Confessions of a Polish Addict: I, Personally, Don’t Care for Pedis but I Wish Men Could Get Them More Often

I don’t like feet. I neglect my own. Their hideousness is such that they are not meant to see the light of day. I wear the same color on my toes for as long as I possibly can, usually, two weeks. I also don’t wear flashy colors on toes very often, although right now I am wearing Color Club Screamin’ Fuchsia. I have a simple albeit shallow reason for that, flashy colors clash with most open-toed shoes. Now with that said, I think that pedis are a great way for men to enjoy nail polish (even if it’s just clear). Believe it or not, there are a lot of guys out there that wear polish on toes for their private enjoyment.

I wish it was socially acceptable for men to wear nail polish. I think the new niche market would give nail polish companies far more latitude to generate unique colors. Take ManGlaze, for example, that company specializes in matte finish polish marketed for men. I would love to see all companies tap into different colors and finishes. My support for gender equality when it comes to nail polish is why I love to see articles like this one by Darren Garnick. Darren not only got a fish pedicure, a brave feat in and of itself, but also chose OPI Osaka to Me Orange instead of just a clear coat. Darren’s been all over the nail polish blogosphere lately with his interesting nail polish related articles[1. He was just kidding when he called me "one of the most influential nail polish bloggers in America." Haha.]  which are all linked on Scrangie’s blog. Darren is helping to bridge the gender gap by writing about polish, I think that’s really great. If you do too, you should drop him a line and tell him to keep fighting the good fight.


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  1. Mariah Says:

    Yeah, my feet don’t do pedi’s either. Actually, I have very soft, pretty feet, but I HATE my feet being cold so I keep them all socked up for 90% of the year. I think I’ve only had 3 pedis in my life!

    And yes, men should totes be able to get mani/pedis too! (Actually, scratch that, they SHOULD be FORCED TO! Some men’s feet are GRODY!) But even my bf asked if I would give him a mani, because I did it once before to him, and he said he LOVED the way it felt! And we’re artists and use our hands a lot, so it’s essential to have well cared-for hands!

  2. Mike Says:

    Wow, finally someone said it BESIDES a guy. I’m one of those who privately started enjoying polish until my girlfriend (now wife) found me out. Now she helps. I take better care of my feet, they don’t shred her under the covers, and they’re nice to look at. Right now, I’m a bit wild wearing Essie’s E! Live From The Red Carpet, but normally, it’s darker blues or greens.

  3. Katee Says:

    I only wear super dark, vampy colors on my toes. I get a pedicure every 2 weeks, religiously, and that color stays on my toes for those 2 weeks. I WISH my boyfriend would get a pedi! He needs it badly!! He hates having his feet touched though. So no matter much I bug him, he won’t do it. Although I would NOT be into him wearing nail polish on his toes. Sorry, I think it is weird. I think it is perfectly fine, great, acceptable though for men to get a mani/pedi with a nice buff and shine. And whatever other men want to do is fine. I just don’t want to see polish on my man.

  4. Kyosuke Says:

    What a nice topic, I have to react as a guy ^^
    Well, I do not wear polish, even on my toes, and I didn’t knew there was so much guys out there interested in it. Beside many rockers or gothic fans, which were the only ones so far wearing black polishes to me (part of the style ^^).
    But that doesn’t seem weird to me, and I guess I wouldn’t refuse to “test” if I had an occasion (meaning I wouldn’t look weird to others or being mocked at), but chances are that it won’t happen until decades ! Until then, I prefer my wife’s nails polished ^^

    It’s just a new kind of fashion that could arise, just like men couldn’t have long hair before, or girls that couldn’t wear trousers long ago…

    But before thinking about men, I guess our society has to change regarding you girls first. I mean, as I already posted in a previous post, first a woman should be able to wear any kind of polish. Blue, yellow, orange, green.. whatever. We stick to the “politically correct” pinks and reds… Do you think a guy would wear some pink as a first idea ? ^^ I guess, if I had to choose, I’d tend more on a blue or green. So, until we get rid of this “politically correct” matter, until the day a girl will be considered for her qualities and hard work instead of her “whore”-like polish, I guess things won’t change. Such pretty nails as yours should be often subject to color changes, every X-day a new surprise and a new humor.

    Last but not least, we live in different worlds… Seems people in the US are more open-minded. There are more people wearing long nails, your polishes are way cheaper… and you vote for a good president ^^ I live in France, our polishes are expensive, not really diversified, girls are cutting their nails as short as possible… and some jerks elected a dictator -_-

    Regarding manicures and pedicures, I have to say that I don’t care at all for my feet. Well, they aren’t so ugly though, and I always wear socks (I don’t like walking with naked feet). But I just don’t care. On the other side, I’ve bitten my nails for years, and now I’ve successed to stop that, I take care of my nails ^^ If they weren’t at least a bit handsome, I’d bite them again -_-

    Thank you Stephanie for such discussions, it’s very nice to share some thoughts and feedback amongst your many swatches ^^

  5. Honey Says:

    I need a pedicure right now, but am too poor to get one. I just can’t do the same job on my own that they do in the salon. I used to date a guy who got mani/pedis and I loved his well-cared for hands and feet.

  6. Sylvia Says:

    Good evening! As a professional from Germany – yes, there are coming more and more men who are interested in nail polish for their own and for sure also for their girl friends. Its no more privilege of woman to have neated and well-cared feet… I’m only wondering that our polish only lasts for two weeks, the most of my customers come all four weeks and the polish is never chipped off and looks perfect except the thing that the nails are longer! Best wishes, Sylvia

  7. Jake K Says:

    Steph, you are absolutely RIGHT-ON with the male pedicure suggestion! Let’s face it, men’s feet are typically not-so-great looking because they simply don’t care for them. Callouses, rough nails, other foot issues (we won’t go there) are common with men because they either don’t know how to care for their feet, or they run up against the social stigma that ‘men don’t get pedicures’. Well, it’s high time they figure out that unsightly feet – on anyone – are a major turn-off!

    For those of you who already into following the nail polish arena, you probably already know about Suzi’s Blog on the OPI web site. There is a section entitled “for men” and she has some very encouraging things to say about men taking care of their feet, getting professional pedicures and even wearing colored nail polish!

    Personally, I’ve been a big fan of pedicures and wearing nail polish on my toes since my wife introduced me to it a number of years ago. She felt that my feet needed an ‘upgrade’, and little did I know how wise her notion would prove to be until I actually experienced it. I have to say that pedicures feel GREAT, and everyone should try this at least once.

    As far as the polish, that was something she thought up, maybe after seeing it on a celebrity guy in a magazine. It did not take me long to warm up to it because it was such an improvement! Now I wear them polished pretty much all of the time because I really like the way it looks. It’s something that we do together and we both really enjoy it! Here is a link to some pics in case you are interested:

    Steph, I really appreciate you bringing this subject up in your esteemed blog! Yours is a refrshing and open-minded attitude that I think it reflects how we can live together in this challenging world – and have a little fun too!

    An BTW, I do agree with what Darren said, you are certainly ‘one of the most influential nail bloggers’ in my book! Keep up the great work!!!

  8. dami Says:

    i agree, i would love if my husband got a pedicure. I always offer to give him one but he always turns me down. my son (he’s 2) is another story haha, he would love a pedicure. Complete with polish.

    Jake – you have really nice feet, and coming from me (i hate feet) that’s a huge compliment. I looked through your flickr & i’m impressed!

  9. Jason Says:

    Thanks Dani, it’s sites like this and people like you who keep me enthusiastic about polish. Glad we can all share this fun and creative interest!

  10. Jason Says:

    Ooops, that’s ‘dami’ (I hit “send” too quick)

  11. Lynette Says:

    While I like men who take care of their feet, the thought of colored polish on a man’s toenails… lets just say that would take a lot of reaching on my part.

  12. pretear Says:

    Mariah – LOL – I’m exactly the same way, I wear socks 24/7. And it’s refreshing to hear that your BF enjoys manis. : )

    Mike – That’s awesome! E! is one of my favorite reds btw.

    Katee – You feel that way because we live in a society that habitually represses men – it’s reverse sexism.

    Kyosuke – I agree. But honestly, it’s changing for girls. I think it’s rare to find someone who isn’t from the Baby Boomer generation that thinks red nail polish is unacceptable. I think in one more generation girls will have complete freedom to wear whatever they want. (And don’t feel bad about Sarkosy, we’re just coming out of a dictatorship ourselves.)

    Honey – I don’t do it either. Pretty much, I use a pumice stone and paint my toes but that’s about it. I hardly ever get professional pedis they are just too expensive.

    Sylvia – It’s great to hear that more men are coming in!

    Jake – I knew you’d like this post. : )

    Dami – I agree about Jake’s feet, they look better than mind. It’s embarrassing lol.

    Lynette – Reeeeeeeeeeeeach!!!

  13. Kyosuke Says:

    Your dictator mainly fucked up in Irak at least… Mine is fucking Internet rights and privacy in France for the sake of his beloved friends Sony, Universal, BGM and co. And Internet is my daily job…

    Anyway it’s good if you think so about colors, but then we’d need an other generation at least for this to be acceptable for men :p I’ll be six feet under then ^^

  14. Kyosuke Says:

    Btw Stephanie, would you like a guy that accepts wearing polish ? And would you be as enthusiastic to care and polish his nails or toes as you are with your owns ? :)

  15. Ozzy Isgod Says:

    Interesting subject! I think nail polish for dudes is ROCKN! I’m a hard-rock loving 100% straight type-A personality red-bloode American male, and I have been into nail polish ever since I have been ten or so, when all of the ‘rock Gods’ began wearing it. I could name hundreds of rock stars, pro-athletes, and other celebs that are into it. My fiance totally digs it (my polished nails!) (ps – If you want to see some samples of my polished nails, go to Flickr, type in ‘nail polish’ into the search box, and look for photos from the ‘St. louis Punk Rocker.’ or you could use this link too)
    Thanks for the cool article!

  16. Robyn Says:

    I love a man that gets manis and pedis, but I prefer no color or clear coat. My boyfriend often goes to the salon with me to get a mani pedi because he loves a massage and likes his nails to be clean, but personally I do not find polish on a man to be attractive :/ sorry guys!

  17. pretear Says:

    Kyosuke – lol – I probably wouldn’t do his nails for him (I’m selfish) but I would be accepting of his desire to wear polish for sure. : P

    Ozzy – Very very cool. All you boys have nicer feet than I do. XD

    Robyn – That sucks.

  18. David Says:

    I never expected to end up here, I just clicked on a link from an article written about pedicures done by fish!

    Anyway, this is something that interests me. I experienced my first pedicure maybe three years ago with my wife. It was very enjoyable, and so I have returned for many of them since.

    I have had the opportunity to have my toenails polished as well, during one of the earlier pedicures we experienced together. We were on vacation and feeling quite relaxed and out of our ordinary environment. That particular time, she had chosen a very attractive blue polish that I really liked. So, we both decided to just go for it and have our toes done in a matching color.

    I have to say that I was a bit nervous about it at first, but upon seeing the results, and enjoying many compliments from the customers and staff in the salon, I knew it had been the right decision.

    Later, as she and I walked the shops and beach, people would come up to us and tell us that they really liked the look of our matching pedicures. It was quite an exhilerating experience, one that we liked enough to continue.

    Since then, we have enjoyed a number of pedicures together, and yes, we have both had our toes painted to match again as well!

    I think this blog hits close to home on this subject, and I really like the open attitude about. Thank you for bringing it up!

  19. Puppy Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I’m a dude and I wear nail polish, sometimes in really ridiculous colours. Right now I’m rocking an intensely shimmery-frosty-metallic nude (on my fingers, that is, I haven’t painted my toes in a while).

  20. pretear Says:

    David – Awesome! : ) And you’re welcome – I’m glad that you are able to enjoy polish without being judged.

    Puppy – What’s the name? : )

  21. Ed Says:

    I discovered this whole “trend” by accident – I was setting up a surprise pedi for my wife and got talked into one myself. BTW I’m soooo mad at you women for not letting us guys in on how awesome the whole pedicure experience is ;) Anyway at the end the Tech asked me “Clear or color?” I responded with a suave and debonaire “Ummmm”, and she says “You’d look good with color.” PRESTO polished toes.

    The whole experience was relaxing and awesome. It took care of some “debris” from a previous case of athletes foot that left my feet looking nothing like they did when I was a “20-something” and I was always getting comments from jealous women. I think I like the color because it shows I’m taking care of my feet and toes (I’m really not sure at this point why I like it, but I do). I know my wife and kids like the fact that they can get close to my feet again, and none of them have any issues with colored toes (of course other than the dog, I’m the only guy in the house).

    Guys can now wear long hair, pierce ears (and other parts), get tattoo (of various sorts, in various locations) and no one bats an eye. “Spill” a little paint on your toenails and suddenly you’re an anathema. I don’t understand – and I really don’t care. I’m going to do it so long as I’m not hurting anyone and I enjoy it.

  22. Shine crazy Says:

    Yes, men SHOULD get mani/pedi & keep both sets of nails & especally their feet. My wife & I went for both & they put clear polish on my nails w/o asking. I love having mani/pedi done!! I get my nails done a couple of times a month to keep them in shape & LOVE putting clear polish to keep them in good condition. Its about time that guys start getting their nails taken care of, & that it ISN”T just for women anymore!! Fair is FAIR-women get to do masuline stuff, now its time that men do things that were concidered feminine, after all, its only PAINT!

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