BOO….Hoo? My Failed Halloween Mani.

A little while ago, one of the lovely girls on MUA RAOK’d me these great OPI Halloween decals (along with a my mega lemming OPI Boo-berry). I fell in love with the Jack-o-Lantern decal immediately and decided that I would use them for one of my Halloween manis this year. I’ve actually never used decals before so I was surprised to find that, counter-intuitively, decals are actually really stiff. So stiff that the plastic refused to mold with the curvature of my nail bed, causing the ends of the decal to pop up. It still looks okay, I guess, but the psycho perfectionist in me is probably going to use this flaw as an excuse to remove this manicure and break out the coveted OPI Ghostess with the Mostess for Halloween Night

It wasn’t just the stiffness of the decals that ruined this nail art attempt. No sir. Lots of factors contributed to this fail. OPI Osaka to Me Orange is a major PITA. It took me four coats to even get close to complete coverage. But I already knew that would happen, I’m just a glutton for punishment. (You can check out my comparisons of different oranges, including my previous battle with OtMO, here and here.)

I topped my creation with China Glaze Ghoulish Glow. Ghoulish Glow got a bit of a bad rap for not being glow-y enough but I like the effect. My picture doesn’t do it justice but it actually glows a lot. To get the best results I sugget the following: the glow-in-the-dark particles inside this polish settle very quickly so you have to shake the ever-living-day-lights out of it a few minutes before you use it to get the maximum glow effect. (Of course, let the bubbles settle before you put it on.) As for the coats, you have to build. 1 coat gave me a little glow, 3 coats gave me mega glow. The down side of this polish is that it dulls the color that you put it over, but that’s going to happen with an glow-in-the-dark polish that is meant to be used as a top coat.


Disclosure: Ghoulish Glow was sent to me for review by China Glaze. (I think.)


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  1. Katee Says:

    That is a really fun looking halloween mani!!

  2. kayce Says:

    i used water decals instead of stickers for my halloween manicure accents. the material is much thinner than stickers and rarely lifts along the edges. i took a few photos for reference:

    i printed the designs from my printer using special decal paper i found on eBay.

  3. Scrangie Says:

    That is super-awesome! Osaka To Me Orange is my favorite orange creme polish, I have four bottles. >.< It was one of the few OPIs I nearly finished before I started seriously collecting!

  4. Sminkan Says:

    Love the decal!

    My experience with Ghoulish Glow is not as good as yours. Four thick layers gave me almost no glow at all. it only workd over white or pale colors. And I refuse to do so many layers. With a polish underneath and basecoat I had 7 coats on my nails. That is insane…

    Your mani looks very inspiring and I actually like the foggy feeling to it due to the GG-top coat. ;D

  5. melli Says:

    Lovely mani! I have just painted my nails with NYX Tahitian with 3 coats of CG Ghoulish Glow (I am dressing as a green fairy tonight :)). I found that if you hold your nails up to a light source, the heat turns the polish “on” for a few minutes. Hope that helps!

  6. pretear Says:

    Katee – thanks.

    Kayce – OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!! SPECIAL DECAL PAPER!!!? Tell me more, this is awesome!

    Scrangie – :O Do you have as much trouble with the application?

    Sminkan – Yea I think the muted color orange looks more pumpkin-y. About GG did you shake it really really really really really well? That made a huge difference for me.

    Melli – That’s sounds really cute! I agree about the light source. : )

  7. kayce Says:

    just type “clear inkjet waterslide decal paper” into eBay’s search box, and results should abound.

    to use it, just print out any images of your choice with an ordinary inkjet printer. spray on a couple applications of acrylic clear-coat spray (krylon, available at the hardware store), wait an hour, and cut out your designs. dip them in water, and the paper backing will come off and the sticky part is revealed.

    the only con is that you can’t print designs that contain metallic or white colors, since inkjet printers don’t put out those colors (as far as i know). as a result, the manicures these decals produce will have to be dark/bold decals that stand out against the base nail polish color. however, you can try to use white/metallic nail polish design pens instead of inkjet printing, spray-seal it, and voila. hope this helped. :) happy halloween.

  8. Brooke Says:

    With the glow in the dark over the top of the pumpkin sticker, I thought it kind of looked like a ghostly skeleton face! Very cute.

  9. Scrangie Says:

    I didn’t have much of a problem with mine other than sheerness- it really needs three coats to be totally opaque.

  10. Mary Says:

    That color would be awesome for today halloween, well today I am using this design it is not bad but I wanted something with a theme for this day.

  11. pretear Says:

    Kayce – I can’t believe I’d never heard of this before. It’s so cool. I’m definitely going to try it out.

    Brooke – lol. It does look like that. : P

    Scrangie – I find myself needing about 4, but I don’t really mind that sort of thing if I like the color.

    Mary – Cool site. : )

  12. Sanna Says:

    I think it looks awesome anyways:)
    Hope you had a wonderful halloween!

  13. pretear Says:

    Thanks Sanna! : )

  14. thriszha Says:

    thanks for sharing this.. i’m really lemming for this polish…

  15. monalyn Says:

    Do you know if I can still get this? And where!? pleaseee&thankyou!

  16. cindy Says:

    I really like these colors!!! Brights no room for the blues , bubble gum , don’t know… Beets me , oska to me orange !!!! Thanks for putting them up !!! But I feel like you should trim your nails!! There really long and creepy!! They should come in handy when you want to kill some one !! JK

  17. Ivy Says:

    I love you!!!!!!

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