My Failed Attempts at Konad

Siobhan over at The Nailphile has almost completely forgone regular manicures for what she calls konadicures. Konad is nothing short of awesome but there is definitely a learning curve and it takes several failed attempts before it finally looks right.

As you can see from my two poor konad attempts, I’m still on the low end of the curve. I love the konad but, sadly, it does not love me back. One.. day… one day… my konadicures will look right. I don’t use my konad very often only because I really love unadulterated nail polish. That’s the reason why you don’t see me layering very often either. The first time I wear any color, I like to wear them in their pure form, then if I get bored I might pull out the konad or a layering polish.

If you’re konad deficient like I am check out these links (Mastering the Konad and How to use a Konad stamper) for helps hints and instructions.


17 Responses to “My Failed Attempts at Konad”

  1. Kyosuke Says:

    If only every girl could fail the Konad as you do… You still have lovely hands !!!
    Btw I second you on the unicolor nail polish, it’s prettier like this for me too :p Siobhan knows that I’m not fan of Konad btw, still I admit it’s sometimes refreshing :)

    Btw lately she has swatched a lot of new colors, and made way less Konadicure as she did for some times, it’s cool ^^ Though her NotD often is a Konadicure :p

    Thanks for sharing this, and don’t worry too much about such lovely results ^^

    Btw, a wonder: why don’t you try to show your thumb on pictures sometimes ?

    Take care :)

  2. Sminkan Says:

    I think it looks great! I fail a lot worse when it comes to Konad. And unfortunately, I get bored very easily with it so I hardly use it anymore… But I think it is pretty on others.

  3. Aziajs Says:

    I love the second konadicure. It looks really nice.

  4. diana Says:

    The second one looks nearly perfect and the first is still very nice. I would wear both of those outside my apartment. :) I don’t have a Konad yet. At the moment, I am on a kick with glitter top coats. I go through phases. LOL! I did wear one unadulterated shade at a time all summer.

  5. Michelle Says:

    If these are failed attempts Steph, then i don’t know what to say… I think both look really good, especially the 1st one! I’ll probably be stealing your idea on that one ;-) And i’m a little like you on wearing the polish by itself at first… i add Konad after a day or 2 to change it :D

  6. Brooke Says:

    Love the little jewel in the first pic, nice touch!
    And that argyle one is right up my alley, of course I’m a huge fan of nail art though

  7. Lisa in Oregon Says:

    I don’t think either of those are failures! Some plates are definitely harder than others to get the swing of, and then figuring out how to put them on the nail the way you want it to look is another hurdle! Keep on with the Konadcure, I love it!

  8. Weedita Says:

    I absolutely love the pink and white one. I don’t think that it is a FAIL at all. It’s like they say “you are your own worst critic”. Can’t wait to see more Konadicures.

  9. NailMasterfr Says:

    My friend Kyosuke said it all
    How could you call these failed ?
    they’re so lovely
    but maybe we’re not really objective because your nails are always pretty ;-)

  10. pretear Says:

    Kyosuke – lol. I just don’t think my thumb is aesthetically pleasing.

    Sminkan – Oh I know, I got it months ago, couldn’t get it to look right and just stuffed it away forever.

    Aziajs – Thank you. : )

    Diana – I go in and out of glitter phases too. lol. They’re just so distracting.

    Michelle – Haha, thank you. : ) And I agree, it’s a good color combo. : )

    Brooke – Thank you! I have an obscene amount Swarovski crystals for future planned manicures.

    Lisa – Exactly! First it was just getting the stamp to pick up, now it’s getting it on the nail in the right direction. lol. I just have to keep trying.

    Weedita – : ) I’ll post some more soon.

    NailMasterfr – Thank you! : )

  11. jnie Says:

    i stumbled across your blog, love! i have a growing addiction for nail polish, will definitely be checking back.

  12. kia Says:

    omg i love this!

  13. Rebelle Says:

    I know this is an old post, but I just found your blog randomly (it’s brilliant btw, but I’m sure you know that already) and the second one is just – wow. I hope you don’t mind if I steal that? :p

  14. Sue Says:

    Your flops look like successes to me. I’m a nail art freak of over 35 years ! Wore black polish when it DEFINATELY wasn’t “in”. Anyone have ANY ideas on alternative Konad polish? It’s too expensive! I’ve heard that using regular, but thicker older polish works. Anyone know?

  15. court Says:

    i did not think konad was very hard when i first tryed it
    everyone kept telling me how hard it would be but when i tryed it for the first time i found it easy i guess diffrent people have diffrent talents and mines konad good luck
    u will get the hang it

  16. court Says:

    i found it easy
    dont worry if i can do it you can

  17. unhas desenhadas Says:

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