The Polish Addict’s Top 20 Polishes of All Time: #15 OPI – The “IT” Color

I drool all over myself when I find a truly unique color. It’s a pretty rare occurrence, but every once in a while it happens. I know many of you will be surprised to see this color on the list. It wasn’t popular with the masses, probably because it’s very ‘out there’ but that’s why I love it.

This truly gorgeous dirty mustard yellow reminds me of run ways and high fashion. In a perfect world, colors like this would be staples for everyone. Until then, I’ll keep drooling for these rarities.

As a meaningless side note, I tend to associate certain polishes with whatever was going on in my life the day I wore it. I wore The “It” Color while studying for finals last spring, specifically I was studying Criminal Procedure Police Practices. I remember constantly staring down at my nails which significantly hampered my study efforts. You can read the original post on this color here.


24 Responses to “The Polish Addict’s Top 20 Polishes of All Time: #15 OPI – The “IT” Color”

  1. Michelle Says:

    This is awesome on you!! I really wanted to love it too, but it just looked like mustard on my skin =( I’m really loving how your top 20 consists of so many different types of colors.

  2. Katee Says:

    That looks great on you! I am sure that very few people could pull it off as well as you do.

  3. Kyosuke Says:

    Wow ! I’m glad you’ve added such an uncommon color to your list, it’s gorgeous <3

  4. Chaosophia Says:

    Whee! I have this polish on my top 5, actually. One day, I will publish a long list too, but it’s difficult! For me, it surely is the IT color. :)

  5. Lina-Elvira Says:

    Looks so awesome on you :D I love this polish but I don’t think it comes out so nice on me as it does on you! :)

  6. Sminkan Says:

    It looks fabulous on you and I wish it would be something I would wear, but it isn’t. My pink skin really clashes with this kind of color. Sill, it is deinitely so edgy that I might buy it just to feel a bit avant garde.

  7. Polishaholic Says:

    WOW! Awesome color and looks great on you! I gotta add that to my next 8ty8 order. Truly unique!

  8. Erin Says:

    I too LOVE this color! I get compliments every time I wear it!

  9. Vampy Varnish Says:

    That color looks awesome on you! I could never ever pull it off, yellow clashes so much with my fair (but yellow toned) skin! I laughed when you said you were distracted when studying, I constantly find myself staring at my thumbnail while reading books!

  10. Brooke Says:

    This would be great on the toes for summer time.

  11. Dana Cerise Says:

    Love this bright saffron color! I’m so glad such a theatrical color is on your list. I have fair skin, not really pale but light, and I love wearing this polish. It would look great with a black and white outfit.

  12. Rachel Says:

    you make this color look awesome!!

  13. pretear Says:

    Michelle – : ( Aw I’m sad to hear that because I really want more people to jump on the “it” color bandwagon.

    Katee – Thanks.

    Kyosuke – Thank you! And I agree, it really is very unique.

    Chaosophia – AWESOME! I love that and I’d love to see your list some time.

    Lina-Elvira – Aw. : ( Have you tried it? You never know!

    Sminkan – : ( Awwww. I understand though, some colors clash with my skin as well.

    Polishaholic – Doooo eeeeet!

    Erin – That makes me SO happy to hear!

    Vampy Varnish – lol. Me too. And when I drive, some day I’m going to get into a horrible wreck.

    Brooke – Definitely!

    Dana – I’m so glad so many of you guys are open to this totally unappreciated color. : )

    Rachel – Thank you! : )

  14. diana Says:

    I keep staring at your nails. I really want a yellow polish. I look terrible in bright yellow. I can wear orange though. I wonder if this particular yellow has enough orange in it to do the job. Hmm. I could always buy it and do a rainbow mani. One yellow fingernail couldn’t possibly offend. I am having lots of fun seeing your top 20!

  15. Lady Slatternly Says:

    I like this one too, but it’s the sort of color I can only wear on my fingers, lest I look like I have some kind of toenail fungus.
    Also: am I alone in wanting a *true* mustard creme? This one isn’t mustardy enough. Misa has one they claim to be mustard, but it’s the color of peanut butter. Phooey. I predict RBL will come out with a mustard in their next collection, and then we’ll have to plunk down $18 just to get a decent mustard colored NP. It would only make sense.

  16. Stefi Says:

    This post and color is what got me re-obsessed with polish this year. I’d been looking for a replacement yellow for one that I got at a discount store years ago. This one totally trumps it. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  17. Brooke 2.0 Says:

    I love this color :) I usually only use it in skittles manis but I think I’ll have to do a full mani sometime soon. It’s just…so happy!

  18. Banana Says:

    Wow. I’m not a fan of yellow nailpolish but this one is refreshing, like fresh egg yolks when I am hungover.

  19. pretear Says:

    Diana – Try it! Let me know what think if you do. : )

    Lady S – I’d love one too. Def.

    Stefi – Woot!

    Brooke 2.0 – You have too!

    Banana – lol!

  20. eLLe Says:

    Hey is there any way you could do a comparison of this with “explosive” from color club? i want to see the difference before i decide which one to purchase online, cause opis slightly more expensive and id like to see if its worth it, thanx!

  21. Steph Says:

    Sooooorrry, I don’t have Explosive. : (

  22. Ariadne Elise Says:

    I stumbled across this color today -so on sale- and remembering having seen it on your blog, absolutely made me get it. Many thanks for the awesome/fun blog! :-)

  23. Nalini Says:


    In your opinion,between The “It” Colour and Need Sunglasses which would you think is a better yellow for your skin colour?

    Love your blog!

  24. Kellie Says:

    WOW – this color is AMAZING!!! I LOVE it!!

    PS – Your nails look great at this length. You should keep them like this. :) Don’t take it personally .. I just don’t like long nails *period*. Don’t take it personal – your nails are gorgeous long too. :)

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