The Evil of the Hard-to-Find: Essie VIP

Some people take great pride in searching out hard-to-find colors. I used to think I was one those people but lately obtaining particularly difficult hard-to-finds has lost its luster for me. I think the extra hoopla surrounding hard-to-finds takes the joy away. Essie VIP was a color I thought I would never see in real life. A MUA friend encountered 7 of them in a beauty shop and she graciously decided to pass them a long to anyone who wanted one. I got my bottle for a fairly reasonable trade but when I finally got it, this color I had wanted so much… I was sort of underwhelmed.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a gorgeous color and it’s easy to see why this is one of the most highly sought after discontinued Essies. I suppose this color is yet another casualty of my antipurpleitis.

I’m going to hold on to it until I return to my normal purple-loving self. If I still don’t love it then, I’ll pass it on to someone who really wants it.


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  1. Martha Says:

    Awww, so pretty!! i went through a phase like that as well. Oh, and I think we’re nail twins, although yours are a little more square (i love your nails!)

  2. Kyosuke Says:

    Hello Steph,
    I like this color, but I wouldn’t say it would be a best of the purple ones. I’d even think it’s average on someone else.
    Btw did you had a nail cut ? Or did one broke ? They are shorter now, that’s a bit sad to me since I think your previous length was just a perfect one for you :)

    Take care, and I hope you’re going better now !

  3. Enii Says:

    Gud, vilka härliga färger. Älskar lila.

  4. Enii Says:

    Sorry, just happened to write in Swedish. God, what beautiful colors. I love purple.

  5. Vampy Varnish Says:

    I think it looks great on you, but agree, it’s not the most fabulous purple ever. I finally got come Color Club polishes and you were so right, they are awesome! The consistency was like BUTTA!

  6. Katee Says:

    Looks great on you! This one is still on my lemming list. You’ve just confirmed that it will stay on my lemming list. Thanks! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

  7. Lady Slatternly Says:

    Yeah, I got this one from the same outlet I think you did (VNS). It was meh for me, but I’m kind of glad to have it just so I have it, you know?

  8. alana Says:

    and here I think it looks GORGEOUS!!! let me know if you decide to pass it on ;) Im def a purple lover and this has been a lemming for awhile

  9. Michelle Says:

    I’m with you on this one… It’s a pretty purple, but i haven’t yet decided if i like it enough that i’ll wear it, or if i’ll pass it along to a better home :)

  10. rachel Says:

    is there something wrong with my screen because this doesnt look purple to me, i see a a russian navy lookalike. hmm.

  11. CherriesintheKnow Says:

    It’s a great purple, but I know what you mean about being underwhelmed. I feel that way about many of the sought after deep purples. There have just been so many… I’m still waiting for this one that really wows… that said, btw your nails and skin color it looks as good on you as it could on anyone. You are, quite simply, the Natasha Poly of polished nails!

  12. Danielle Says:

    ok so posted this on scrangie and am posting it here and at nailphile to, i just went to claires without the knowledge of their extensive colour slection (neons galor!) i found these bottles of polish that are colours in one, yes three. layer of colour. i got a christmas on with red green and white and two others, their amazingly cool but has anuone actually tried these? if so let me know how you felt about them abd also has anyone heard of a company called eva garden by paolo guantelli its exoensive where i got it anf want to know why lol. have you heard of it?

  13. nivipa Says:

    I just found your site, and I find it hugely addicting! Let me add that I, too, really enjoy your writing style, not just the swatches n_n

    BTW, I haven’t seen anything here about the Strange Beautiful “library of colors” – any chance of your getting it? My deep craving for the set is what let me here to begin with!

  14. Sanna Says:

    It’s very pretty, but I can see you point.

  15. itzzzkimmm Says:

    I like the color! I just love purple nail polish. I have so many shades of purple.

    This is my first time on your site and I absolutely love it! I am hooked. I am also a polish addict and I will definitely bookmark your site. =]

  16. pretear Says:

    Martha – Thank you. : ) We have an easy to work with shape but I generally always wear them square – some day I might try round.

    Kyosuke – Nope they’re still safe, I promise. : )

    Enii – lol. I was about to get a translator – I want to love purples again.

    Vampy – Told ya! It’s really a great brand.

    Katee – You’ll find it, just keep lemming.

    Lady Slatternly – I feel that way too – I can’t help it, I hoard htfs.

    Alana – lol – I’ll definitely keep you in mind. : )

    Michelle – I’m just going to wait, hopefully this dislike for purple will pass.

    Rachel – Hmm… I don’t think the pic is off, it might be your screen. : (

    CherriesintheKnow – Whoa, best compliment ever. : ) And I agree – I want a purple that wows… but I suspect that one will be coming very, very, very soon. : P

    Nivipa – Thank you! : ) I googled this… I couldn’t find anything, where can I get it?

    Sanna – Yea. : (

    Itzzzkimmm – : ) Yeay! Definitely visit often. <3

  17. pretear Says:

    Danielle – Sorry for some reason my spam folder caught your message – I haven’t heard of either collection but I’ll have to poke around and see what I can find about these. : )

  18. nivipa Says:

    You can find the colors and the backstory at Unfortunately, they’re only available at Bergdorf Goodman – but I neeeeeeeeeded them -_* I called and am having the collection shipped — sigh

  19. pretear Says:

    :O OMFG HOLY SHIT! I NEED IT! I’m calling screw that it’s expensive, I need it.

  20. nivipa Says:

    lol — I know; isn’t it evil???? email me if you need a number to call — I emailed the strange beautiful people, and they gave me a number to call that I ordered it from :) (just not sure if it’s kosher to publish their number online)

  21. pretear Says:

    : O Yes, please email me the number. I’m dying over here lol.

  22. Michelle Says:

    I LOVE this color!! I’ve been looking for it everywhere. I’m definitely a fan of purple polish so if you decide to pas it along please please please keep me in mind. Thanks :)

  23. pretear Says:

    Michelle – email me.

  24. VICKI HILL Says:

    DO YOU OWN ALL THIS POLISH ?????????????????

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