The Polish Addict’s Top 20 Polishes of All Time: #19 OPI – Got the Blues for Red

I’m happy to be sharing my top 20 with you guys, mostly because I decided to make this a tradition. Once a year I will pick out my top 20 favorite colors and actually wear them. I’m disgusted to say that my collection has reached such a ridiculous size that I don’t get the chance to re-wear colors very often, this way, I have an excuse to return to my favorites.

OPI Got the Blues for Red was released in Fall 2005 with the Chicago collection. It was one of the first OPI reds I ever bought so it has a very special spot in my heart. (Oh… memories from when I had a manageable collection.) I only chose one red for the countdown because reds have a tendency to look like each other in way that other colors do not. I decided on this red in place of other much loved reds (like OPI Thrill of Brazil and OPI Vodka & Caviar) because Got the Blues for Red is the perfect balance of chic classic red and high drama depth of color. As the name suggests, this is a darkened red, so it’s stunning without being ‘too much’[1. No color is ever really 'too much' for me, I'll wear anything - I'm saying 'too much' because very bright reds seem to scare some people.]. This color, despite its simplicity, is a bonafide show stopper. Even my Mother, who has no real interest in nail polish, passionately loves this color. We both recently purchased back-up bottles since this color has sadly been discontinued. Also, it goes without saying, the application is smooth like butter, absolutely perfect in two coats.


19 Responses to “The Polish Addict’s Top 20 Polishes of All Time: #19 OPI – Got the Blues for Red”

  1. Michelle Says:

    This is fabulous on you Steph! You really make me think i should get this one before it’s htf… :D

  2. Katee Says:

    I totally know what you mean about Reds and how they have a tendency to look the same in a way that others do not. It keeps me from collecting a lot of reds that I would love to have!

  3. Andra Says:

    It’s gorgeous! How do you keep your cuticles looking so perfect. Mine need help.


  4. Kyosuke Says:

    Sexy ^^ And it seems afterall your kept your nails long, that’s even better :)

  5. Karla Black Says:

    I’m loving the top 20! Give us another one!

  6. Jinnzor Says:

    That is a beautiful red. Love the length of your nails. Pretty much perfect imo.

  7. pretear Says:

    Michelle – I’m so shocked that so many of you guys don’t have this one. This is like a collection staple for me. Lol.

    Katee – You should collect them anyway.

    Andra – Ah, well, I use moisturizers compulsively. I recommend – Lush Lemony Flutter, CND Cuticle Eraser, Zoya Cuticle Repair Balm, and hand creams from Jaqua.

    Kyosuke – lol… yup no need for distress, that last picture was an old pictures from a previous breakage. The long nails are still going strong for the time being.

    Karla Black – I will! Tonight… maybe even earlier than tonight. : ) I’m glad you guys are enjoying this.

    Jinnzor – Thank you! I think they might be a little too long right now but generally I let them grow out until they break, then I start over. It’s nice, gives me variation.

  8. Brooke Says:

    I love the top 20 countdown, one color at a time. It really gives us a chance to really look at each color, and hear why it is your favorite, instead of just a big list of pictures with nail polish names. :) Another reason I love this blog!

  9. Amber Says:

    ooh! I like that red! I just bought “I’m Not really a Waitress” I love it. Boyfriend hates it. LOL oh well.
    For the black….I think creme would be better? I want a black that looks fsahion-y rather than emo/goth.
    Ooh stephanie, you’re amazing!! you should recieve an award for this site and the efforts you make! This top 20 is wonderful.

  10. Sminkan Says:

    My favourite too! ;D

  11. Molly Says:

    Where can I go to find out which OPI colors were released in which collections? It’s not enough for me to simply know their names :].

  12. Siobhan Says:

    That’s just a gorgeous picture of Got the Blues for Red!

  13. Annie Says:

    I bought this color today! It’s spectacular. I also picked up my very first bottle of My Private Jet… is there any way if I can tell if it’s a new bottle or an old one?

  14. pretear Says:

    Brooke – <3

    Amber - Aww… tell your boy that red is classic and he needs to love it, period. Okay now for black - I'm a huge fan of Milani Black Magic which I always use as a base for layering. There really isn't too much variation from one black crème to another - I think a factor that might make black more wearable is slight shimmer. So I'm going to suggest Milani Black Magic for ease of application and opacity and Zoya Raven (which has a slight shimmer) for wearability. I hope that helps. : ) (And thank you for all the awesome compliments. <3)

    Sminkan - : )!

    Molly - Go here:

    Siobhan – Thank you! It’s my new camera and lighting set up. : )

    Annie – Yea, but you just have to eyeball it. The older version has a very obvious Holo effect, the newer version is more subtle. Really though, both versions are good. : )

  15. Martha Says:

    I love this color – I’m so glad i just picked it up at target one day before i truly got into polish and now i love it!

  16. sweetlife Says:

    This makes me feel so good! I’m a nail polish newbie, but it was Got the Blues for Red that got me back into polishing my nails. I thought it would be my signature color forever ‘n ever and bought three bottles. And then, um, I moved on. But I still love it.

  17. astasia Says:

    it’s true…why red scary people?Perhaps beacause the were scary about the person that wear such evident color?i don’t know…but this red is beautiful!!!And you’re right it is perfet…not too red..not too dark…and then so shining!!Why i can’t find OPI in Italy argh!!! !?!?! ;-)

  18. pretear Says:

    Martha – Awesome! : )

    Sweetlife – lol. I feel ya. This was a gateway polish for me too.

    Astasia – Have you tried ordering from e-tailers that ship abroad?

  19. MariV Says:

    I found this color over the weekend at a local beauty supply and decided against buying, seeing as I have so many reds :( But now I’m thinking maybe I should go back and pick it up? I also found an Essie Viva La Vespa, which I did purchase but sadly don’t know if I wish to keep it :(

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