Color Club Haute Browns Collection

I’m back-tracking a bit to show you guys the collections of yesteryear. Color Club released the Haute Browns collection a few seasons ago. In my eternal search for wearable browns, acquiring this collection was a no-brainer. The collection is composed of what I would consider three professional work appropriate colors and three colors with a little more pizzazz.

Color Club Urban Edge is a pinkish tan. It’s not hard to apply but it has a chalky consistency and it’s definitely a thee to four coater. Three of the six colors in this collection are pink toned tans that get incrementally darker and less pink. When I saw the three colors (the other two are pictured below) I immediately thought of OPI Dulce De Leche. The difference between these tans and Dulce de Leche is the pink tone, which Dulce de Leche does not have.

Color Club Diva in Brown is slightly darker and deeper than Urban Edge. The application was better than Urban Edge but it took four coats to reach opacity.

Color Club Out and About is slightly darker and deeper than Diva in Brown. This one had excellent application, it’s a two to three coater.

Color Club Golden Girl is probably my favorite from this collection. It’s a gorgeous tannish gold with a slight pink undertone and very complex shimmer that flashes mostly gold and green but you can see bronze as well. I think this color would work really well for people who feel that they can’t wear true golds. It’s very flattering. This is three coats.

Color Club Black-ish is a deep plummy reddish brown with the same complex shimmer found in Golden Girl. This is three coats but it applies very well, I think most people could get away with two coats.

Finally, Color Club Haute Couture is a vampy plummish brown. Gorgeous. This is a 2 to 3 coater, this swatch is 3 coats.


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by Color Club.


14 Responses to “Color Club Haute Browns Collection”

  1. Brooke the 2nd Says:

    Those look great! I like Haute Couture and Golden Girl best, I think. Side note, I popped into my local Rite Aid for a magazine and found…NYC molten metal! yay! I had given up on it. It’s gorgeous too :)

  2. Kay Says:

    Oooohh!! I really love Urban Edge, Diva and Brown and Haute Couture. Great pics – thanks for swatching :)

  3. Geraldine Says:

    I use OPI’s Dulce De Lech and it blends perfectly into my natural skin tone (Asian) — something I think these color club ones don’t. But I can probably only speak with more authority once I compare them in real life. :)

  4. Mariah Says:

    All very pretty! I love those first 2 pinks, and the dark, dark brown! Makes me want to go paint my nails right now!

  5. Kyosuke Says:

    It’s a bit sad actually to have to differentiate between a polish appropriate for a working girl or not… And btw I would even say all of these are appropriate :p But I’d love minds to get open, so you may wear, as you like, blue, green, yellow or purple polishes anytime anywhere ^^
    And, as always, really pretty colors on your stunning nails, it’s lovely ^^

  6. Brooke Says:

    First off I want to say that I am really happy that you are doing some older collections. While I love seeing the new collections, when you visit 4 or 5 nailpolish blogs and they all have the same color it can be a little redundant. So I really want to say thanks for the old stuff, I for one really like that!

    Second, I like almost every color in this collection! Very nice.

    Third – lol @ Brooke the 2nd! ;)

  7. Alisa13 Says:

    Thank you so much for swatching an older collection! Just like Brooke said, it’s great to see variation from just the new collections that everyone’s swatching. Now I’m very tempted by Haute Couture, and you’ve saved me from ordering Urban Edge and being disappointed. ;-p Thank you!

  8. vampyvarnish Says:

    I love that Haute Couture color! Thanks for swatching these. I don’t own any Color Club polishes yet, but I see them on your site a lot and am definitely going to get some in the near future!

  9. pretear Says:

    Brook 2.0 : P – I *just* set up a swap for Molten Metal. My town is small and devoid of cool nail polish. lol.

    Kay – You’re Welcome. : )

    Geraldine – Yea, they really have a pinkish tone too them, let me know what you think if you ever pick them up.

    Mariah – Doooo eeeeet. lol.

    Kyosuke – Yea, I mean all of these are wearable in a liberal office. I think for most girls it’s not too big a deal but for some jobs it’s pretty serious polish only. : P

    Brooke – I totally agree (that’s one of the reasons I love your site, it’s nice to see variation.) I have a lot of collections from yesteryear that I’m planning to write about soon. : )

    Alisa13 – Haute Couture is gorgeous, you won’t be disappointed and definitely stay tuned, I’ll be doing a lot of collection back tracking in the near future.

    Vampyvarnish – *gasp* No Color Club!?! You need some. CC is one of my favorite brands and they’re really inexpensive when compared to similar quality brands like OPI. They have a lot of excellent vampies and many truly unique colors. If I ever have any duplicate colors again (I just raok’d all the ones I had), I’ll send them your way.

  10. Honey Says:

    I really like Out and About. Most soft pinks look chalky or just garish next to my dark skin, but that pink chocolate kind of shade looks like it might work.

  11. rmcandlelight Says:

    I love the pinkish tan. Just lovely

  12. vampyvarnish Says:

    Thanks Steph!

  13. Weedita Says:

    Thanks for the swatches. L-O-V-E Golden Girl. I agree it is the best out of the bunch.

  14. pretear Says:

    Honey – If you end up getting it, let me know how it works out for you.

    rmcandlelight – Yea, It’s a very flattering color.

    Vampyvarnish – No problem. : )

    Weedita – It’s an amazing color. ; )

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