous
    Decadent Drifter
    Embroidered Emerald
    The grass is greener on my side
    Hot people like you
    Green with envy
    Girls Night Out

  10. Ninisa Says:

    For anyone e-mailing, I’d reccomend you just call them because it’s faster. Plus, I know they are already sold out of Embroidered Emerald and the guy I talked to said I got the last bottle of Decadent Drifter. :0

  11. The Asian Girl Says:

    i read from other comments at Scrangie’s that this offer is US only, for all those abroad wondering.

  12. Kim Says:

    I sent an email wednesday and never received a response. I called today and placed my order. Strangely though, i was told I also got the last bottle of decadent drifter…

  13. Vampy Varnish Says:

    They didn’t email me back either so I just called and he said they do not have Decadent Drifter or Embroidered Emerald anymore :(

  14. True Queen Says:

    I used to be a complete polish addict when I was in middle school and high school. I used to drive my mom crazy with my yellows and silvers and neon colors lol. I have alot of colors left over, but now I’m coming back to my obsession and this is an awesome deal. Thanks!

    I sent an email with my order since I called and totally forgot that I’m on pacific coast time and they’re on a different time zone. Here’s what I ordered:

    Happy Happy
    Girls Night Out
    Hot People Like You
    Pour Me Something Tall and Stron
    Six Pack Summer
    Heaven White
    Camellia Destiny
    I Will Survive
    Love Bites
    Dying Love
    Blue Over A Boy
    Hot Couture

  15. Sharon Says:

    On thursday I ordered happy happy, a sin worth committing, toxic seduction and forbidden lust. They came yesterday!! I’m so excited

  16. lolachick Says:

    Hey ES–I guess I’ma have to break down and call these bishes because they don’t seem to be answering their email. It’s killing me though, because I can’t call them until DH is at work next week and out of my hair. :( My color choices are:
    Confection Section (I think this one is OOS, tho)
    Candy Girl
    Sweet Pleasure
    Dreamy Purple (bet I’ll be SOL here too)
    Rose Glitz

  17. piaf Says:

    I just got off the phone placing my order with Nancy. I knew it would probably be hopeless but I asked if they had the polish colors dreamy purple and violetta. And she said YES! They are bring dreamy purple back. So ladies go for it!

  18. pretear Says:

    Nivipa – Did you get them? : )

    Sara – Ah I’m a little late in answering this but I don’t imagine that they do. : (

    Lachelle – Misa is a great addition to any collection. : )

    Brooke – LOL. Doooo eeeet.

    Fifrildi – : ( Scrangie says nope.

    Andie – lol yea right, OPI is too cool for school.

    Faith – Awesome!

    Vampy Varnish – : ( Awww I’m sorry you missed out on those two.

    Ninisa – 2nd that.

    TAG – : (

    Kim – Hmm… I feel like I should have ordered that one. *kicks dirt*

    True Queen – Great choices! : )

    Sharon – Wow that’s pretty quick!

    Lolachick – Aww lol, how’d it go? Did they have those?

    Piaf – Yes! : D

  19. nivipa Says:

    I haven’t ordered them yet — I’m waiting for early January, after the Christmas money comes in :) I’m also scouring their website and your old posts, along with Scrangie’s, to pick a few other colors as well. Any of their other base/top coats particularly worth getting?

    Merry Xmas 0:)

  20. pretear Says:

    : ) Ah ok. I think the offer ends in January though so you may want to contact them a little before.

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  23. Tiso Says:

    I placed my order today by e-mail and a follow up with an e-mail. The customer service team at Misa Cosmetics were (very) very friendly & helpful. I ordered the following:
    5) Different Misa Nail Treatments
    1) #175 Love Bite
    1) #160 Runway Diva
    1) #150 Hot Couture
    1) #154 UR (You are) Beautiful
    1) #180 Fatal Affair
    1) #157 High Waist Hue
    1) #88 Funky Punky Pink (their last bottle – more on back order)
    They’re due to ship today!

  24. Steph Says:

    Excellent choices! : )

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