Barack Obama Nail Art

Nail art is a silly way to support a Presidential candidate, I know, but seeing as how some ***shat turd-wad stole my Obama sign [1. Actually, funny story - I saw someone walking past my window with an Obama sign, then I looked out to see that my own Obama sign was missing. I immediately thought, "Holy ****, that guy took my Obama sign!" So I ran out the door like in insane woman, my hair all disheveled, my nails all different colors (I was swatching at the time), in an over-sized pink pajama top and fluffy pink slippers with a crazy blood lust gleam in my eye. I couldn't chase him on foot so I actually got in my car to chase him down. I lost him a few blocks away from where I live but I didn't give up the search. I drove around aimlessly asking people if they had seen a man with an Obama sign. My boyfriend turned to me and said, "You realize, you look crazy right now?" At that point I thought it better to just give up and drive back home. Only then did I realize that Joe Biden held a rally here at the University today and that poor man who almost faced a violent end by my hands was probably a poor Obama supporter walking home from the rally. My sign probably met its end on Halloween night and I just hadn't noticed its absence until today.] I figured I might as well sport my endorsement on my nails, since presumably some McCain supporter can’t abscond with them. I’m not the only one, check out Eve’s custom Obama print. Only in my wildest dreams could I do anything that elaborate so I decided to copy Luckypenny (a fellow nber) and do a Obama hope symbol manicure.

I used China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway as a basic democratic blue. For the hope symbol I used OPI Vodka & Caviar and China Glaze Caribbean Blue. The stripes were done with Art Club by Color Club White.

I used notebook paper reinforcements to get the shapes right – sort of a pain, but definitely worth it. If you are planning to do an Obama or Democratic Party inspired manicure for election day, please send me your images. I would love to show our support for the Party by posting all that democratic creativity on Election day. And, I hope this goes without saying, GET OUT AND VOTE!


Disclosure: Bermuda Breakaway, Caribbean Blue, and White striper was sent to me for review by their respective companies.


17 Responses to “Barack Obama Nail Art”

  1. Kyosuke Says:

    Well I thought I would just finally post a comment, since it’s been quite a while already I’m reading your blog and am amazed by your nails ^^ I only wish you could propose bigger pictures.

    I definitely love blue, and you made a nice job out of it. And I’m glad you support Obama. Though I’m not american, I also prefer him to McCain.

    Thanks a lot for all these pictures, and think about putting link to bigger pictures someday. Siobhan’s pictures size on her blog is nice :p
    Thank you for all you’re doing, and take care !

  2. Shryh Says:

    Haha! I love your story about your stolen Obama sign, though I’m really sorry that it got stolen. Stealing signs is just so petty and unsporting. I don’t get to cast a vote, but as a social liberal, you bet I’ll be rooting for your candidate. :) I can’t wait to see election themed nail art!

  3. Katee Says:

    Amazing job. And hilarious story. Kudos!

  4. Jojo Says:

    I *love* the hope symbol nail, I actually prefer it to the face imprint. With nails, I really think less is more, but you know I’m no expert :)

  5. Brooke Says:

    great job on the nail art!

    I’m loving that dark blue color! Looks very good with your skin tone. I am adding this one to my list of wants!

  6. Marsha Says:

    Steph: To backtrack a little, what, oh what does OPI’s Ghostess with the Mostess look like?

  7. Brooke (different one) Says:

    Hi Steph!

    Long time lurker here. I absolutely love your blog. You always give fair reviews and your nails are gorgeous :)

    If you get a chance any time in the future, could you please give me some suggestions for a browney/plummy creme? I like Sephora by OPI’s “it’s somewhere in my purse,” for example.

    Thanks so much!! OBAMA 08!!

  8. pretear Says:

    Kyosuke – Thank you! Unfortunately, my image size is restricted by the format of my blog layout. :( This is as big as they can get and still fit on the page.

    Shyrh – That’s my deal too – I’m a hardcore social liberal. : )

    Katee – Thanks.

    Jojo – : P Well, well, look who it is. If you were here I’d hook you up with some Obama nail art goodness too.

    Brooke – Thanks! I have a major soft spot for dark blue cremes (blue cremes in general). You should check out the Bahama Blues collections if you have already – it’s amazing.

    Marsha – It’s pretty much a borderline stark white that has some *major* glow-in-the-dark to it. It’s pretty hard to come by though and it’s already being scalped on ebay. : ( (Feel free to backtrack any time, I totally don’t mind OT comments. : )

    Brooke 2.0 (lol) – I actually think I have the perfect color for you, I just swatched yesterday and plan to post pics of it tonight. It’s Color Club Haute Couture, a vampy plummy/reddish brown creme. If you come back on later and it’s not what your looking for, let me know I’ll scope out my stash for you.

  9. Brittany Says:

    Ohmigoodness, I LOVE this look. I am so going to try and do this tonight. BTW, I am featuring you and 2 of my other favorite nail polish blogs on tomorrow. Be on the look out. And keep up the WONDERFUL work. WE love you!

  10. prettybeautiful Says:

    the story of stolen obama sign is just wow, and the fact that you chased after the dude in your PJs are wow-er. haha

  11. Kyosuke Says:

    Stephanie: Actually I meant, as you currently post pictures that link to themselves (meaning they open on a new window, full size, when you click on them), you could post a smaller picture on the site, to fit the layout, and make the link on it points to a bigger picture.
    Well actually maybe it’s just not possible, I don’t know which blogging tool you’re using ^^
    Thanks anyway, and expect to see more comments now I’m not just a lurker anymore <3
    Take care ! And tonight is the night ! ^^

  12. Brooke 2.0 hahah Says:

    Sounds good! I’ll watch for the swatch (and I’m a poet and know it…hehe). Thanks again! :)

  13. pretear Says:

    Brittany – I saw the article – Scrangie & Siobhan are two of my favorites as well. Thank you for thinking of us.

    prettybeautiful – lol, I get a little crazy sometimes.

    Kyosuke – You’re right, my old format didn’t allow me to do that, this one does but old habits die hard lol. I’ll see what I can do.

    Brooke 2.0 ; P – It’s up now, sorry that took so long I was consumed with the election and my love Barack.

  14. Rebekah Says:

    Do you live in Gainesville, Florida? Biden had a rally at there, and it’s my hometown. I live in California now, though.

    Great blog! :)

  15. pretear Says:

    Thank you, and yes, I do. : ) I’m a student at UF Law.

  16. erinalise Says:

    I think that Eve’s Obama is a Minx manicure. It’s a big deal right now… or “again” i guess.

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